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If bats knew. Gaza could soon become uninhabitable, UN report predicts. A hard-hitting new United Nations report says Gaza could become uninhabitable in less than five years if current economic and population trends continue. It cites what it describes as the “de-development” of the blockaded coastal strip, which is at present home to some 1.8 million Palestinians but is expected to grow to 2.1 million by 2020. “De-development” describes a process where development is not only hindered but actually reversed.

Findings by the UN conference on trade and development point to the eight-year economic blockade of Gaza as well as the three wars between Israel and the Palestinians over the past six years. “The most recent military operation compounded already dire socioeconomic conditions and accelerated de-development in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, a process by which development is not merely hindered but reversed.” It also follows a series of recent dire warnings over Gaza’s trajectory by international bodies including UN organisations. Visualizing Occupation. Analysis News Visit our Hebrew site, "Local Call" , in partnership with Just Vision.

Visualizing Occupation Do Palestinians have autonomy in the West Bank? What’s the difference between areas A, B, and C? Can Palestinian civilians protest? Special coverage other special coverages +972 Magazine Depends On Your Support. Israel Exploits Syrian Chaos As Part Of Long-Term Energy Independence Plan. Afek oil and gas company, whose investors include Dick Cheney some of world’s wealthiest individuals, is already beginning exploratory drilling in the Israeli-occupied portion of Syria.

An old Israeli tank sits in a position in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights near the border with Syria,Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. GOLAN HEIGHTS — Israel is a nation lacking in energy reserves, but a recent report suggests the country hopes to exploit the chaos of the Syrian civil war to access new sources of oil. Israel struggles to meet its energy needs due to a lack of fuel reserves, but a new project in the occupied Golan Heights seeks to reverse this trend by tapping into new sources of oil, according to Paul Fallon, a legal researcher from the human rights group Golan Marsad, in a report published Tuesday on the Electronic Intifada, a Palestinian news and advocacy site.

Fallon writes: “Afek claims on its website that Syria’s occupied Golan Heights is part of the ‘State of Israel.’ Share this article! Debunking Pro-Israel Propaganda. No matter what spin the media or political figures attempt to place on the situation, the fact is that Israel is actively engaging in an ethnic cleansing campaign. An Israeli, wearing a shirt with an image of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, carries a national flag as he marches in a protest near Jerusalem.

(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner) Washington, DC (TFC) – Anytime conversation turns to the mistreatment of the Palestinian people, a few statements are certain to be said in Israel’s defense. Some of them are heard so often that many accept them as truth without thinking about the reality behind them. “Israel is America’s strongest ally.”: Israel was created in 1948.

Although the country has never actually allied with the United States during a war, it has been caught spying on the US repeatedly and was listed as the top espionage threat by the National Security Agency. “Israel limits civilian casualties, Palestinians target civilians.”: The numbers say otherwise. The Undeclared War in Gaza. Naji DahiJuly 13, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) There is an undeclared war raging in the Gaza Strip. This war is between HAMAS (HAMAS is an acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement in Arabic) and an Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) affiliate that has recently taken root in the territory. While the IS affiliate is weak and cannot uproot HAMAS in Gaza, it has managed to issue a strident challenge to the governing movement. According to the Guardian, “We will uproot the state of the Jews [Israel] and you and Fatah, and all of the secularists are nothing and you will be overrun by our creeping multitudes,” said a masked Islamic State member in the message addressed to the “tyrants of Hamas.”

The rule of sharia [Islamic law] will be implemented in Gaza, in spite of you. We swear that what is happening in the Levant today, and in particular the Yarmouk [Palestinian refugee camp in Syria] camp, will happen in Gaza.” Israel has attacked Gaza three times in the past 8 years. 11027912_924419817608543_1506604657_n.

"Balance" in UN Gaza report can't hide massive Israeli war crimes. There can be no surprise that the UN Human Rights Council’s independent investigation of Israel’s assault on Gaza last summer found evidence of massive and systematic war crimes. Its report, published Monday in Geneva, says investigators were “able to gather substantial information pointing to serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law by Israel and by Palestinian armed groups.” “The extent of the devastation and human suffering in Gaza was unprecedented and will impact generations to come,” the chair of the investigation commission, Justice Mary McGowan Davis, told media, adding that “there is also ongoing fear in Israel among communities who come under regular threat.”

Despite the “balanced” language that is now the habitual refuge of international officials hoping to avoid false accusations of anti-Israel bias, the evidence shows that the scale and impact of Israeli violence dwarfs anything allegedly done by Palestinians. Israeli obstruction. 6 Crazy Things Israel Has Done to Maintain Racial Purity. Israel bills itself as the Middle East's only democracy, but it is increasingly clear that this label depends a lot on how you define the Middle East, and how you define democracy. Perhaps the sharpest dissonance between the description of Israel as a liberal democracy and its actual policies is the drive for racial purity.

