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danooct1 The long awaited video of CIH trashing a standalone PC's BIOS and rendering the computer unable to boot. This video comes fourteen years to the day after CIH first unleashed its devastating payload upon the world. When CIH infects files, it checks to see whether there are enough gaps to completely store its code, rather than simply writing its code to the end of the file and increasing file size. If it has enough space, CIH will infect the file without increasing file size. If it does not, CIH will ignore the file, giving it better ability to further infect a user's computer without the user noticing anything.

What A Week Of Groceries Looks Like Around The World It seems as a people, we have a fascination with photographing our food. From Henry's series of riders, to looking on instagram we cant help but document what we consume. Photographer Peter Menzel started this intriguing series of one weeks of groceries from around the world, taking traditional food photography to a much larger scale. In his book Hungry Planet, Peter explores both the cultural differences of diets around the world as well investigating how prosperity and poverty influence the diets of different nations. Swirling in History Special – Colonial Swirl on Canvas! It is no secret that black women have always been desired for marriage by men of all races for centuries. I am always looking for images whether photographs or oil canvas like these Casta paintings. These are gems of black women of various shades with white males. I only found a few of these fascinting art and history collections.

UK redevelops legislative database to support and encourage reuse Brought to my attention by Mia Garlick via Twitter, the UK has redeveloped its legislative database with a focus on reuse by external parties. The recently released site covers 800 years of legislation from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. According to an article from Cornell University Law School,, John Sheridan, Head of e-Services and Strategy at The National Archives says that the site was designed to meet two objectives, Newegg TV === STORY LINKS ===Flexible batteries could redefine wearable tech: Mobile users eclipse PC users in China for the first time: Be Quiet’s Silent Base 800 catches the eye:

All Of Montreal's Metro Codes Finally Unveiled For More Stories Like These Photo cred – Adrien Meunie Ever wonder what the hell the numbers blaring over the STM intercom mean? Of course you have, we’ve all been there, and now you can finally understand what the hell they’re talking about. Certain codes are just widespread call outs, others are a bit more specific. Guru professes mysterious secret to living rent-free in NYC Like us in website form? Then you’ll love us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest -We determined how to tell if you live in Brooklyn -The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant said they were coming back -So did the Fourth of July fireworks! -Speaking of explosions in the sky, we were also promised vagina fireworks in Prospect Park -Fikriyyah’s roommates […] NintendoCapriSun Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working...

Dwolla Dwolla /dəˈwɑːlə/ is a United States-only[1] e-commerce company that provides an online payment system and mobile payments network. The company was founded in 2008 with services based only in Iowa. After raising US$1.31 million in funding,[2] Dwolla launched in the United States on December 1, 2009, with founders Ben Milne (CEO) and Shane Neuerburg (CTO), in Des Moines, Iowa, and with initially just a few small banks and retailers.[3] Transactions using Dwolla surpassed $1 million a week and its Iowa user-base was overtaken in mid-June 2011, with 20,000 users.[4] The company began with two employees and had approximately 15 employees as of mid-June 2011.[5] Dwolla began with Veridian Credit Union for banking services, while The Members Group processes their transactions.[6]

The Game Theorists Get ready for intense 360 FNAC horror! ►► Want More NOW? Check Out Game Theory! ►► a Theorist! ►► You know me and animatronic restaurant horror…I just can’t stay away! What Kind of People Celebrate San Francisco's 'Pi Day'? - John Metcalfe Everybody's got to have a hobby. For the fans of Pi Day, which occurs every March 14, it's the fanatical appreciation of what's arguably the universe's most intriguing number: 3.14159265359-et cetera, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. But you remembered that from school, right? Euler's number?

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Top 10 sex positions for mind-blowing orgasms I always thought it was a myth that there are certain sex positions that can help a woman climax faster and better. Say it isn't so? If this is true, why haven't we been schooling our men? Kotaku Leave a comment or post your own video here: Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of amazing plays, stunts, records, and other great moments from around the gaming world. Please check out the original videos in the links below, and send us your favorite clips to For more Highlight Reel subscribe to our channel, and check out

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