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Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel

Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel
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Radical Islamic Website Asks: ‘Is the Assassination of Obama Legal?’ “Muslims Against Crusades” (MAC) — a radical Islamic website that vows to “expose the enemies of Islam” — featured a front page article on Monday titled “Is the Assassination of President Obama Legal?” The article’s closing paragraphs pose that very question to “the West,” asking if the president’s death would be “justified” given his “horrific track record against Islam and Muslims.” The author then references the year then-President John F. What we mean by this is, if the President of America were to be caught off-guard in Washington or St Louis, would his death be justified given his new criteria in light of his horrific track record against Islam and Muslims and his own confessions? MAC, a British, radical Islamic group that believes its adherents are not “obliged to obey the law of the land in whatever country they reside,” was founded in 2010 by Abu Assadullah. Now, MAC’s latest “crusade” appears to be against President Obama. The article, in its entirety, can be read below:

ISRAEL PALESTINE MAP » Arizona Law Hot on the Trail of Obama’s Documents Alex Jones Patrick Henningsen April 5, 2012 “Show me the microfiche”, said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “Show the microfiche – and it’s all over.” The Sheriff is referring to the missing microfiche that would clear the President’s name in what has become a national debate surrounding the authenticity of his own birth certificate. The President is currently dragging behind him a sizeable cache of potentially crippling scandals, of which questionable identity documents are the most significant. “What we are looking at is two possible forged government documents”, explains Arpaio. ”If it was you or anybody else, everyone would say, ‘How come you’re not arresting this guy and how come you’re not doing anything?’ Thus far, neither Republicans nor Democrats have been willing to face this thorny issue, which guarantees that it will continue to fester under the surface right through to November. Watch our special report here: This article was posted: Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 10:26 am

Ex-Israeli soldier speaks out... what he says will change everything you think you know about Israel! - Digital Resistance See summarised key points mentioned from this lecture below. The talk by Eran Efrati was filmed in Denver, Colorado on March 3, 2014 as part of The Soldier and the Refusenik U.S. tour with Maya Wind. Eran talk about his experiences in the IDF and then more broadly discusses Israel, its relationship to the U.S. and the global expansion of militarism. Eran Efrati, 28, was born and raised in Jerusalem. After graduating high school he enlisted in the IDF, where he served as a combat soldier and company sergeant in Battalion 50 of the Nachal Division. Key points from this lecture “Everybody knows, the apartheid regime will stop.

Anonymous: Operation Last Resort Texas Man Freed After Serving Nearly 25 Years for Murdering His Wife That New DNA Evidence Shows He Didn’t Commit [Print Version] Prosecution Withheld Critical Evidence That If Properly Investigated May Have Prevented a Second Murder Contact: Paul Cates, 212/364-5346, (Austin, TX – October 4, 2011) Michael Morton walked out of a Williamson County courtroom today after his 1987 murder conviction was overturned because of new DNA evidence pointing to another man. Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley joined with the Innocence Project in seeking Morton’s release after it was discovered that the DNA of an unnamed male linked to the Morton crime through a bandana that also contained the blood of the victim was also found at the scene of a later murder in Travis County. “Mr. In August, the Innocence Project announced that DNA testing on a bandana found near the Morton’s home where the murder occurred contained the blood of the victim, Christine Morton, and a male other than Morton. • A transcript of a taped interview by the chief investigator, Sgt.

War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields More than five years ago, Israel invaded Gaza under “Operation Cast Lead”. The following article was first published by Global Research in January 2009 at the height of the Israeli bombing and invasion under Operation Cast Lead. In the wake of the invasion, Palestinian gas fields were de facto confiscated by Israel in derogation of international law A year following “Operation Cast Lead”, Tel Aviv announced the discovery of the Leviathan natural gas field in the Eastern Mediterranean “off the coast of Israel.” At the time the gas field was: “ … the most prominent field ever found in the sub-explored area of the Levantine Basin, which covers about 83,000 square kilometres of the eastern Mediterranean region.” Coupled with Tamar field, in the same location, discovered in 2009, the prospects are for an energy bonanza for Israel, for Houston, Texas based Noble Energy and partners Delek Drilling, Avner Oil Exploration and Ratio Oil Exploration. Michel Chossudovsky, January 3, 2014 Map 1 Map 2

