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How to Make a Quiet Book

How to Make a Quiet Book

12 Coolest DIY Crafts for Boys Let’s face it…it isn’t easy to find crafts to grab the attention of the typical little boy, much less one that results in something that will spark their interest. Here are twelve awesome crafts that will ignite the creative juices of even the most spastic little guy. nggallery id=’121419′ Catapult Paper Airplane Launch paper airplanes like never before with this DIY tutorial from Mini-eco. DIY Tutorial Links • Catapult Paper Airplane – Mini-eco • Soft Rock Guitar – • Rocket Man – Sewing in No Mans Land • Hula Hoop Dome Tent – Obsessively Stitching • Monster Knees – By Miekko • Monster Bookmarks – I Could Make That • Chinese Dragon Puppet – That Artist Woman - Cozy Car Caddy – Homemade by Jill • Iron-On Patches – WhiMSy love • Paper Mache Boats – Ann Wood • Long Reach Gizmo – bloesem kids • Milk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet – Filth Wizardry Other posts you may enjoy: • Tiny Summer Cottages • Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play • Rooftop Airstream Hotel Check out other articles by Rachel here!

Elsewhere: A New Art Technique to Try, Decor DIYs & A New Gig 27 Oct I’m guest posting at Whip Up today with one of my favorite new art techniques: block printing with yarn. This one is truly appropriate for all ages. Our first go at it was a fascinating experience for C (he couldn’t believe he was actually allowed to paint on a few of his blocks) and a successful attempt at DIY modern art for me. Head over to Whip Up for the full tutorial. P.S. Bonus: Use the code JANUARY for 10% off the PDF file through the end of the month, plus all customers will receive a 20% off code for our favorite online meal planning site, Relish! P.S. DIY Felt Dress Up Dolls I couldn't wait to start cutting out the miniature fashionistas. I headed to Joann's and grabbed a bunch of felt. I hadn't done any crafts with felt in a loooong time. Of course, I had to throw in a little felt wiener dog. Rachel was sweet enough to share a template for the dolls in her post. A hunt through my craft room turned up flower-shaped brads, mini pearls, ribbon, buttons, and lots of little bling. Meow! I would have loved to make even more clothes and accessories. Now I know that it's lame to give a dual gift to twins. You can choose a different color for the board felt. Here's how to make the felt board : What you'll need: 2 pieces of plywood measuring 3/4" x 2' x 2' (you can find them pre-cut @ Lowes)Two hinges with screws no longer than 3/4"2 foot long pieces of chain with 4 screws shorter than 3/4"1 yard light gray felt (72" bolt)3/4 yard felt for backing in whatever color you choose (72" bolt)Spray AdhesiveTools: scissors, staple gun, and electric drill Then like so.

I'm Inexplicably Drawn to You...DIY Magnetic Tote Bag My husband and I are really bad at the diaper bag thing. My son has sat through more than one restaurant dinner in some state of undress, including wearing nothing but a diaper at his cousin's birthday dinner, because we inevitably leave the house without adequate diapers, wipes or a change of clothes. Luckily he's old enough now that diaper blowouts are a rarity, however toddler-boredom-turned-general-naughtiness has taken hold where poop-up-the-back-of-your-shirt-and-seeping-down-your-pants-leg used to live. After one too many dinners out during which I try and fail miserably to entertain the duckling with a dull butter knife and a packet of Splenda, I decided to get wise and create a quick and easy bag that could keep the little guy entertained long enough for me to enjoy a glass of wine. Be forewarned, this little bag is addictive. 1. No matter how you do it, I do suggest at least two coats of magnetic paint.

Cardboard Blueprints To make it you'll need: utility knife Download the PDF for full instructions, but keep reading if you'd like to see detail shots of some of my construction techniques... This is where I joined the two boxes together on the side of the house above the window (step 9). I overlapped the edges, ran a couple pieces of tape lengthwise on both the inside and outside, then wrapped tape around the seam to really hold it together. The side walls seemed a little flimsy because they weren't a solid piece of cardboard, so I taped one of the flaps I removed from the top of the box (step 3) under the window to help strengthen the wall (step 10). The flaps at the top and the bottom of the boxes were pre-cut, so I taped over the cuts to prevent weak spots on my roof and walls (step 4). The flaps that I left attached to the box were folded down and taped to the sides to help support the structure (step 6). For the curtains, I sewed a channel at the top and ran a shoelace through it.

Yarn Ball Party Favors When you have a blog, and you post instructions about how to make or cook something that you have dreamed up, you want all of the mistakes to happen to you. You want to be the one to discover the holes in the theories, the lapses in the instructions or the possible interpretations that will end up in failure. Lucky for me, and for any who attempt to make these, those failures bestowed themselves upon me during this craft project. These yarns balls have been popping up in craft books since the 70′s but made a resurgence a few years ago when Martha Stewart posted a rough DIY on how to make these as christmas ornaments. Craft bloggers began posting these as decorative balls for baskets, ornamental garland and even colorful Easter eggs. Reading the comments on the post it seem as if half the people who attempted this had glowing success and the other half had epic failures. WHY didn’t the yarn harden?? Most of the bloggers who did respond didn’t seem to know the answer: Too much glue? True.

