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How to Bypass or Remove a BIOS Password | Technibble A BIOS password is a protection measure that can be used to stop someone powering up a computer system or making changes in some of the computers most sensitive areas. Many big name computer manufacturers such as Dell and HP lock the customers out of this area because they don’t want the customer changing anything and potentially damaging the machine (which the manufacturer may have to warranty). However, when someone like a computer technician or hardware enthusiast needs to make some hardware changes to the computer, they will need to access the BIOS. Here are some methods to be a bios password cracker, removing a BIOS password. NOTE: Do not try to guess the password on a passworded Hard Drive. 3 wrong guesses will often result in the information on the hard drive being lost forever. How to Bypass or Remove a BIOS Password by Removing the CMOS Battery: The simplest way to remove a BIOS password is to simply remove the CMOS battery. To start using ! Download ! A.M.I.AAAMMMIIAMIAMI?

20+ Websites to Download Creative Commons Music For Free Editor’s note: For a newer, updated version of this post, check it out here. If you’ve wondered where many of those YouTube videos get their background music from, you’ve come to the right place. Music with Creative Commons licenses are music compositions written, produced and shared by people who do not charge anything when you use their music for your own use, commercially or non-commercially. Basically, they make the music and keep ownership and copyright of it and you get the permission to use it for your videos, film or small multimedia productions, as long as you credit the creator properly. There are many sites out there that house music with Creative Commons licenses, sites where you can download music for free (and legally). Recommended Reading: 55 Great Websites To Download Free Sound Effects Jamendo Jamendo has more than 350,000 audio files on their database, which includes music in a few different languages and from different countries. Freesound ccMixter Kompoz SoundCloud BeatPick

Building a custom HTML5 video player with CSS3 and jQuery - Opera Developer Community By Ionut Colceriu Introduction The HTML5 <video> element is already supported by most modern browsers, and even IE has support announced for version 9. There are many advantages of having video embedded natively in the browser (covered in the article Introduction to HTML5 video by Bruce Lawson), so many developers are trying to use it as soon as possible. The other major barrier to consider is building up a custom HTML5 <video> player — this is where a Flash-only solution currently has an advantage, with the powerful Flash IDE providing an easy interface with which to create a customized video player component. And this is where this article comes in. We'll use jQuery for easier DOM manipulation, and jQuery UI for the slider controls used for seeking and changing the volume level. Video controls As professional web designers, we want to create a video player that looks consistent across browsers. Basic markup for controls Packaging the player as a jQuery plugin $('video').gVideo(); Summary

Subwoofer A 12" subwoofer driver without an enclosure Subwoofers are made up of one or more woofers mounted in a loudspeaker enclosure—often made of wood—capable of withstanding air pressure while resisting deformation. Subwoofer enclosures come in a variety of designs, including bass reflex (with a port or passive radiator in the enclosure), infinite baffle, horn-loaded, and bandpass designs, representing unique tradeoffs with respect to efficiency, bandwidth, size and cost. Passive subwoofers have a subwoofer driver and enclosure and they are powered by an external amplifier. Active subwoofers include a built-in amplifier.[4] History[edit] One of the first subwoofers was developed during the late 1960s by Ken Kreisel, the former president of the Miller & Kreisel Sound Corporation in Los Angeles. Construction and features[edit] Loudspeaker and enclosure design[edit] Cross-section of a subwoofer drive unit. Subwoofers use speaker drivers (woofers) typically between 8" and 21" in diameter. Where:

Pro Soft Native Instruments Maschine v1.5 update review - by Chris Cartledge - June 2009 Reviewer: Chris Cartledge • Date: August 2010 • Price: £475/$599/€575 • Link:NI Introduction When I reviewed Maschine's initial incarnation over a year ago, there was no single thing on the market that did what it did. Fast forward to today… and there still isn't. Not content, however, with carving a niche and sitting smugly inside it, Native Instruments have listened to user criticisms and suggestions and delivered a substantial update – free of charge. When planning this review I realised that once again, there were to be a lot of words - testament to the quality and sheer number of features and fixes that this update, which is somewhat stunningly a free point release, brings to the table. The Main Ingredient Despite my relatively glowing review of Maschine 1.0, as time went by little niggles began to turn into big qualms. "Anything You Can Do…" Holding Hands Maschine 1.0 ought to have come with a disclaimer: Warning: Does not play well with others. Content, Content, Content In Conclusion

Vibration Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. The oscillations may be periodic such as the motion of a pendulum or random such as the movement of a tire on a gravel road. More often, vibration is undesirable, wasting energy and creating unwanted sound – noise. For example, the vibrational motions of engines, electric motors, or any mechanical device in operation are typically unwanted. The study of sound and vibration are closely related. Types of vibration[edit] Free vibration occurs when a mechanical system is set off with an initial input and then allowed to vibrate freely. Forced vibration is when a time-varying disturbance (load, displacement or velocity) is applied to a mechanical system. Vibration testing[edit] Vibration testing is accomplished by introducing a forcing function into a structure, usually with some type of shaker.[1] Alternately, a DUT (device under test) is attached to the "table" of a shaker. Vibration analysis[edit] ).

