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Kids songs, ABCs, videos, & free flashcards from Super Simple Learning

Kids songs, ABCs, videos, & free flashcards from Super Simple Learning
Thanks for creating these great resources! The resources you have are just at the perfect level, the simplicity & pacing is wonderful, and the visuals are great for comprehension & vocab support. AnonymousUSA Really lovely! Hi! Thank you so much for your wonderful materials!

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Word Stress and -ing Verbs In this American English pronunciation video,we're going to go over the word stress of -ing verbs. The -ing form of a verb always adds an extra syllable. And this syllable is always unstressed. Story Links Martha Speaks True Stories WegiveBooks National Geographic Young Explorer Sylvanianfamilies Pearson Free Leveled Books Resources Welcome to the heart of Teachit ELT – a huge, ever-growing collection of practical, tried and tested resources created by English language teachers for English language teachers. Access to the PDF versions is free once you have registered, but it's only as a subscriber that you get full control – because then you can tweak our Microsoft Office versions to suit your context and your students. As a subscriber, you can also download our audio recordings, and create, adapt and save our interactive materials. What's more, we keep our libraries fresh by publishing new resources pretty much every week. Take a look at our Latest resources page if you're after something new.

Seasons Flashcards: Don´t just go for rote memorization of the flashcards.Try interactive flashcards games. Tracer Books: help extend the vocabulary. The children can have the b/w version that they can color and have it as their own book to take home or keep in their book box. Index of /talkinghistory/archive3 Index of /talkinghistory/archive3 Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory - Musical Instruments ESL Printable Worksheets For Kids 1 Here on this page you can download and use ESL Printable Vocabulary Worksheets, Exercises, Handouts, Tests, Activities, Teaching and Learning Resources, Materials, Picture Dictionary, Posters and Puzzles for kids about Musical Instruments Musical Instruments Picture Dictionary ESL Vocabulary Worksheet A picture dictionary and classroom poster ESL worksheet for kids to study and learn musical instruments vocabulary. Look at the pictures and study the words. Useful for teaching and learning musical instruments.

Gamification About the Course Gamification is the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts, such as business, education, and social impact challenges. Video games are the dominant entertainment form of modern times because they powerfully motivate behavior. Game mechanics can be applied outside the immersive environments of games themselves, to create engaging experiences as well as assign rewards and recognition. Over the past few years, gamification adoption has skyrocketed. Companies use game thinking for employee motivation in human resources, team building, productivity enhancement, training, health and wellness, sustainability, and innovation.

What do you want for Christmas? - Free teaching resources to teach kids: worksheets, flashcards, games, activities, tips and much more! You can support by clicking on the ads in each post. Thank you and please visit us again :) What do you want for Christmas? is a two-part song created by the team from Super Simple Songs. The first part of the song is sung by children’s dad and the second by their mum. The song can be used to revise names of toys. Apart from teaching names of toys, the song also revises numbers 1-5 and body parts. You can listen to it below. Teachers TV - Schools Skip to main content GOV.UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Find out more about cookies Is this page useful?

Brag Tags {Tips & Tricks} Brag Tags {Tips & Tricks} Oh, brag tags, how I love thee. Brag tags have been a serious game changer for me and my students over the past several years. And, over the years, I've picked up a few tricks for effectively and easily using brag tags in the classroom. Curious? Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are Complete the lyrics as fast as possible by typing the characters of the missing words. The number of gaps depends on the selected game mode. The video will stops till the words of the line are filled up correctly. In the meantime, your life bar will decrease.

Triangle Coloring Page: is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. (Already a member? Click here.) This is a thumbnail of the "Triangle Coloring Page to Print" page.

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