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Flint Particles

Flint Particles

What is an entity framework for game development? Last week I released Ash, an entity system framework for Actionscript game development, and a number of people have asked me the question “What is an entity system framework?”. This is my rather long answer. Entity systems are growing in popularity, with well-known examples like Unity, and lesser known frameworks like Actionscript frameworks Ember2, Xember and my own Ash. There’s a very good reason for this; they simplify game architecture, encourage clean separation of responsibilities in your code, and are fun to use. In this post I will walk you through how an entity based architecture evolves from the old fashioned game loop. This is based on a presentation I gave at try{harder} in 2011. The examples The game loop To understand why we use entity systems, you really need to understand the old-fashioned game loop. This game loop is called on a regular interval, usually every 60th of a second or every 30th of a second, to update the game. This is a very simple game loop. Processes So this

Lee Burrows » Adding Google Analytics To A Flash Site Getting useful visitor stats from a Flash site used to be a pain – if the entire site sits within one html page the server won’t have any page changes to track. I used to write a custom logging system and save user actions to a database, but these days i use Google Analytics (see the previous post) – it’s free, easy to setup and provides a wealth of info (if you want it). Let me show you how to add it to any Flash (or Flex) site. Step 1: Setup a Google account If you already have a Google account (eg: for gmail) then you can skip to step 2. Step 2: Add Google Analytics to your Google account Once you have an account, you can use your details to login to the GA site at Firstly, you will be asked for the details of the website you want to track (you can add more sites later): And then your name and location (note to Google: you already know this!) Lastly, you’ll need to accept the tems and conditions: Step 3: Download the Google swc file Step 6: Wait

Detecting Key Combos, the Easy Way Have you ever been amazed at the variety of attacks in fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, Soul Calibur and others? Now you can learn how to create an engine to detect key combinations and build your own fighting game as well! Final Result Preview Let's take a look at the final result we will be working towards: The combos in this demo are: ASDF, AAA, and SSS. Step 1: Introduction Ever wanted to build a fighting game (or any other genre) with lots of combos? Step 2: Starting a New Project For this tutorial, we will use FlashDevelop's pure AS3 project with preloader. With that, we can begin working on our classes. In order to use the graphics we'll create in Flash Pro within our AS3 project, we need to export our images from the .fla file to a .swc format. If you don't have Flash Professional, don't worry. Step 3: The Basic Shape of the Button We will first create all the graphical part and worry only with the code later. Step 4: Up and Down Images Step 6: Our KeyButton Class

45+ Neat Coming Soon and Under Construction Templates You’re surfing through the net, opening all your most visited sites… With your fast and reliable internet connection, you are quite confident that you can open all websites that you please and immediately. Suddenly, there it hits you. One site you cannot open because of technical issues that needs to be fixed…’ Annoying isn’t it? But that is for the viewer/surfer’s point of view. Now, for website owner’s out there, this situation is considered a major drawback. Endless possibilities are coming in… You may loose your subscribers and of course, less income generated… Such situations are unavoidable and cannot be controlled. Coming Soon templates and Under construction templates pages on the web are pretty useful in ensuring that the viewers and subscribers are retained despite the technical problems and endless troubleshooting procedures. 6 In 1 Website Coming Soon Page Visit Source MofM WordPress Coming Soon Template Visit Source Under construction page – Coming Soon template Visit Source Ads

The Independent Gaming Source's Assemblee Competition: Part One Artwork and Music by The TIGForums Community Compiled by Derek Yu January 20th, 2010 The artwork and music on this page was created for part one of TIGSource's Assemblee Competition. The goal of this part of the competition was to provide assets for people to make games with in part two. These assets are now provided to the public through the generosity of these talented creators. Not all of the assets created are displayed on this page - if you like a particular artist and/or musician, go to their entry thread for the full monty. Vote for your favorite creators here! Flash CS3 - jeanphiBlog samedi 6 septembre 2008 VideoChat FLEX FMS > LES SOURCES... Par jeanphilippe, samedi 6 septembre 2008 à 13:16 :: Flash CS3 Les fichiers sources (Flex et FMS) de mon chat video... Lire la suite 235 commentaires :: lu 18326 fois :: aucun trackback jeudi 10 avril 2008 A lire : Pratique d' ActionScript 3 par Thibault Imbert en opensource... Par jeanphilippe, jeudi 10 avril 2008 à 08:15 :: Flash CS3 Comme on peut le lire sur son blog , Thibault Imbert nous informe que son ouvrage "Pratique d' ActionScript 3", supposé être publié par O'Reilly France, ne verra pas le jour. 238 commentaires :: lu 10864 fois :: aucun trackback samedi 13 octobre 2007 Chat Video Flex Red5... Par jeanphilippe, samedi 13 octobre 2007 à 16:58 :: Flash CS3 254 commentaires :: lu 18668 fois :: aucun trackback mardi 2 octobre 2007 De la 3D dans Flash Player 10 : ASTRO... Par jeanphilippe, mardi 2 octobre 2007 à 19:38 :: Flash CS3 194 commentaires :: lu 12219 fois :: aucun trackback samedi 15 septembre 2007 mercredi 22 août 2007

Some pics, some tracks **Lots of new stuff** How are you gentlemen. Some tracks first:DiscontinuityEveryoneKnowsItHuntedLogjumpingRainTomb Two versions of this one - maybe two boss states or something:HopeYouBroughtHelp1HopeYouBroughtHelp2 Here are some backgrounds. Each of the layers is independently horizontally loopable, as seen in this demo jpg: The idea is that not all the layers necessarily need to be used at the same time, but any of them can be used together, hopefully for some sweet parallax effects. The full PSDs are available under the jpegs. I give you Futurecop: Sprite Sheet: Enemy drone and some more FX: Hunter and some scaffolding tiles:

20 Tips to Optimize your ActionScript - AS, ActionScript, AS3, Optimization, Performance Introduction This article is primarily concerned with ActionScript 3 and generally specific to AVM2. Most suggestions would apply to ActionScript 2 as well, and I've noted those tips that differ between AS2 and AS3. With the advent of ActionScript 3.0 (hereafter "AS3"), the Flash Player realized significant performance gains. A few years ago, I ran some performance tests comparing JavaScript to AS2. ActionScript was noticably slower in every benchmark, usually in the range of 300% or more time required to perform large calculations. That said, the greatest single contributor to slow performance of Flash applications is poorly written ActionScript. Much of the information presented here will provide only negligible gains as regards performance when used in small-scale code operations. Before I begin, learn to benchmark your code. var start:Number = getTimer(); for(var i:int=0;i<1000;i++){ // statements to evaluate } trace(start-getTimer()); Select allOpen in new window The Tips Conclusion

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