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How to Make a Quiet Book

How to Make a Quiet Book
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Fabric I Spy Book We are baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season. I am sharing 30 wonderful sewn gifts from 30 amazing bloggers! Head on over to According to Kelly for 30 fabulous crafty gifts. A Southern Fairytale is spotlighting 30 edible yummies & holiday-inspired recipes.You definitely don’t want to miss a day! Hi! or unfold it to seek and find on multiple pages all at once: Can you find a white measuring tape? Ready to get started? Then I added 6 pages that I pieced together using smaller scraps for even more things to find. The pieced pages use a simple freezer paper piecing technique. Use a pencil and a straight edge to draw the design that you’ll use for your page on the matte side of the freezer paper. Cut out your freezer paper pieces. Position one freezer paper piece on one piece of fabric with the shiny side down. Repeat for the remaining fabric pieces. Peel away the freezer paper and sew the smaller pieces together using ¼” seam allowance.

Quiet Book This summer some friends organized a quiet book swap. We had 10 women in the group, so everyone made 10 copies of their page. We met at the beginning of the summer to set measurements, discuss who’s doing what page, and to discuss ideas. Then 3 months later, we swapped them (and watched the SYTYCD finale together). This past week I’ve added a few pages to the ones from my friends, and ended up with enough pages for 2 books- one for younger kids, one for preschooler/ kindergarten age. Here’s a tour of my books: Home décor weight fabric for the outside. Preschool Book Caterpillar patterns by me, with a pocket of felt circles to match. Fishing page by Bethany - Pellon felt clouds and sun come off buttons, the fish have magnets inside so you can go fishing with a fishing pole (not pictured) Numbers matching by me. ABC pages by me- I bought flocked letter (like what you use to iron on t-shirts) then ironed it onto Pellon instead. Girl hair braiding: This was my page for the swap. Cupcakes!

101 мастер-класс Nap Time Journal: Quiet Book Ideas Before I begin let me just say that I LOVED putting this quiet book together for my kids and only MY KIDS!! (it was a lot of hard work, late nights and miles onto the sewing machine) So with that being said, I want to share with you the things that I came up with to make this possible so you can make your kids a QB. Hope these ideas help: I used these painters faithfully.....they worked great and they come in all sorts of different colors. I am NO artist my any means...therefore I thank the coloring books I already had to inspire me!! On some of the pages I traced them right onto the fabric.... And for others I just used the picture and TRIED to draw my own or it gave me a great idea for a certain page. And for some pages I used cookie cutters to trace the outline of animals. I added a few games and activities as well. I made a simple cover...... and no I did not attach the pages to the cover. Some other supplies that I used were: muslin for the pages bias tape for the edges of the pages Pin It

Quiet Book - Quiet Activity Book - My Busy Book Quiet Book / Busy Book Jump start your child's intellectual and creative mind with 12 pages of fun and engaging activities. This quiet book is perfect for those places your child needs to sit quiet. Designed to last -The Busy Book has a super soft, easy to clean microsuede cover that will help this toy become a family treasure! A beautiful book with 10 engaging activities including a magnetic fishing pond, build a snowman, zip a tent and several others. Hundreds of women say they started making a quiet book for their families but never finished it and that the materials alone cost a small fortune. Developmental Benefits: Develops small motor skills. Enhances eye Coordination and hand dexterity through weaving, catching fish, tying bow, buttons and snaps. For Ages: 3 to 7+ years Includes: Busy Book Activity Book Clear carrying case for easy storage and transport. Customer Feedback: "I just want you to know how pleased I am with the quiet book I ordered from you. More Photos:

The Quilter's Bag Винни пух Глава 1 пятница, 15 апреля 2011 г. Я в подарок недавно пошила новую развивающую книжку"Винни пух". Заказ был следующий книжка с большим количеством застежек, возраст 2,5 года. Кому интересно смотрим дальше :) Материалы: Ткани диагональ, проклеено клеевой самой жеской для воротничков (синтепон, когда много застежек неудобно), фетр, салфетки вискозные(куда ж без этого помошника рукодельницы), всяки разны застежки, акриловые краски и контуры. 2 . 3. 4. 5. 6. страница. Ну и можно вспомнить сам мультик

Quiet book : Montessori mon ami ! Cette année, j'ai fait chauffer la machine à coudre pour les cadeaux de Noël de ma puce ... Ma pièce majeur a été un petit livre d'activité aussi appelé "Quiet Book", certainement car quand les enfants jouent avec ils sont censés être calmes et concentrés... mais celui qui a décidé de ce nom ne connaissait certainement pas ma fille ... Je l'ai voulu un peu girly avec mon liberty chouchou du moment et un petit cœur tout doux en fausse mais surtout pas salissant grâce à une petite cotonnade grise. Comme pour la balle de préhension, j'ai essayé de surfer sur les principes de Montessori avec des formes simples, colorées et de l'interactivité avec bébé ... Sur la page 1, on trouve des formes géométriques en feutrine qui se scratchent (j'en ai utilisé beaucoup) et qui peuvent se glisser dans la petite poche. Au niveau de la page centrale, j'ai fait un boulier... Et enfin, on trouve une collection de fermetures éclair qui fait face à une pyramide en feutrine arc en ciel (toujours avec scratch) .

Little Hands, Big Work AWESOME Two Sundays ago we were sitting in church and Caden had finished looking at his Big Busy Book! I put it on the seat next to me and Drake picked it up. I haven't really used it with him because I really made it with Caden in mind. P.S. Cover: I used Steam to Seam to put the letters on the cover and then hand sewed the buttons to add some texture. Lock and Key: In the Big Book Drake loved the keys in the pocket so I made this activity. Magnet Maze: I used some mesh material from my dad's old scrubs pocket and slipped a ball bearing behind it. Buckles: Drake is very in to buckles! Shapes and Color Matching: Drake played with this for about a minute but it wasn't to big of a hit. Wallet: Leave a comment if you have any specific questions about how to do something.

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Quiet Book Templates Looking for more quiet book ideas? Check out my new book Quiet Book Patterns: 25 easy-to-make activities for your children now on sale at Full of original ideas and includes a CD to print off templates! First lets talk about supplies. For all the pictures on my pages I decided to use felt. Each of my books has eleven pages plus the cover page. For velcro I used the clear sticky dots. This book requires a lot of fusible webbing and ironing. Each template should print out on a full horizontal 8 1/2 x 11" paper. And the moment you've all been waiting for . . . The templates! You can view the supply list HERE. (To print templates: Click on picture and then copy and save to your computer. Circus monkey can be found HERE. I've received comments from people surprised that I was giving away all this information for free. If you make a quiet book I'd love to see it.