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Una Estrategia Moderna de Marketing - Redes Sociales & ZMOT de Google

Una Estrategia Moderna de Marketing - Redes Sociales & ZMOT de Google
Interview ZMOT and Moms The pressures on household budgets are bigger than ever, and moms want to make smarter, better purchases. That's why many are turning to search — increasingly on their mobile phones — to get reliable information. This is the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), and brand marketers, especially those targeting moms, need to plan for it, explain John Ross, CEO of Shopper Sciences, and Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President of BabyCenter.

closure-stylesheets - Closure Stylesheets Closure Stylesheets is an extension to CSS that adds variables, functions, conditionals, and mixins to standard CSS. The tool also supports minification, linting, RTL flipping, and CSS class renaming. Get Closure Stylesheets! Closure Stylesheets is available as a Java jar named closure-stylesheets.jar. You can either download a precompiled jar or build it from source. Using Closure Stylesheets requires Java. How to Use Social Media for Crisis Management When most people think about the advantages of using social media for business, they immediately think of the marketing benefits. However, many businesses are starting to use social media as a tool for listening and providing customer service. When a crisis or emergency erupts, the power of social media can be an amazing tool for businesses. A crisis can include anything from a simple website outage to negative publicity. This article will reveal how to use social media during a crisis and provide many examples you can model. Why Your Reputation in Social Media Is Important

Marketing Automation ROI Calculator Optimizing the marketing and sales funnel can have a measureable impact on top-line revenue. Use this calculator, based on Marketo standards, to calculate and optimize your Revenue Cycle. The Marketo Revenue Cycle methodology is used to make these calculations; it divides the marketing and sales process into the following main stages: All names to prospect Prospect to MQL MQL to SAL SAL to SQL SQL to Customer SEO 101 New Episodes Air monday 5 pm Eastern Time SEO 101 is Search Engine Optimization from the very beginning. SEO 101 will teach you SEO from Square one. Hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt give out helpful information for the beginners without overwhelming you with technical details. Latest Show Episodes & Updates

How to Verify Your Google+ Brand Page with Google Anyone building a brand or business page on Google+ quickly comes to a rather unsettling realization: at no point in the process does Google do anything to check that you have any real connection to the brand name on your page. Anyone can create a Google+ Page with any name they want. So there could be dozens, even hundreds of Pages with your brand name not under your control. Crisis Management and Social Media One of the greatest fears many business owners and managers have with the social web is that someone might say something negative about their brand. More than that, potential exists for bad news to ricochet from Twitter to Facebook and into the blogosphere maelstrom – and from there spill into traditional media channels (radio, TV, newspapers) – with frightening velocity. We’ve all heard the horror stories. They do exist, but in most cases they could have been avoided altogether had the brands in question adhered to a few simple truisms.

Stuck on what to say? Online marketing simplified. - Checkerboard Web Design Often the biggest problem customers have with social media, and with search engine optimization (SEO) through blogging, is they don’t know what to say. Our local business starter pack is designed to give businesses a jump start into their SEO, social media and email marketing programs. We start with a simple content schedule centered around our clients’ daily routines. Website Revenue Calculator - Estimate Website Revenue, Gives Ideas to Make More Money Have you ever asked "How Much Should My Website Make?" We built this website revenue calculator to give you an easy way to understand how much your traffic is worth. Enter some information about your site: what you offer, who your audience is, how you monetize, and what your traffic looks like.