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Aws-flow-ruby-samples/samples/cron_with_retry at master · awslabs/aws-flow-ruby-samples. Awslabs/aws-flow-ruby-samples. A Guide to the Ruby CSV Library, Part I. Several weeks ago I needed to do something in Ruby that involved processing a large number of CSV files.

A Guide to the Ruby CSV Library, Part I

I was happy to learn there was a good, comprehensive CSV library to make my job easier. One thing struck me, however, as soon as I started looking for tutorials: none of them covered this library in detail. Most articles I have seen barely touched the surface of what the CSV library can do. I felt determined to get a solid understanding of this part of Ruby, so I started reading every possible tutorial and book chapter on CSV. This two-part series is the result of my endeavors. I make some basic assumptions in this article: You know what a CSV (comma-separated file) looks like.You have a basic knowledge of Ruby. Avoiding Common Quirks in CSV Files Imagine you have an uncle (let’s call him Bob) who has a restaurant. Uncle Bob’s staff keeps a spreadsheet of all customers.

For a start, uncle Bob gave you a small CSV file that contained 4 rows with their 4 most frequent customers. Uh, oh. Aws-flow. Mikeaddison93/aws-flow-ruby. AWS Flow Framework samples for Amazon SWF : Sample Code & Libraries. Community Contributed Software Amazon Web Services provides links to these packages as a convenience for our customers, but software not authored by an "@AWS" account has not been reviewed or screened by AWS.

AWS Flow Framework samples for Amazon SWF : Sample Code & Libraries

Please review this software to ensure it meets your needs before using it. Samples written in Java and Ruby using the AWS Flow Framework to illustrate Amazon SWF usage. AWS Flow Framework Recipes : Sample Code & Libraries. Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) helps developers automatically coordinate work in applications for better scalability and performance.

AWS Flow Framework Recipes : Sample Code & Libraries

To execute work scalably and with low latency, developers typically spawn multiple processes that can execute across multiple machines. They must then write custom code to distribute work, manage execution state, define how the application reacts to failed or delayed processes, and manage work streams that can complete at different times.

This custom work-coordination code adds complexity for developers who want to focus on implementing what an application does, not how the application's work gets done. To help developers automate work coordination in their applications, SWF provides a programming model for developers to express work coordination business logic, as well as a service to manage the coordination of work itself. AWS Flow Framework. The AWS Flow Framework is a collection of convenience libraries that make it faster and easier to build applications with Amazon Simple Workflow.

AWS Flow Framework

Using the AWS Flow Framework, you write simple code and let the framework’s pre-built objects and classes handle the details of Amazon Simple Workflow APIs. The AWS Flow Framework takes care of creating and executing your application’s steps, keeps track of their progress, lets you define retry rules for when steps fail, and much more. Meanwhile, the Amazon Simple Workflow Service maintains your application’s execution state, hands out tasks to available workers, and keeps an audit history of all of your tasks. The AWS Flow Framework has a straightforward programming model that makes it easy to build applications that perform work across many machines.

With the framework, you quickly create tasks, coordinate them, and express how these tasks depend on each other -- as you would do in a typical program. Sample Code & Libraries. Sample Code & Libraries. Simply unzip the zip file into a directory and use the individual scripts such as and

Sample Code & Libraries

The archive comes with a more extensive README file that explains how to use these tools in more detail. Having problems or questions? Please post to the Amazon SES Forum where we will be happy to help. NOTE: Amazon SES no longer maintains these scripts. Please see the note under About these scripts below. Last Modified: Sep 29, 2015 1:31 AM GMT Curl is a popular command-line tool for interacting with HTTP services. Last Modified: Aug 20, 2015 16:48 PM GMT This version of the EB CLI has been deprecated and a newer version is available. Last Modified: Jul 1, 2015 23:32 PM GMT An internet advertising company operates a data warehouse using Hive and Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

Last Modified: Apr 29, 2015 17:47 PM GMT The Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts for Linux are sample scripts for monitoring memory and disk space utilization on your Amazon EC2 instances running Linux. Getting Set Up with Amazon SWF - Amazon Simple Workflow Service. This section discusses the prerequisites for developing with the Amazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF) and the development options that are available.

Getting Set Up with Amazon SWF - Amazon Simple Workflow Service

The first step in using any AWS service is to sign up for an AWS account, discussed in detail in the following section. Once your account is set up, you have the option of developing for Amazon SWF in any of the programming languages supported by AWS. For Java and Ruby developers, the AWS Flow Framework is also available. AWS Identity and Access Management enables you to grant individuals other than the AWS account owner access to Amazon SWF resources.