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Johnny Cash in Israel. Israeli medical marijuana creates buzz but no high— will it go global? SAFED, Israel — In a greenhouse in the mountains of the Galilee, a technician in a lab coat is coddling a marijuana seedling that is coveted for life-saving medical benefits for epileptic children, doctors say — without the high.

Israeli medical marijuana creates buzz but no high— will it go global?

Named “Rafael,” for a healing angel called upon by Moses, this varietal of cannabis is for people who don’t want to be under the influence, and it is available in oral doses in Israel. Israel has become a world leader in science on the medical uses of marijuana, and its producers could become major exporters of medical cannabis, experts say. But so far, the government has allowed them to export only their knowledge — not the actual product. Michael Dor, the senior medical adviser in the Israeli Health Ministry’s cannabis unit, said that in ongoing government talks, agricultural officials support the export of Israeli medical cannabis, but top officials in the police force, army and executive branch oppose it.

‘It’s so exciting’ ‘Promising’ results.

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The Yotvata Kibbutz and Reserve. Baghera israel. Life in Years. Von Eilat nach Aqaba – Grenzübergang in eine andere Welt Als wir gestern Abend in Eilat gelandet sind, war uns schnell klar, warum so viele Israelis, obwohl Sie das Mittelmeer vor der Haustür haben, nach Eilat zum Urlaub machen fahren.

Life in Years

Die ganze Stadt ist sehr touristisch und durchaus vergleichbar mit … Welcome to the Middle East – Hello Tel Aviv. VFX & Animation Studio סטודיו אייקו. Facebook kauft israelische Mobile-Analytics-Firma Onavo für mehr als 100 Millionen US-Dollar. October 14, 2013, category: Medienberichte,Mobile Technologies und IKT,Software und IT Nachdem Facebook in den letzten Jahren bereits Snaptu und aus Israel erworben hat, gibt das israelische Unternehmen Onavo drei Jahre nach seiner Gründung nun auf seinem hauseigenen Blog bekannt, vom Social-Network-Marktführer zugekauft worden zu sein.

Facebook kauft israelische Mobile-Analytics-Firma Onavo für mehr als 100 Millionen US-Dollar

Der Kaufpreis soll bei 120 Millionen USD liegen. Im Gegensatz zu Snaptu und wird Onavo in Israel bleiben und nicht vom Silicon Wadi in das Silicon Valley ziehen. Onavo wird damit Facebooks offizielle Niederlassung in Israel und gleichzeitig das erste Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum des Internet-Konzerns in Israel. Die von Onavo entwickelte App “Onavo-Count” ermöglicht dem Nutzer den Datenverbrauch der bereits installierten Apps auf seinem Smartphone zu analysieren.

Für Facebook ist Onavo besonders im Zuge der Etablierung des Projektes interessant. Weitere Informationen auch hier auf Suspicion grows that Boston bombers were behind 2011 murders. NEW YORK – The families of three Boston-area men gruesomely murdered in 2011 have steadfastly declined to speak to the press even as suspicion has taken root that the men, two of them Jewish, were murdered by alleged Boston bomber and Islamist radical Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Suspicion grows that Boston bombers were behind 2011 murders

Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign up! The three men were Erik Weissman, 31, Raphael Teken, 37, and Brendan Mess, 25. FBI investigators have been speaking to the families in recent days in an attempt to determine if there was a connection between the 2011 murders of their relatives and the Tsarnaev brothers, who stand accused of the bombing of the Boston Marathon on April 15 that killed three and wounded over 260. One of the 2011 victims, Mess, was a close friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to the accounts of friends, and was seen with him often in the weeks prior to the murder.

The two were roommates at one time, relatives told officials. Kibbutz Eilot, Israel – Country Hospitality » Germany. The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. Center for Creative Ecology at Kibbutz Lotan, Israel. GreenTops Home.  Search - SolarServer. Courses and Workshops - Lotan Center for Creative Ecology. Click here for a pdf course summary!

Courses and Workshops - Lotan Center for Creative Ecology

9 April 2013 to 8 May 2013 29 December 2013 to 24 January 2014 Click HERE for more information! 3 February 2013 to 24 March 2013 9 April 2013 to 31 May 2013 20 August 2013 to 15 October 2013 In our work/study sustainable design & management program, participants gain both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in alternative building, organic gardening, and community planning.

Fall semester: 19 August 2013 to 19 December 2013 Spring semester: 29 January 2014 to 29 May 2014 Unconventional study abroad experience, in partnership with the organization Living Routes. 15 June 2013 to 15 August 2013 Two week hands-on opportunity for folk interested in the design, building and running of sustainable communities that link together ecological, social, economical and spiritual aspects into a unified whole.

EcoExperience participants pay for their room and board while they stay with us, $25 per day. {*style:<b> Magic Mud Building Workshops </b>*} Leah Zigmond. GEN Global Ecovillage Network Europe: Europe-Map. Solar Energy in Israel ( solar power, solar electricity , solar water heaters)


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