Israel insists on being the historic homeland for the world's Jews, something few would disagree with. But it also insists on being a Jewish-majority country, at all costs. In order to maintain its Jewish majority, it must demonize non-Jews, particularly Muslims and Christian Arabs, as “demographic threats. " Here are five crazy things the Israeli government or the Israeli people have done to maintain this racial makeup. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. These laws, norms, and practices form a matrix with one goal: to maintain a Jewish majority in Israel.

Obama gives $1.9 billion in weapons as welcome gift to Israel's racist govern... The Obama administration approved a $1.9 billion arms sale to Israel in recent days as “compensation” for the US nuclear deal with Iran, which the Israeli regime staunchly opposes. Among the tens of thousands of bombs included in the weapons package are 3,000 Hellfire missiles, 12,000 general purpose bombs and 750 bunker buster bombs that can penetrate up to 20 feet, or six meters, of reinforced concrete. This generous weapons gift comes in the wake of Israel’s most ferocious attack on the Gaza Strip to date, in which the Israeli army deliberately targeted civilians, including children, as a matter of policy. The degree of firepower Israel unleashed on Gaza was so extreme that senior US military officials who participated in the illegal invasion and criminal destruction of Iraq were left stunned. Even the Pentagon and State Department were forced to acknowledge that Israel did not do enough to avoid civilian deaths.

Bunker busters Rewarding hate Tags Rania Khalek's blog. Most of our Shooting was Random... Israeli Soldiers Breaking the Silence. Breaking the Silence, the Israeli army veterans’ organization has released a report containing testimonies of 60 IDF soldiers and officers who fought during Operation Protective Edge last July and August. Now, for the first time, Israeli soldiers have described the orders they received for fighting in civilian areas – orders that treated any Palestinian as a threat.

Among those who have spoken out is a 22-year-old sergeant who served in a tank during Operation Protective Edge. Launched by Israel on July 8, 2014, 7 weeks of Israeli bombardment of Gaza killed over 2200 people, most of them civilians. This is How We Fought in Gaza 2014- Soldiers’ Testimonies from Operation “Protective Edge” Today, May 4th, 2015, “Breaking the Silence,” an organization of Israeli soldiers, is releasing testimonies from over 60 officers and soldiers who took part in Operation “Protective Edge” in Gaza during the summer of 2014.

The Director of Breaking the Silence, Yuli Novak, says: A moving human shield. Israeli Illegal Settlements Explained in 60 Seconds. Gaza Through My Eyes - An American Journey to Gaza (Episode 2) Episode 2 – Gaza Welcomes Denny – recalls his arrival in Gaza on March 29, 2014 and his first experiences of life in Gaza before the Israeli attack that began on July 7, 2014. On March 29, 2014, Denny Cormier, an American human rights activist and citizen journalist, crossed the border from Egypt into Gaza. He began a journey which reveals a world that is hidden from most Americans and from most other world citizens who live outside the fences, barricades, military outposts and gunboats that surround Gaza. The siege and blockade of Gaza have minimized its contact with the outside world. Although that situation is rapidly changing, for most people Gaza is a place of mystery and myths – and a very false narrative.

The existing narrative has been dominated by a huge Israeli media and public relations machine. That is not what Denny found in Gaza. The series will focus on all aspects of life in Gaza – and that, we believe is a rather unique approach. Here are the Credits for Episode 2 – Dr. What conspiracy turned you into a conspiracy theorist and why? : conspiracy. We don't remain neutral. Banksy Just Released This 2-Minute Film About Gaza, The Dream Holiday Destina...

Activist And Former Israeli Bomber Says “I Was Part Of A Terror Organization” Image Credit: | Yanai Yehiel Former Israeli bomber has left the armed forces and is now speaking against war, and the military industrial complex that employed him for many years. It is people like this who are the true heroes, people who have the courage to stand up against a gang that they are a part of, and speak from a position of experience. Shapira’s activism began in 2003, when he co-signed a letter with other pilots pledging his support for peace. In a recent interview with The Electronic Intifada, Shapira spoke boldly about his time with the military, saying that he belonged to a terror organization. Speaking with journalist Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Shapira revealed details of the Israeli government’s assassination policy, which put the lives of many innocent people in danger. His story continued: Then, on September 24, 2003, Shapira and 28 other pilots published what came to be known as “The Pilots Letter.”

In their letter, the pilots stated that: Trending on the Web. Lavon affair. Phosphorus. Gaza blockade. Israeli supporters. War mongers. Solution. Merry Christmas. Weird. People power. Recognize Palestine as a state. Kids in Israeli prison. Gaza blockade. Terrrorists. USians killed by Israel. 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin. Tareq Radi and his great-grandfather’s home. 2013, Deir Yassin (photo: Dina Elmuti) On April 9, 1948, well before dawn, the peaceful village of Deir Yassin awoke to the sound of gunfire as the genocidal Zionist organizations known as the Stern Gang and Irgun invaded.

