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12 BEST Kinect HACKS

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Chris O'Shea Have you ever wanted to pull the strings of your friends and family like a puppet? Do you wish you were as small as a child again, or as big as an adult? This installation transforms your body movements into control of another person. Finger Tracking with Kinect SDK for XBOX - Project Directory CodePlexProject Hosting for Open Source Software Advanced Search 1-5 of 5 projects sorted by ShowingAllprojects 1-5 of 5 projects Previous1Next ShowingAllprojects development status sorted by tag

LIVE for Xbox 360 Xbox Live Gold is your ticket to the most exciting social entertainment network in the world on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Experience unrivaled multiplayer for the hottest exclusive games, HD movies and TV shows, live events, music and sports. Along with premiere entertainment apps, Internet Explorer, and Skype on your TV.

LIVE on Windows Phone REAL PLAYERS, REAL TEAMS, REAL LEAGUES. Feel the excitement of every pass, shot and tackle with new touch controls in the most authentic football game for smartphones. Featuring 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets (KOPS) is the only book that explains the official Java wrappers for OpenNI and NITE. (If you want installation instructions, scroll down this page a little.) The main drawback of using the PrimeSense Java wrappers is their lack of documentation.

Why Not . . . Be a Feminist? “I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be.” – writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, from her TEDx talk We Should All Be Feminists Upon seeing the post title, some may have unfortunately chosen not to read further as popular talking heads in our culture have demonized the term feminism, frightening anyone who dares believe in equality for all from understanding the truth behind the term.

Kinect This page is a starting point for learning how to use a Kinect RGB-D Depth Camera (originally for Microsoft's XBox 360) with OpenCV. Sam Muscroft has successfully incorporated the raw depth, rgb depth map and rgb output from the Kinect sensor into an OpenCV project using the Windows CL NUI Platform. RGB output as you'd expect is stored in an 8 bit 3 channel matrix. Depth needs to be stored in a 16 bit 1 channel matrix. He found the easiest way to output the data (depth & RGB) was to create an image header of the appropriate bit depth and number of channels and populate with the data returned from the open-source Kinect API. Using the C++ API from nuigroup in Windows, the data can be accessed using the following:

Want to make a basic Kinect SDK App… now you can :) Want to make a basic Kinect SDK App… now you can :) So I’ve been making the Kinect Apps since the summer and I have been enjoying helping other teachers and seeing the impact it has had. My next step is to encourage other teachers to try and jump into the world of the Kinect SDK and to attempt to actually make some applications themselves. As a small introduction to the Kinect SDK and to the world of programming.

KinectArms: a Toolkit for Capturing and Displaying Arm Embodiments in Distributed Tabletop Groupware KinectDatadata;client->GetData(data);DepthImage&depthImage=data.depthImage; Table Information KinectTable provides information about the table surface(from the automatic recognition step, as described below)including the height of the table, the table corners, and a bitmap mask where white pixels indicate the table. BinaryImage&maskImage=data.tableMaskImage; Arm and Finger Information Information for each arm is stored in a C++ struct; these are provided in an array representing all arms above the table(stored in the order that they enter the space).

tuiokinect - A simple TUIO hand tracker for Kinect TuioKinect tracks simple hand gestures using the Kinect controller and sends control data based on the TUIO protocol. This allows the rapid creation of gesture enabled applications with any platform or environment that supports TUIO. Check out this extensive list of TUIO enabled software for further information:

FingerTracker Download FingerTracker / Read the documentation / FingerTracker source on Github FingerTracker is a Processing library that does real-time finger-tracking from depth images. It is based on work done by Murphy Stein at NYU. KinectArms: a Toolkit for Capturing and Displaying Arm Embodiments in Distributed Tabletop Groupware Gestures are a ubiquitous part of human communication over tables, but when tables are distributed, gestures become difficult to capture and represent. There are several problems: extracting arm images from video, representing the height of the gesture, and making the arm embodiment visible and understandable at the remote table. Current solutions to these problems are often expensive, complex to use, and difficult to set up. We have developed a new toolkit - KinectArms - that quickly and easily captures and displays arm embodiments.

Augmented Reality – What all the fuss is about - Who could ever forget Tom Cruise’s cool futuristic augmented reality computer in “Minority Report” where he effortlessly navigates the computer user interface using a series of natural gestures. I never thought that it was practical till I saw Piano Reality: an app where a user can use the camera feed to recognize the piano keys that are drew on an ordinary piece of paper, and then lets you play that piano. Piano Reality - Click to watch the video mit-ros-pkg/KinectDemos This page describes how to set up your system to run the kinect demos found in the mit-ros-pkg repository Kinect demos that you might want to check out include: General Installation All of the MIT kinect demo software shares a base installation procedure. To run one of these demos, please follow these General Installation instructions, and then follow the directions specific to the demo you wish to run. Software Setup

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