"Minds Are Like Parachutes - They Only Function When Open" Listen to Richard Gage admit that he, an architect, has never studied the very important NYC seismographic data, and that thermite does not explain all of the evidence from 9/11 It's absolutely mind-blowing to think about how many well-intended people are still fooled by this man's unscientific claims... After I found out that Richard Gage was coming to Peoria, IL, I couldn't resist the opportunity to ask him why he continually ignores the overwhelming sum of easily verifiable physical evidence that thermite and explosives of any kind do not explain, why he has not filed his "smoking gun" thermite evidence in a court of law, and why he banned me, a donating member, from his AE911Truth organization just for sending Mr. Gage one well-intended email to ask if he knew about the large sum of important physical evidence that Dr. Judy Wood has discovered. In Spring of 2010, I messaged Richard Gage of AE911Truth to ask him if he knew about the large sum of important physical evidence that Dr.

Syrien-Irak: Zerfallende Staaten Die ursprünglich im Irak aus der dortigen al-Qaida entstandene salafistische Terrorgruppe ISIS bzw. ISIL hat zuerst große Teile Nordostsyriens und dann in einem "Blitzkrieg" auch Teile des Nordwestiraks unter ihrer Kontrolle gebracht. Die Absicht ist, Bagdad zu erobern und einen großen Gottesstaat in der Levante zu errichten. Die Gruppe nannte sich zunächst ad-dawla al-islāmīya fī l-ʿirāq wa-sch-schām, was nicht "Islamischer Staat im Irak und in Syrien" (ISIS), sondern "Islamischer Staat im Irak und in der Levante" (ISIL) heißt. Nach dem ersten Schock hat nun die irakische Regierung unter dem schiitischen Regierungschef al-Maliki, der sich an die Macht klammert und auch nicht dem Druck aus den USA nach Bildung einer nationalen Einheitsregierung nachgeben will, die Armee neu formiert und die Kämpfe zusammen mit schiitischen Milizen aufgenommen. 30.10.2015Fabian Köhler Wer steckt hinter dem syrischen Giftgas-Angriff? 14.10.2015Florian Rötzer Proxy-Krieg in Syrien?

ANONYMOUS Declaration of Freedom Nov 5 2013 Scheduled Forum Backlinks, Blog Comments & High PR backlinks For Sale Barack, A Few Travel Tips Barack, A Few Travel Tips By Amer Zahr March 15, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - Mr. President, I hear you are traveling to Israel. As a concerned patriotic American citizen of Palestinian descent, I have some pointers for you. Now, I assume you’ll be flying into Tel Aviv. To avoid the room, I would mention that you are the President of the United States. You may get strip-searched. To escape this embarrassment, I would mention that you are the President of the United States. In case they don’t already know, you might not want to tell Israeli security you are half-Muslim. In any case, I would mention that you are the President of the United States. This next one might be a little tough. And the refugees aren’t the only Africans Israel seems to have a problem with. Now I know you’re not from Eritrea, Ethiopia, or Sudan, but I probably wouldn’t advertise too strongly that your dad was from Kenya. OK, finally, when you leave, Israeli security officers are going to search your bags.

Washington avertit de menaces d'attentats d'Al-Qaïda au Moyen-Orient en août Washington avertit de menaces d'attentats d'Al-Qaïda au Moyen-Orient en août WASHINGTON (District of Columbia) - Les Etats-Unis ont mis en garde vendredi contre des menaces d'attentats qu'Al-Qaïda pourrait notamment perpétrer en août au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord. Le département d'Etat a diffusé un avis de prudence à l'attention de tous ses ressortissants de par le monde. Jeudi, il avait déjà annoncé qu'au moins 22 de ses ambassades et consulats seraient fermés dimanche pour des raisons de sécurité. Selon le département d'Etat, des attentats sont possibles particulièrement au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord, et Washington insiste également sur la péninsule arabique. Les informations actuelles suggèrent qu'Al-Qaïda et ses organisations affiliées continuent à préparer des attentats terroristes dans la région et au-delà. Cette recommandation met en lumière des attentats terroristes potentiels dans les transports et d'autres infrastructures touristiques.

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