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La French Tech

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Pinterest Traffic Tips Want some Pinterest traffic? Some of my clients still don’t believe that they can get useful traffic from Pinterest. While it’s true that Pinterest won’t send you masses of traffic when your account is new, the traffic you do get pays off. Innovation in the postal industry: trends and insights - International Post Corporation Back Trends driving innovation The postal industry has embraced innovation in order to respond to the rapid evolution of consumer needs and to remain competitive in changing markets. In today’s digital society, innovation allows postal services to evolve to become an essential element in the digital eco-system. At the same time, posts have been actively pursuing new areas of growth by diversifying their services, as we described in our Diversification and Transformation special feature and to do so, innovation plays a key role in developing new services and products.

Millions Of Pieces: The Sculptures of Tara Donovan Untitled, 2014 (detail) Tara Donovan has an obsession with materials and a super-human level of patience. The Brooklyn-based artist transforms “ordinary” objects by the thousands into impossible and awe-inspiring formations. Electrical Art by Philip Stearns Ink dispersing in liquid? An unknown species of sea anemone? If the title of this post hadn’t given it away, it would be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking at when faced with work by Philip Stearns.

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