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Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams
“We Need a RESET IN THE WAY THE ECONOMY GROWS Around the World” – Christine Lagarde, IMF Chairman This is one of the most important articles Pastor Williams and I have created. Pastor Williams has sent his radio interview schedule that is posted above. He will be discussing alternative and natural healthcare with Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez MD of the IBC Hospital & Health Care Center in Tijuana, Mexico. It will be very important for you to listen to these shows if you value your health. Everything is connected, health and wealth are intertwined and therefore when Pastor Williams talks about the health of the American people it is important that you listen.

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The Difference between Aliens, Demons and Fallen Angels The Difference Between Fallen Angels, Demons, Aliens, Jedi, and the Watchers By Sherry Shriner In these last days, the Bible says it will be a time of mass hybridization and the mixture and corruption of human DNA by fallen angels, also known as "Aliens." You Dare Criticize Science? Here is an attitude which I've encountered repeatedly: Science is extremely important. Also, it is a very fragile structure, and mankind always remains a few steps away from another dark age. Science is so fragile and easily destroyed that we must expend enormous and valiant efforts to defend it from the many attacks being launched by the hoards of ignorant and superstitious people who surround us on all sides. Anti-science sentiments are at an all-time high in modern society, and therefore we must fight fiercely against all who criticize science.

Simon Peter versus Simon the Sorcerer This is a great expose by the late Dr. E.L. Martin. It documents the true history of the Samaritans, the meaning of the word "peter" in the ancient world and the "church" that was established at Rome by Simon the Sorcerer. "But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one: To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God.

400 Free eBooks: Download to Kindle, iPad/iPhone & Nook Download 800 free eBooks to your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader. Collection includes great works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including works by Asimov, Jane Austen, Philip K. Dick, F. Chelsea Handler Makes Peace With Her Grandfather’s Nazi Past Posted by on August 9, 2013 in Uncategorized …and Finds a Closer Connection to Her Heritage. Born to a Jewish father and German mother, comedienne Chelsea Handler has always embraced her Jewish side. But she also has fond memories of her maternal grandfather, Karl Stöker, “a strong and loving man.” Although he never talked about his experiences, she knows Karl served in the German army in WWII — Chelsea and her siblings even joked that he had been a Nazi. But she’s afraid it might actually be true.

Snow closes roads in Israel, is a source of wonder in Egypt CAIRO -- Snow coated domes and minarets Friday as a record Middle East storm compounded the suffering of Syrian refugees, sent the Israeli army scrambling to dig out stranded motorists and gave Egyptians a rare glimpse of snow in their capital. Nearly three feet of snow closed roads in and out of Jerusalem, which is set in high hills, and thousands in and around the city were left without power. Israeli soldiers and police rescued hundreds trapped in their cars by snow and ice. In the West Bank, the branches of olive trees groaned under the weight of snow. In Cairo, where local news reports said the last recorded snowfall was more than 100 years ago, children in outlying districts capered in white-covered streets, and adults marveled at the sight, tweeting pictures of snow-dusted parks and squares. In other parts of the city, rain and hail rocketed down.

Where Am I? It seems strange to be talking about something as basic as “navigation” 11 years into the web era. And yet, if you’re a web designer, chances are you’ve made some mistakes in this fundamental area. I know I have. So let’s go back to basics. Solving the mystery of Death Valley’s walking rocks ShareThis Rocks like this one can travel more than 100 yards across the floor of Death Valley. For six decades, observers have been confounded by the movement of large rocks across a dry lake bed in California’s Death Valley National Park. Leaving flat trails behind them, rocks that weigh up to 100 pounds seemingly do Michael Jackson’s moonwalk across the valley’s sere, cracked surface, sometimes traveling more than 100 yards. Without a body of water to pick them up and move them, the rocks at Racetrack Playa, a flat space between the valley’s high cliffs, have been the subject of much speculation, including whether they have been relocated by human pranksters or space aliens. The rocks have become the desert equivalent of Midwestern crop circles.

500 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns & More . We also have special collections of . Free Comedy & Dramas 125 Korean Feature Films – Free – The Korean Film Archive has put on YouTube over 100 Korean feature films, including Im Kwon-taek’s Sopyonje and Hong Sangsoo’s The Day the Pig Fell Into a Well. George Clooney’s Honest Family Connection Posted by on November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized This November, as movie-goers prepare to see Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” on the big screen, experts from have uncovered a family connection between Abraham Lincoln and actor George Clooney. In conjunction with the movie’s release, is also making its most significant Lincoln-related records available in one place for free viewing. After researching more than three centuries of Abraham Lincoln’s family tree, family historians have revealed a Lincoln family secret: famous actor George Clooney is related to the former president. The family bloodline for both notable figures links to Lincoln’s maternal grandmother Lucy Hanks.

Trekking in upper Wadi Quelt: from monasteries to waterfalls This time, unlike the lower Quelt winter route, we will hike from its sources (Ein Farrah) to the middle of the canyon, the monastery of Saint George with the visit of the Lavra, see its sole occupant, monk Chariton, a swim in the sources of the gorge that do not dry out even in the summer, and in the water will go down to the monastery of Saint George. It’s a great route for lovers of desert landscapes, water, and, of course, the history of the Judean desert. During this tour you will understand what attracted the early Christians in the Judean desert, learn how hermits live in the 21st century and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Prat gorge stretches from Jerusalem to Jericho itself, and has been known since Biblical times. One of its main attractions is Lavra of Chariton, founded by the first hermits of the Judean desert in the heyday of the Byzantine Empire, and which currently inhabits … the only one monk Chariton. Towards the end of our hike, we come to the monastery of St.

New Electromagnetism (NE) New Electromagnetism (NE ) is a more complete description of electromagnetic phenomena than currently described by classical electromagnetic theory (CE). It consists of spherical field models for both Coulomb forces and magnetic forces ( New Induction , New Magnetism). These three spherical models (see table below) contain two interactions (terms) which are not described by classical theory. These additional terms resolve all know anomalies and paradoxes.

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