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Violet UML Editor

yUML Publish Online Paste this link in a blog, wiki, issue tracker or forum: <img src=" [Order]++1-items >*[LineItem], [Order]-0..1>[PaymentMethod]" />. You don't really need to use this page to draw, you can create links directly within your blog posts and wiki pages. Edit Your Diagram Later Come back and edit your diagram later, just add /edit/ into your URL: Share Share in your emails or documents. Syntax Overview Diagram Control

Artisan Studio Uno :: Atego Artisan Studio Uno™ is the industry's first free industry scale software and systems modeling tool, providing the leading modeling standard notations: OMG SysML and UML. Artisan Studio Uno is a single user version of Artisan Studio giving quick, and easy access to systems and software modeling, at zero cost. Artisan Studio Uno is the same industrial-grade modeling tool as the multi-user version, Artisan Studio with no restrictions on model size, saving or export. With an easy standalone installation, you can start building your own SysML and UML designs immediately. Atego™ is a world leading software tools and professional services company, focused on helping organizations engineer complex, mission- and safety-critical systems and software. 2010+ Free Powerpoint Templates PPT

Introduction to UniMod Overview UniMod states for Unified Modeling. Long term project goal is to create unified methodology for application development process that will close the gap between Design and Development phases. Currently, UniMod project is focused on designing and implementing applications behavior. Already implemented approach adapts SWITCH-technology for UML notation. SWITCH-technology is also known as Automata-based Programming and has it's own Russian site SWITCH-technology suggests to model application behavior with a help of Structural Finite State Machine (FSM). There're a lot of tools and projects that uses FSM for describing application logic (IAR Systems visualSTATE, I-Logix Statemate, UniMod defines it’s own methodology for describing application behavior and delivers set of tools that consists of Java Finite State Machine Framework and Eclipse Plug-in. Runtime Framework allows creating interpreters of finite state machine model.

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