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Liban: Nasrallah appelle à l’union nationale face aux jihadistes - Moyen-Orient. Pour la première fois dimanche 24 mai depuis le début de la crise syrienne, en 2011, le chef du Hezbollah libanais, Hassan Nasrallah, a reconnu que son parti se battait partout en Syrie aux côtés de l'armée syrienne.

Liban: Nasrallah appelle à l’union nationale face aux jihadistes - Moyen-Orient

Il a lancé un appel à tous les Libanais pour s'unir face aux jihadistes qui menacent, selon lui, non seulement le Liban et les pays de la région, mais toute l'humanité. Avec notre correspondant à Beyrouth, Paul Khalifeh Hassan Nasrallah s'exprimait dimanche à l'occasion du quinzième anniversaire du retrait israélien du sud du Liban. Cependant, c'est au danger représenté par le groupe Etat islamique qu'il a consacré l'essentiel de ses propos. Le discours est alarmiste, mais le ton est déterminé. Mais le Hezbollah n'attendra pas que les autres réalisent la gravité de la menace. Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad. Binyamin Netanyahu’s dramatic declaration to world leaders in 2012 that Iran was about a year away from making a nuclear bomb was contradicted by his own secret service, according to a top-secret Mossad document.

Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad

It is part of a cache of hundreds of dossiers, files and cables from the world’s major intelligence services – one of the biggest spy leaks in recent times. Brandishing a cartoon of a bomb with a red line to illustrate his point, the Israeli prime minister warned the UN in New York that Iran would be able to build nuclear weapons the following year and called for action to halt the process. But in a secret report shared with South Africa a few weeks later, Israel’s intelligence agency concluded that Iran was “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons”.

The report highlights the gulf between the public claims and rhetoric of top Israeli politicians and the assessments of Israel’s military and intelligence establishment. Circoncision sans consentement. Israël relâche une écolière palestinienne de 14 ans détenue depuis six semaines. Le juif, coupable universel, par Pierre Jourde. LIVE: Reaction to discovery of Israeli teenagers' bodies.

IDF purposely downs own UAV near Egypt border due to malfunction - Diplomacy & Defense. Israel tourists face email inspections. Israel's internal security agency has been authorised to demand "suspicious" foreign travellers open their personal email accounts for inspection on entry to the country.

Israel tourists face email inspections

Shin Bet officials have been given approval for such action in what they deem to be exceptional cases by Israel's attorney-general, Yehuda Weinstein, despite a petition to overrule the measure by a leading civil rights group. "The threat of using foreign citizens for terrorist purposes is a growing trend," said Nadim Avod, a lawyer in the attorney-general's office. "Searching an email account is to be carried out in exceptional cases only after suspicious or pertinent information has been identified. " However, the examination of email accounts must be carried out in the presence of the individual. The authorisation stopped short of permitting security officers to demand passwords or other information that would allow email accounts to be accessed by Shin Bet officers.

Israel wins Brazilian bid for aerial refueling project. JERUSALEM, March 17 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian Air Force has selected Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for a large-scale aerial refueling project, according to a company statement released on Sunday.

Israel wins Brazilian bid for aerial refueling project

The statement did not divulge the impending contract's estimated worth. It said that IAI will reconfigure several Boeing 767-300s into multi-mission aircraft capable of airborne refueling, strategic troop and cargo transport, and medical evacuation. The Brazilian Air Force reported on its website over the weekend that it has chosen IAI's proposal over many other international companies that competed in the tender, with the contract's details expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. Several Brazilian industries will also be involved in the program as subcontractors, IAI said, adding that it will showcase its aerial refueling technology at the LAAD Exhibition that will kick off in Rio de Janeiro on April 9. Israel Defense Forces - Google+ - Two years ago, IDF Naval forces intercepted a cargo vessel,… Ex-IDF general: U.S. missed chance for diplomatic solution to Iran nuclear issue. IsraelPolitik. Wikileaks Cables on Israel's Gaza Onslaught.

“Russia … is now recognized as the center of the global ‘mutiny’ against global dictatorship of the US and EU.

Wikileaks Cables on Israel's Gaza Onslaught

Its generally peaceful .. approach is in direct contrast to brutal and destabilizing methods used by the US and EU…. The world is waking up to reality that there actually is, suddenly, some strong and determined resistance to Western imperialism. After decades of darkness, hope is emerging.” – Andre Vltchek, Ukraine: Lies and Realities, CounterPunch Russia is not responsible for the crisis in Ukraine. The US State Department engineered the fascist-backed coup that toppled Ukraine’s democratically-elected president Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with the American puppet Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a former banker.

Putin’s main interest in Ukraine is commercial. 66 percent of the natural gas that Russia exports to the EU transits Ukraine. WikiLeaks quotes IDF chief: Iran could hit Israel within 12 minutes. Boycotteurs boycottés.

Israel's international relations

Israel missile defense. Thank You, Avigdor Lieberman - Jeffrey Goldberg - International. The Israeli cabinet has given its approval to a bill that would require new citizens to swear a loyalty oath to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Thank You, Avigdor Lieberman - Jeffrey Goldberg - International

The bill was pushed through by Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, who is doing everything in his power to alienate Israel's friends, and to make Israel appear to be a country run by idiots. Even the Knesset speaker, Reuven Rivlin, a Likudnik, sees in the idea an element of self-destruction: "The students of Jabotinsky see no need for such bill. I am a fervent Zionist, and I need no strengthening of my belief. The establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel was an ethical act that the world recognized, and it gained great respect when we described our country as Jewish and democratic. The law itself would be largely symbolic, since few non-Jews seek citizenship in Israel, though it would affect Palestinians who marry Israeli Arabs and then seek citizenship.

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