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Speech Synthesizer - Generator

Speech Synthesizer - Generator

American English idioms Tongue Twisters Thank you to Language Success Press for providing these tongue twisters. They're great for accent reduction practice. Language Success Press offers a range of accent reduction systems, including Lose Your Accent in 28 Days and Master the American Accent. 1) Through thick and thin, Sheila and Seth see things through together. Sheila sees Seth as Seth sees Sheila. Seth and Sheila are certain they will be together forever. 5 Minute English - ESL Lessons - Helping you learn English BBC Learning English | Pronunciation Tips Speech GraphicsSpeech Graphics creates world’s first high fidelity animation of human speech organs » Speech Graphics Oct 14 '13 Author: Speech Graphics Posted in: Press Specialist audio animation studio, Speech Graphics, announced today the launch of the world's first high fidelity animation of the human speech organs. Using technology they originally developed for the video games industry, Speech Graphics has created 'Simone', a fully computer animated language teacher, seen for the first time on language learning site, Communication in today's global economy is critical and for the approximately 2 billion people learning English as a second language, accent and pronunciation are two of the most difficult aspects to master. Gregor Hofer of Speech Graphics explains: "A strong accent can be a major barrier to effective communication. Revealing a hidden world never seen so clearly before, Simone is a fully functioning cutaway of the inside of the mouth, nose and throat. Viewed from the front, Simone's face moves in perfect synchrony with audio recordings of sounds and words.

Sounds Right Savoir lire les transcriptions phonémiques vous aide à prononcer les mots anglais correctement et vous permet de mieux vous faire comprendre et de mieux comprendre vos interlocuteurs. Cette appli vous permet d’apprendre rapidement et facilement les sonorités anglaises. Vous pouvez également vous en servir pour prononcer les mots anglais que vous trouvez dans les dictionnaires. Parmi les fonctionnalités de cette appli conçue par des spécialistes mondiaux de la langue anglaise, vous trouverez : une interface facile à utiliser reproduisant tous les sons de la langue anglaise des enregistrements de tous les sons pour que vous puissiez les assimilerdes mots entiers contenant ces sons pour que vous puissiez les entendre dans leurs contextes. Une interface simple et soignée reproduisant les sonorités anglaises.

TOEFL® Listening : free practice exercises from Exam English Academic Listening Skills The Listening section measures test takers’ ability to understand spoken English from North America and other English-speaking countries. In academic environments students need to listen to lectures and conversations. Below are three possible purposes for academic listening. Listening purposes include Listening for basic comprehension Listening for pragmatic understanding Connecting and synthesizing information Listening Section Format Listening materials in the new test include academic lectures and long conversations in which the speech sounds very natural. ETS®, TOEFL®, TOEFL iBT® and TOEFL Junior® are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). 2014 © Exam English Ltd.