DIY Duct Tape River Raft Have you joined the Duct Tape craft­ing craze yet?! If not, this River Raft craft is a great way to get your feet wet. Your kids will love you for it! Mate­ri­als Card­boardWater bot­tles (2, stan­dard size)Duct tape (in your choice of fun colors) Putting It All Together Now that you have all your mate­ri­als, start by cov­er­ing you piece of card­board entirely with duct tape. When you are happy with how secure your raft is taped together, flip it over and try it out. Now that your your raft is com­plete and dec­o­rated, your lit­tle one is ready to take it out for test “swim”! [do action=“mermag”/]Related

Make the Cut The last time you proposed an artsy project, the kids said they’d rather clean their rooms. Save the clan from a vacuum of creativity with this DIY from CityCraft fabric boutique’s Callie Works-Leary. The whiz showed us how to make a felt embellishment for a barrette, headband, or brooch. Felt Embellishment MaterialsA few sheets of 8½-by-11-inch paperScissors2 pieces of felt in coordinating colors (can be bought in individual sheets)Scrap fabricDisappearing ink (optional)Craft glue (tacky glue works best)ButtonHeadband, hair barrette, or pin 1. 2. 3. 4. It’ll leave other accessories in the dust. Want more ideas from the pros? RING INNew Year’s at NoonWhat: Wee ones (ages 12 and younger) welcome 2010 early with music, dancing, and cookie decorating.Why: Don’t drop the ball.When: Thurs., 10:30 a.m.-2 p.m. BOOGIEDisney Live Rockin’ Road ShowWhat: Mickey, Tigger, Buzz Lightyear, and more put on a foot-stompin’ show. Photo: Courtesy of CityCraft

Brag Books from Paper Lunch Sacks My mom saw a little brag book in a local store made out of brown paper bags. She asked if I could make her one. Well...I love a challenge. After tinkering around in my craft room for awhile, I came up with these little brag books, using brown lunch sacks from my pantry. These brag books are just what you'd think. The open ends of the lunch sacks become pockets for extra photos. These brag books are so easy to make and are like little books of joy. Make Your Own Brag Book Supplies: - 3 paper lunch sacks - double-stick tape - cardstock - 8-12 photos - brads - 1 1/2 inch circle punch - scrapbook paper - quotes/stickers/stamps The following is a step-by-step to making your own brag book photo album. Start with 3 brown paper lunch sacks. Stack them on top of each other in the same order. Fold paper sacks in half to create a book. Choose a patterned cardstock and cut to fit the back of the book PLUS an additional inch or so to wrap around the other side (where the brads will go). Here's the back.

A Proper Bed for a Princess Making a "proper" bed for a true princess, can only mean one thing. You will need one pea and lots and lots of mattresses. We made our Princess and the Pea bed from popsicle sticks and fabric scraps. (coffee stirrers, toothpicks and tongue depressors too.) 1. so you have 2 equal pieces. 2.Then add the full size sticks. 3.Next, make your 4 bed posts by simply gluing 2 sticks together for each post. 4. "fancier" so we drew on the sticks once they dried, and colored with marker. 5. and requires the most patience. 6. in place while the glue dries. Be creative, use what works! 7. the weak spots. base. 8. pea-green bead.) 9. Cut them roughly, 6 x 5", fold them horizontally, wrong sides out. sides, creating a sort of mini pillowcase. 1/2" seem. 10. to stuff, you want them more flat than puffy. When finished, turn the inside edges in, and sew across the edge (roughly 1/4" seem) to close up the mattress. You can handsew the closing for a more finished look. 11. The kids noticed we needed a ladder too.

Estéfi Machado: Festa de criança como atigamente * Chapeuzinho Vermelho Nas minhas melhores memórias de criança estão sempre as imagens das festas de aniversário lá de casa! As minhas e as dos 4 meus irmãos eram todas feitas pela família inteira!! Acho que por isso os preparativos eram tão gostosos quanto ou até mais que a festinha! Essa festa que eu mostro agora foi feita assim, á moda antiga! com a ajuda da amiga pra decoração, da cumadre pros docinhos, com o bolo da vovó, com os tios pregando enfeites e com a primaiada enchendo as bexigas! Veja aqui as ideias que você pode fazer pra montar uma festa tão charmosa quanto essa! As cores Começamos definindo as cores-chefes da festa! A mesa Como base usamos uma toalha ( leia-se: um pedação de algodão marrom escuro!) Os personagens Na parede fizemos 3 quadrinhos com bastidores de madeira para bordar. Na mesa, na frente do bolo, a chapeuzinho e o lobo são feito de rolinhos de papel higiênico! Como a festa era num lindo jardim, fizemos também um grande lobo mau de papelão! Não ficou uma delicia?