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Kinect Hacks - Supporting the Kinect Hacking news and community

Kinect Hacks - Supporting the Kinect Hacking news and community
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Kinect - Medien Wiki The Microsoft® XBOX 360 Kinect is a motion controller developped by PrimeSense. It projects a pattern with infrared light and calculates a depth image using a camera. It also has a color camera and four microphones. About Blogs and portals Software Applications CocoaKinect App Freenect by Robert Pointon Synapse generates sceleton data and provides it as OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] ofxFaceTracker provides face metrics (orientation, eye and mouth open/closed) over OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] TUIO Kinect lets you define a depth range where multiple blobs can be detected. SDKs, Frameworks and Libraries Depth image Drivers, Installation pix_freenect for Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment (incl. binaries work without any compiling) fux_kinect Object for Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment ofxKinect openFramworks Kinect integration vvvv kinect integration Skeleton data Successors/Competitors

not_available I find my life is more fulfilling when I am working on at least one creative side project. Together these projects have taken me on a journey through numerous interesting cognitive landscapes and helped keep my mind fresh for other challenges. My art tends to make use of new technologies – I enjoy the feeling of discovering the first artistic possibilities of a new medium. Working on such projects also gives me the well-rounded feeling of pulling on a variety of skills from both the technical and artistic sides Here’s a sample of what I’ve done in the last couple of years: Depth-Sculpting Reality with the Kinect 3D camera The Kinect 3D camera (made by PrimeSense) captures the world in true 3D, acquiring distance information along with color in real time. Wood grain for artistic visualization This series of projects explores the use of wood grain as an artistic visualization tool. Specific designs with videos showing how the light dances over the surface as it’s moved: Custom car Ephemerisle:

Daniel Shiffman The Microsoft Kinect sensor is a peripheral device (designed for XBox and windows PCs) that functions much like a webcam. However, in addition to providing an RGB image, it also provides a depth map. Meaning for every pixel seen by the sensor, the Kinect measures distance from the sensor. This makes a variety of computer vision problems like background removal, blob detection, and more easy and fun! The Kinect sensor itself only measures color and depth. However, once that information is on your computer, lots more can be done like “skeleton” tracking (i.e. detecting a model of a person and tracking his/her movements). What hardware do I need? First you need a “stand-alone” kinect. Standalone Kinect Sensor v1. Some additional notes about different models: Kinect 1414: This is the original kinect and works with the library documented on this page in the Processing 3.0 beta series. SimpleOpenNI I’m ready to get started right now What is Processing? What if I don’t want to use Processing?

not_available libfreenect/OpenNI2-FreenectDriver at master · OpenKinect/libfreenect not_available kinect_openni Le Framework OpenNI (les API) et les pilotes (Sensor) sont en licence GNUGPL Creation de l'environnement de travail (par défaut, dans /home/$USER/) mkdir ~/kinect && cd ~/kinect Récupération des fichiers avec git git clone Compilation et installation Les paramètres de compilation sont en SSE3, par défaut. cat /proc/cpuinfo Si, dans les flags vous voyez sse3 ou msse3 ou ssse3, vous n'avez pas a changer les paramètres de compilation. cd OpenNI/Platform/Linux/Build make && sudo make install Le contenu de ce wiki est sous licence : CC BY-SA v3.0

not_available Il existe aujourd'hui un driver opensource qui permet de récupérer pas mal d'informations produites par le nouveau périphérique de la XBOX, la (ou le ?) Kinect. Ce driver est "branchable" sur les logiciels d'interaction temps réel de divers manières, voir ci-dessous pour techniques et réalisations, et lire ce post pour en savoir plus sur l'origine de cet appareil : Matériel Kinect Alternatives asus-wavi-xtion Drivers - Installation Driver pour la Kinect : Compil Drivers pour Linux : Utilisation de la kinect sous Linux : Installation Kinect Linux Connection logiciels Connection TUIO : - Pure Data Processing Open Frameworks Wrapper pour openFrameworks : Sujet dans le Forum oF Quartz Composer Framework pour Quartz Composer : Cinder Kinect Cinder Block

OpenKinect Installation Kinect Linux Installation des différents logiciels et drivers pour utiliser la kinect sous linux En fait il y a plusieurs couches logicielles plus ou moins interdépendantes : libfreenect : driver open source qui permet de récupérer les flux vidéo de la kinect OpenNI : logiciel fabriqué par la boite qui a inventé la kinect, permet de récupérer des images et infos brutes PrimeSensor : idem, couche en plus qui permet de récupérer des infos + élaborées : présence d'une personne, squelette, mains. Simple quoi... Il sera traité ici de l' Debian jessie instable 64bits et Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid, cette méthode doit être valable pour d'autres versions/distro NB: sous Linux, quel que soit le programme que vous utilisez, il faut connecter votre Kinect sur un port USB 2 , et non pas USB 3. Installation de libfreenect Debian jessie instable 64 bits Installation de libfreenect Installer la version git à la main, la version du dépot semble ne pas marcher avec Nite2, par exemple, si vous obtenez ça : avec en plus et Test Voilà! . .

Using a Kinect as an Infrared Camera The Kinect is a peripheral for the Xbox 360 console that allows a user to interact with the Xbox 360 without touching a controller. A general description of the Kinect is that it is a depth camera. This means that you can place objects in front of it, and it will compute the distance from it to the objects, thus creating a depth image. Therefore, the Kinect can provide the locations of objects in an image relative to itself, and this information can be used in a variety of projects. For a detailed description of how the Kinect works and how it can be used in different projects, I recommend that you read Making Things See by Greg Borenstein ( Related Stories from Make: Kinect Hacking: Weather Map Kinect for Xbox 360 is an amazing little device stuffed with magical sensors. From Kinect to MakerBot You've got a Kinect, and you've got a MakerBot. DIY 3D Laser Scanner Using Arduino The principle behind this scanner is the typical of a line scanner.

c# - Can I figure out skin tone or body temperature using kinect? What is the difference between thermal and infrared imaging? It seems to me that your title and the body of your question could be interpreted as asking two different things. One asks about imaging, and the other about the radiation the image is made from. Others have talked about the frequencies and wave lengths you might infer from "thermal" and "infrared". I'm more interested by what is implied when you talk about the image. I'm not sure what products on the market are actually producing, but there's a difference between producing an image of the colour temperature of the surfaces in the image, vs the quantities of radiation received from different parts of the image. If you are producing a thermal image for the purpose of auditing energy leakage from a building, then you want an image that shows you the rate of heat emission of surfaces in the image. I can't tell you what various cameras actually give you, though these sorts of variations no doubt account for much of the wide variation in prices.