All too quickly the Zionist forces had entered our home. My great-great-grandmother and her grandchildren were forced to witness as a female commando riddled my great-uncle’s body with bullets. Our home had forever become his tomb and happy memories vanished as quickly as his last breath. One by one the men of the village were executed and the women captured. Hours later, my six-year-old great-aunt, Naziha, was finally reunited with her mother, burdened with the task of delivering the ominous fate of her grandmother and younger brother. Like any mother, my great-grandmother refused to accept their fates without confirmation, she screamed and begged the soldiers to take her to her child. Gaza and the 'crime of crimes'

Nelson Mandela frequently declared that "Palestine was the greatest moral issue of our time". After we toppled the Apartheid regime in 1994, he went further, saying "We South Africans cannot consider ourselves free until the Palestinian People are free". Millions of us in South Africa collectively recoiled from Israel's gruesome assault on the people of Gaza during those 51 nightmarish days of "Operation Protective Edge" and the attendant ongoing cruelty in the West Bank.

As the dust settled, we were left shocked beyond belief as we witnessed a community of 1.8 million in ruins; Khozaa, Shujaiyya, Beit Hanoun, with entire families and neighbourhoods, gone. According to the United Nations, 2,131 Palestinians were killed during Israel's offensive. Of those 501 were children, with 70 percent under 12. The Ministry of Health in Gaza recorded 10,918 people injured including 3,312 children and 2,120 women. 'Crime of crimes' Moral duty.

– Red Cross Volunteers: We Witnessed Israeli Soldiers Execute Palestinian Civ... IDF soldiers arresting a Palestinian child at gunpoint Volunteers for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) operations in Gaza have testified to witnessing the summary execution of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers during Operation Protective Edge. Esteemed journalist Max Blumenthal was given unfettered access to the worst hit areas of Gaza during the summer’s onslaught by Israel.

He provided this testimony to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels last week, as the world’s leading jurists and civil society members assessed Israel’s culpability for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The executions seemed to fall into two categories: humiliation, and functional. Here is one example of the jocular nature with which Israeli soldiers murdered some Palestinians in Gaza: On the functional side, evidence gathered by Blumenthal points to “a clear pattern” of executions of Palestinians able to speak or understand Hebrew. “Genocide begins with the silence of the world” The rebirth of life: Gaza. Aftermath. David Ben Gurion. Media Distorts Truth About Israel’s Campaign of Brutality Against Gaza. Today Israel carried out aerial strikes in Gaza targeting a mosque it claims was hosting rockets, a disabled care center and a geriatric urgent care hospital, where international volunteers have since rushed to shield patients. In the deadliest strike yet, the city’s police headquarters and the home of Gaza’s police chief was bombed, killing 18 members of his family.

Israel has used white phosphorus on Palestinians before, and now it’s being reported by many officials that banned DIME weapons are being used against civilians in Gaza, a controversial munition that emits superheated micro-shrapnel. According to Gaza’s Undersecretary of Health, “Medical teams have found wounds on the bodies of those killed and injured that are caused by the banned DIME weapons.”

He added, “Gaza hospitals are bursting at the seams with dead and wounded. Children and women make up around 62 percent of those injured in the attacks.” ABC Distorts Truth to Fit Pro-Israel Bias Written by Abby Martin @abbymartin. More than Africa. Us-israel. History of Israel:Stolen Land of Palestine by Ilan Pappe. THERE COMES A ROCKET FROM GAZA ?! (with images) · occpal. How Politics and Lies Triggered an Unintended War in Gaza.

Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir', London, 12.11.11. Dahiya doctrine. A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. Gaza: No innocent victims? SLOW DEATH: International report says collective punishment of Gaza has reach... Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. 2014 Australian documentary film. Vie... "The Damage Is Beyond Imagination in Gaza": Journalist Mohammed Omer on Cease... Middle East | IDF to appeal human shield ban. Exposing the LIE About Hamas Using Palestinian Human Shields. Debunking the myths about Gaza: The truth behind Israeli and Palestinian talk... How Israel targeted the children of Gaza | Al Akhbar English. Dead babies. River of blood. IDF attack in Alshujaiya 20 minutes before 12 hour 'humanitarian' ceasefire o...

Zionists flatten the city of Beit Hanoun in minutes FOX will say "human shields" Nuclear holocaust. Hundreds of protests. Chosen ppl. Truman Library: The Recognition of the State of Israel Online Research File. Chris Hedges on the Gaza Massacre (2) Chris Hedges on the Gaza Massacre (1) Not defense. Double standard. How wuld u feel. Protective edge day 21. Palestine 4. Palestine 3. Palestine 2. Palestine 1. Palestine. Property of US. Roots of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Who is Instigating Who? | Interview wi... Watch?v=AUw1luGY4t8&feature=youtu. Mandela. Martyr. Coexist. Gangster. Dime bombs. 7/12. July 12. How many. War crimes.

Palestine. Six-Day War.