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You may not copy, reproduce, edit, adapt, alter, republish, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use audio, video or other material downloaded from BBC Learning English in any way except for your own personal or educational non-commercial use. You may not use the files for the purpose of promoting, advertising, endorsing or implying a connection with you (or any third party) and the BBC, its agents or employees. The BBC will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result of or connected with the download or use of this file. What this meansIf you are a teacher you may copy audio, video and documents to use in your class but you may not make any charge for this material and you may not make the material available through any other website or publication.

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Using Newspapers as Effective Teaching Tools. ERIC Digest ERIC Identifier: ED300847 Publication Date: 1988-00-00 Author: Aiex, Nola Kortner Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills Bloomington IN. Use of the mass media as a teaching instrument in the classroom has increased considerably at all grade levels in the past few years. The Journal of Reading carries a regular series--"Use the News"--on integrating the reading of newspapers into classroom activities. The newspaper is the most widely used of the media, the direct result of a national campaign by publishers, known as "Newspapers in Education" (NIE). This initiative encourages the use of newspapers as an educational tool both to complement and supplement traditional classroom texts and resource materials (Newton, 1985). "The Newspaper as an Effective Teaching Tool" (1981) explains the intent of the program and provides a variety of classroom activities using newspapers.

All Episodes Here are all previously released episodes of Better at English podcasts. Make sure you download the PDF file for each lesson, so you will have the full transcript and vocabulary notes. 043 – Real English conversations: Lori scores a year’s supply of toilet paper (archive) A funny thing happened today when Lori was shopping for office supplies, and it involves an industrial-sized package of toilet paper rolls. 042 – Make the Most of your Motivation part 2 of 2 – Real English Conversations Introduction Hi English learners! Great Conversation Topic Examples Conversation Starters: Popular Culture Who was your favorite singer on last night’s episode of The Voice?How did you become a Green Bay Packers fan?What did you think of the new Mumford & Sons album?

English Through Stories Episode 8: Tracing the Plates Audio Index:Story: 1:34Explanations: 7:20 “Be careful! She may have broken bones,” the ambulance driver yelled. [QualityTime-ESL] : "Your English" Podcasts The complete list is given below. "Your English" podcasts are free English lessons with oral drills that will improve your spoken English dramatically—because they are "interactive", i.e. they will make you speak English! Patterns are given followed by "listen and repeat", "listen and transform" or "listen and answer", i.e. short sentences/expressions to repeat/complete or questions to answer. Please note that doing these drills orally in real-time is far more difficult than doing them as written exercises. In some cases you repeat sentences or phrases and in others you have to complete or transform sentences after hearing a stimulus. You are given the right answer orally so you can easily check your progress.

6 Exceptional Online News Article Resources for ESL Students This just in: The news is about to become your favorite new classroom tool. ESL students quickly evolve and grow into eager, news-thirsty knowledge seekers. Thanks to their language classes, the world has become a little smaller. Your students are taking interest in those popular stories popping up on their social media feeds. They want to know more about the world around them, and they want to use their new English skills to fuel their insatiable desire to learn. Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English ► Level 1 For elementary and pre-intermediate students ► Level 2 For intermediate students Audio for ESL/EFL: Listen and Read Along (Flash/MP3) YouTube Videos Science and Technology This is 4 minutes long and use the Teleprompter Player.'Caine’s Arcade' Video Brings Fame to Creative Boy Words & Their Stories These are 5 minutes long and use the Teleprompter Player.

Lesson plan: What 2020 news stories mattered most to your students? Courtesy of Flipboard Which news stories made a difference to your students in the past year? Try this year-in-review activity using Flipboard, an easy-to-use app (you will need to sign up), that lets you curate your own magazine. Students will create a list of their top 10 news stories from 2020 to share with classmates and family members. Subjects Any and all subjects! podcasts_meta_title Heart attacks are often life-threatening. Join us on In Good Shape with our expert in the studio, Dr. Dietrich Andresen, who will tell us more about symptoms and getting help quickly. The program also addresses hypnosis, the latest workout trend Crossfit, and explains when excessive perspiration is considered abnormal.