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Watch the video on Israeli racism The New York Times didn't want you to see Regular readers of The Electronic Intifada are familiar with the shocking and escalating racism in Israel against people from countries in Africa. Our extensive coverage of the incitement and attacks on Africans, thanks in large part to the work of David Sheen, demonstrates that this phenomenon is not marginal, but is incited by Israel’s top political leadership. When Israeli government ministers incite angry mobs, calling Africans “cancer,” they are simply expressing another face of the racism that Palestinians have always experienced. Solicited, then rejected by The New York Times Yet rarely does this knowledge make it into mainstream media.

Internet & Democracy Blog » Internet & Democracy Digitial Activism Event On February 7th and 8th, the Berkman Center hosted a three day conference entitled “Digitally-Empowered Activists: Getting the Tools to the People Who Need Them” in Istanbul, Turkey. The presentations highlighted efforts by people to use tools, such as video, SMS, and blogging, and focused on ways of communicating these methodologies to activists who can benefit from them. Video Mashups and Activism Designing Effective Action Alerts for the Internet An action alert is a message that someone sends out to the net asking for a specific action to be taken on a current political issue. Well-designed action alerts are a powerful way to invite people to participate in the processes of a democracy. Having seen many action alerts in my years on the Internet, I have tried to abstract some guidelines for people who wish to use them. Even if you do not plan to construct any action alerts yourself, I do not recommend that you forward anybody else's alerts unless they conform to at least the spirit of these guidelines.

Greek Success Story: The latest Orwellian Turn of the Greek Crisis Greece’s Prime Minister recently flew to China, to woo Chinese investors. In his bid to be persuasive, he adopted a radical narrative: Greece is a Success Story. A country that almost perished in 2012 is now on the mend; on the road to stabilisation and growth; a wonderful opportunity, currently, for investors to pick up ultra cheap investments and to benefit from the forthcoming growth. How much of this is true, however? Greek Prime Ministers and Finance Ministers have been upbeat for the past three catastrophic years. Mr Samaras’ narrative is, therefore, neither here nor there per se .

Huck and Jim vs. Herzl and Morris: Mark Twain on Zionism and the first aliyah Mark Twain’s visitors pass to Palestine issued by the Ottomans in 1867. (Photo by Shapell Manuscript Foundation via Haaretz) Anyone reading Joan Peters’s From Time Immemorial or its fetid progeny, Alan Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel, will find Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad invoked as evidence for the claim that there weren’t many or any Palestinians in Palestine. Dershowitz comments, “Other travelers recorded similar accounts of Palestine prior to the arrival of the Jews of the First Aliyah, who began the process of revitalizing the land and increasing its population by creating jobs and an infrastructure” (p. 24). This is a classic settler colonial argument for land theft.

Top 10 Countries Censoring the Web When the World Wide Web was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee (not to be confused with the Internet itself, which is the core network developed many years earlier), its main objective was to enable the free exchange of information via interlinked hypertext documents. Almost 20 years later, that objective has been accomplished on most parts of the world, but not in all of them. Some countries are trying hard to keep an iron hand over the flow of information that takes place on the Web.

Daily Kos Labor at Daily Kos Remember green jobs? They were supposed to be a win-win for America, simultaneously creating new skilled jobs and moving us toward sustainability. But, as Michelle Chen details, the momentum has died: Black on Palestine Given the primacy of civil rights in the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, the racism directed towards Palestinians and other communities of color in the Middle East, the growth of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, and the mounting relevance of an Apartheid analogy to Israeli policies, voices of African Heritage communities are increasingly important to strengthen and support struggles for justice in the Middle East. This program is built upon existing efforts within African Heritage communities and will strengthen work focusing on civil rights in Israel, justice in Palestine, and the growth of boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns nationally. Little can do more to amplify such voices than an on-the-ground experience which allows participants the chance to develop strong and lasting relationships with Palestinian and Israeli activists. Goals of the African Heritage Delegations include: Full article here:

Communicating Global Activism - Information, Communication & Society Many observers doubt the capacity of digital media to change the political game. The rise of a transnational activism that is aimed beyond states and directly at corporations, trade and development regimes offers a fruitful area for understanding how communication practices can help create a new politics. The Internet is implicated in the new global activism far beyond merely reducing the costs of communication, or transcending the geographical and temporal barriers associated with other communication media. Various uses of the Internet and digital media facilitate the loosely structured networks, the weak identity ties, and the patterns of issue and demonstration organizing that define a new global protest politics. Keywords Related articles

UP with Chris Hayes now playing Dissecting the notion of ‘Deporter-in-Chief’up next Can damage with Latino community be repaired? Will GOPers pivot away from anti-ACA message? Can ACA change voters’ minds in red states? Headlines making the news ‘This was torture by anybody’s definition’ Can public opinion on torture change?

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