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There are also a lot of historic videos out there, but they may not always represent the current view of The Venus Project; which is undergoing various changes after it separated from the Zeitgeist Movement —FAQ 107 are a number of videos that are quite interesting, but have been taken off the internet (Youtube), so yes… this is an interesting topic for historic reasons as well.

This particular pearltree will only try and show official videos directly from The Venus Project.


Videos selected here are from video accounts that are directly linked to TVP Activism groups, TVP expressions groups, or official videos shown on The Venus Project Website: accounts that are found on official accounts (such as YouTube accounts) but are not from those accounts should be placed in the non-official pearltree unless they are displayed directly on The Venus Project Website: or TVP Activism website: or the TVP Expressions website: should also be noted that The Venus Project has Supportive Organizations, and these groups may also have their own videos. Such videos should not be placed here or in the official section, they should instead be placed in the supportive organizations video section.


Recommended Documentaries. TVP Education. YouTube - The Venus Project, non-official. Broadcast Yourself. Jacque Fresco Interview on Russia Today. Thevenusprojectmedia's Channel‬‏ Paradise or Oblivion (30 language subtitles) Paradise or Oblivion (download in your language) The Venus Project Tour With Jacque Fresco - Trailer. The Venus Project-Resource Based Economy. Jacque Fresco - The Venus Project | London Real. Archives. Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows on "On The Edge with Theo Chalmers" |MULTI SUB| TEDxOjai - Jacque Fresco - Resource Based Economy.

The Venus Project TVPActivismIsrael‬‏ Jacque Fresco - Stockholm Lecture.

Why did TVP part ways with TZM?

Paradise or Oblivion (Official Trailer) (גן עדן או אבדון (הטריילר הרשמי. YouTube - The Venus Project ☆ Team Curated. The Venus Project (baic info kit) team curated.