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Virool Overview Online Giving, One Person at a Time “This cracks the code for how you get regular people, not the superwealthy, to give money,” Mr. Green said. “It works because your birthday is a time when it’s acceptable to ask for something, and your friends want to give you something.” Each friend might give a small donation—$10 or $20 or so—but together, each wish might generate hundreds or thousands of dollars. For instance, in a period of just 24 hours in October, Dave Morin, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, raised more than $10,000 for the ’s new children’s hospital. Altogether, says Mr. Causes is just one method for nonprofits to press for more action from their audiences. Some people may not be ready to donate money immediately, but what if you can coerce them to do something else on behalf of your organization? The jury may still be out on which campaigns will work to get this kind of response and which won’t. So far, some of them may not have done anything other than express tepid support. Giving Published: November 10, 2010

Viral Video, YouTube Views, Video Promotion - Virool Blog This Christmas we decided to highlight some of our favorite videos that were promoted on Virool. We were impressed with amount of Holiday related videos our advertisers were promoting and it was tough to select these top 10. Besides being highlighted on our blog, the creators of all these top 10 videos will also get free Virool credits that they can use to further promote these videos or their future videos. The first 7 places will each receive worth $100 of Virool credits, 3rd place will get $250, 2nd – $500 and 1st place – $1000 worth of Virool credits . Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy New Year! In the best Holiday spirit, please enjoy these videos: 10. It feels like no matter where you are in the world, every country seems to have a host and celebrities giving concerts on Christmas and New Years Eves. 9. This country song is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 8) Family Canvas, what a perfect gift for all! 7) Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade at Disney World Wow!

Ideo: Good Stories Make Good Brands. Here's 4 Tips and 7 Examples | Co.Design This is the latest piece in our PATTERNS series by IDEO. Read more about the series here. Every product needs a story, as does every brand. The product's origin. Consumers are looking to share narratives as a way to express their knowledge, identity, status, and connections. TAKE ACTION: Designing for Life's Changes 1. 2. 3. 4. THE EVIDENCE: Stories from Around the Globe Shoes Make the Man A self-proclaimed sneaker geek, Carl has over 500 pairs in his collection. Bragging Rights on a Global Scale A lot of people travel to Costa Rica to take surf lessons. Lee, a 36-year-old investment banker from Manhattan, works hard to attract opportunities like this. Working in a typically male-dominated industry, she may not always get invited to go bear hunting with the guys in Alaska. Discerning Chickens Cause a Stir In Andhra Pradesh, India, a region where clean water is scarce, one humble local farmer's chickens are better off than most people. Red Cross The Perfect Ingredient for Self-Expression Tesco

2M Media | Home of the World's Funniest Videos Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... 2M Media | Home of the World's Funniest Videos 2M Media | Home of the World's Funniest Videos 13,234 views 1 month ago You will see exactly why 2M Media is the true home of the world's funniest web videosSUBSCRIBE & BECOME A FOLLOWER OF FUNNY: VIDEOS MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY******************************­*************MY TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Show less Read more Uploads Play 5:42 TOP 5 FAIL VIDEOS #29 13 hours ago1,230 views SUBSCRIBE & BECOME A FOLLOWER OF FUNNY: Featured Channels WorldsFuzziestVideos Related channels on YouTube Smosh TheFineBros PrankvsPrank Fail Army Just For Laughs Gags Annoying Orange Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to

YouTube Certification Program - YouTube Help Among the many educational programs YouTube offers, such as the YouTube Playbook, the YouTube Creator Spaces, and the recently-launched Creator Academy, the YouTube Certification (beta) training program offers opportunities for professionals to learn channel management best practices to help creators find success on the platform. What it means to be YouTube Certified YouTube Certification exists across several specific subject areas called “certification tracks.” An individual may become YouTube Certified by successfully completing an in-depth training program and passing a final exam to demonstrate expertise. A company ​may become YouTube Certified if a minimum of 3 employees have attended the training program and passed the exam. Note: YouTube does not make any promises or representations about the performance or quality of any YouTube Certified individual or company. Benefits of YouTube Certification Courses the YouTube Certification program offers Criteria for attending

YouTube Video Optimization – The Complete Guide Many people say that content is king and I agree to a large degree but for real success on YouTube specifically, you need to know how to optimise for the platform to get the best results. I believe, and you can quote me on this, an average video with great metadata will always out-perform a great video with average metadata – Tweet this My advice is to have great content and great metadata and this resource will show you how to make sure you have the best possible Metadata. Optimizing the various facets of your YouTube videos is a two-fold process: Firstly you should be proactive and undertake the practices pointed out here in the guides that I’ve created for all of your new videos. Secondly, use the lessons learned and apply the strategies to videos that have already been published. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can work through each guide and move forward without missing a lesson. YouTube Video Optimization – A 7 step guide 1) Watch Time Check out my guide on Watch Time below:

Get More YouTube Views For Your Old Videos | FAQ #5 This question comes from @salemiscreative via twitter. Do you have any advice about how to get an old popular video that is stale more attention? The freshness of a video is a huge ranking factor for the YouTube algorithm and because of this it can be easy to get hung up on your latest video. There’s nothing wrong with this but if your latest video is your only focus you’re in trouble. Yes you should be heavily promoting your newest creation but it’s worth remembering that the bulk of your channel views come from your older videos via Suggested Videos and Search. Follow these 9 steps and you’ll not only make your older videos easier to find but also make them impossible not to click on. 9 steps for increasing YouTube views on older videos 1) Optimize You’re now obviously following all of my recommendations for video optimization but that may not have been the case for your older videos. 2) Playlists YouTube Playlists are a huge benefit to your channel in terms of channel experience and SEO.

YouTube Partners and B&H: Developing Better Content What would you do if you were given a large sum of money to start your multimedia career? That's the question that is on the minds of many up-and-coming YouTube Partners with a growing fanbase and great content. Many of them traveled to New York City to attend the first YouTube Creator Camp after Google provided 25 of them with $35,000 to get a head start on advancing their careers. The content creators first started their tour at the B&H executive officers, where they were treated to breakfast and a special HDSLR training from our experts in one of our conference rooms. Besides breakfast and the $1,000 gift card, each content creator was given a special gift bag put together by our marketing team. Everyone in the Creator Camp is a young adult, and came from different backgrounds. After a warm welcome and introduction from our very own Gabriel Biderman, Matt Sinclair went on to demonstrate and talk about various HDSLRs, rigs, microphones, lights, etc.