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Compiler options

Compiler options

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secureSWF Make your Flash apps lean and mean and blazing fast. Put overweight ActionScript on a diet and gives users a snappier experience. secureSWF's optimization includes both ActionScript and file assets. Optimize for better performance and smaller file size.

Flash Professional Help Enhanced in Flash Professional CC Each time you add a new filter to an object, it is added to the list of applied filters for that object in the Property inspector. You can apply multiple filters to an object, as well as remove filters that were previously applied. You can apply filters only to text, button, movie clip, components, and compiled clips objects. 7 AJAX Loading Icon Generators If you want to inform your website visitors that there are more information to be displayed or still to be loaded on your page, you may need a “loading gif”, a loading icon, an “AJAX loader” icon or whatever you named it. I simply called it an “AJAX loading” icon or a preloader image. An AJAX loading icon is commonly used on AJAX-base sites and applications, informing the user that the site is still processing the request and is fetching some data. The problem is these “loading gif” images is not easy to create unless you have the skills to do so. Fortunately, there are online tools which will generate these AJAX loading icons with a few clicks.

Declaring Vectors « The differences between Vector and Array have been quite interesting since Vector was introduced in Flash Player 10. Until just recently I didn’t know that there was special syntax for declaring a Vector akin to Array's special a = [1,2,3,4,5] trick. This got me thinking about the various ways one can declare a Vector and, of course, how they’re implemented in bytecode and what the speed differences, if any, are. Read on for some nitty gritty about how you declare Vectors in AS3. The syntax I’ve found for declaring Vectors is actually pretty simple: v = new <int>[1,2,3,4,5]. This is preferable to the longer version I had been using: v = Vector.

Implementing Push Notifications for iOS with C# MonoTouch using the Cloud Urban Airship - Christian Weyer's Blog A bit of mobile goodness today. Communication-wise push notifications are one of my personal favorite features on any mobile device platform So, it seems natural to write a bit about it.

Link Report visualizer The Flex compiler has a rarely used feature called “link-report”. Using this option instructs the compiler to create a report of all symbols that went into the compiled application as well as a list of all external references. The Reducing SWF file sizes livedocs-page has more information about link reports. To enable it, you would either modify your Flex projects’ compiler settings:

com - Security Domains, Application Domains, and More in ActionScript 3.0 Pages: 1 | 2 Application Domains As seen with security domains, class definitions can be isolated from one another when SWFs are in different security sandboxes, each having their own complete set of definitions to work with. Lesson: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language) If you've never used an object-oriented programming language before, you'll need to learn a few basic concepts before you can begin writing any code. This lesson will introduce you to objects, classes, inheritance, interfaces, and packages. Each discussion focuses on how these concepts relate to the real world, while simultaneously providing an introduction to the syntax of the Java programming language.

Binding read-only accessors in Flex : Ruben’s blog When I first tried to bind a read-only getter-function (see example-code below) the Flex SDK decided to warn me that "[Bindable] on read-only getter is unnecessary and will be ignored.". private var _someProperty:String = "some value"; [Bindable]public function get someProperty ():String { return _someProperty; }// generates compile-time warning saying "[Bindable] on read-only getter is unnecessary and will be ignored."// note that there is no setter-functio Furthmore, the LiveDocs said the following about the binding getter-only accessors: If you define just a getter method, you create a read-only property that you can use as the source of a data-binding expression without inserting the [Bindable] metadata tag. This is similar to the way that you can use a variable, defined by using the const keyword, as the source for a data binding expression.Bindable metadata tag (Adobe Flex LiveDocs) This is, of course, complete and total bogus.

iPhone GUI PSD 3.0 Along with Apple’s official release of the new iPhone 3.0 software came a number of new graphic GUI elements. We’ve been holding off updating the Photoshop file until we could properly implement the additions. We built it using vectors, so it’s all still fully editable. Apple’s SDK is amazing, but when we need to mock up something quickly for a pitch we turn to this. Using SwfxPrinter April 8, 2007 on 12:35 am | In Flex, Programming, Uncategorized | 15 Comments It’s apparently a well-kept secret, but the Flex SDK includes a very useful tool for examining the structure and contents of SWF files. The Java class, which lives in the Flex 2 SDK’s lib/swfkit.jar library, is an undocumented utility that dumps AS3 SWF files as XML documents.

João Saleiro - Google+ - After 6 years doing Flex, am I moving to HTML5? Short… After 6 years doing Flex, am I moving to HTML5? Short answer: no. But I'm investing in HTML5. (really) Long answer: see below. After returning from the Flex Summit, many people have contacted me asking what was going to happen with Flex and if I was going to "migrate" our projects (like ) and services to HTML5.

Settings alternative fonts only work with device fonts. You can't use alternative fonts with an embeded font. by nicolas Jul 28

To compile the SWF file with Flex Builder, right-click the CSS file and select Compile CSS to SWF. Flex Builder saves the SWF file in the project's bin directory. by nicolas Jul 21

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