Pogledaj teme - 069 Pre paid Od sada, u Telenoru, svaki prepaid korisnik može da izabere 069 broj koji mu se dopada. Nakon uvođenja novog mrežnog koda 069 za postpaid korisnike, od 10. jula, Telenor nudi i prepaid korisnicima izbor broja u novoj numeraciji. Svi aktuelni tarifni paketi koji važe za ostale prepaid korisnike Telenor mreže sa prefiksima 062 i 063 dostupni su i novim prepaid korisnicima sa prefiksom 069. Pozivi ka 069 brojevima tarifiraju se kao i svi pozivi ka i u Telenor mreži, u zavisnosti od tarifnog paketa koji se koristi. Kao i u postpaidu, i prepaid korisnici imaju mogućnost izbora šestocifrenih i sedmocifrenih 069 brojeva i to: sedmocifreni brojevi 069 koji počinju sa 1xxxxxxx, 2xxxxxx, 3xxxxxx, 4xxxxxxx, 5xxxxxx, kao i šestocifreni koji počinju sa 6xxxxx i 7xxxxx. Prepaid kartica sa numeracijom 069 košta 200 dinara (sa PDV-om) i ima 200 dinara kredita. Srebrni brojevi su oni poput 069 777352, 069 1833552, 069 3332005... Zlatni brojevi su oni poput 069 672000, 069 609060, 069 1005000...

Space Settlement Lustmord Brian Williams is a Welsh industrial musician, sound designer and film score composer. He is often credited for creating the dark ambient genre with albums recorded under the name Lustmord. Biography[edit] Williams released the album Heresy, considered a milestone of the genre of dark ambient,[8] in 1990. Lustmord appeared live for the first time in 25 years as part of the high mass observance by the Church of Satan. Lustmord performed for the second time in 29 years at Unsound Festival Kraków on 22 October 2010.[12] Lustmord played for the first time in Moscow, Russia, on 8 April 2012, at Cinema 35mm. Personal life[edit] In early 1990s, Williams relocated to California from London with his wife Tracy, who is a recording studio manager.[1] He is an atheist.[1] Discography[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] Official website

039;s Space Rock The NBA’s 2013 Christmas Trick-Shot Video That Already Has Over Five Million Hits — But Watch Closely: Is It Real? Just in time for the very lucrative holiday gift-buying season, the NBA has released their 2013 “Jingle Hoops” video to promote this year’s line of special edition jerseys and the annual Christmas Day game. The video, published Nov. 14, went viral in days. Image source: NBA via YouTube In the short promo clip, five NBA stars (Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash and James Harden) fire three-point shots at baskets adorned with bells, each tuned to a different note, that play “Jingle Bells” as the players make the shots. Watch the video that has already garnered more than 5 million hits: Amazing and entertaining, no? The odds on five players making all of those shots, in order and in sequence are astronomical. After watching a “behind the scenes” clip, it appears that our instincts may have been spot-on. Last year’s video was not nearly as technically advanced as “Jingle Hoops.” In case you missed the 2012 video, it was called BIG: Color:

Fate of Universe revealed by galactic lens 19 August 2010Last updated at 19:33 By Howard Falcon-Lang Science reporter The huge galactic cluster known as Abell 1689 acted as a cosmic magnifying glass A "galactic lens" has revealed that the Universe will probably expand forever. Astronomers used the way that light from distant stars was distorted by a huge galactic cluster known as Abell 1689 to work out the amount of dark energy in the cosmos. Dark energy is a mysterious force that speeds up the expansion of the Universe. Understanding the distribution of this force revealed that the likely fate of the Universe was to keep on expanding. It will eventually become a cold, dead wasteland, researchers say. The study, conducted by an international team led by Dr. Dark energy makes up three-quarters of our Universe but is totally invisible. Light bends around massive galaxy clusters, allowing distant objects to be seen Abell 1689, found in the constellation of Virgo, is one of the biggest galactic clusters known to science. Cold comfort

Automatic behavior Automatic behavior can also be exhibited whilst in the REM state—subjects can hold conversations, sit up and even open their eyes. Those acts are considered sub-conscious as most of the time the events cannot be recalled by the subject. It is most common when the subject has had under 10 hours sleep within a 36 hour period.[citation needed]