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Violet UML Editor : easy to use, completely free

Violet UML Editor : easy to use, completely free

Artisan Studio Uno :: Atego Artisan Studio Uno™ is the industry's first free industry scale software and systems modeling tool, providing the leading modeling standard notations: OMG SysML and UML. Artisan Studio Uno is a single user version of Artisan Studio giving quick, and easy access to systems and software modeling, at zero cost. Artisan Studio Uno is the same industrial-grade modeling tool as the multi-user version, Artisan Studio with no restrictions on model size, saving or export. With an easy standalone installation, you can start building your own SysML and UML designs immediately. Atego™ is a world leading software tools and professional services company, focused on helping organizations engineer complex, mission- and safety-critical systems and software. Sublime Text: One Editor to Rule Them All? Sublime Text is a proprietary, cross-platform text editor designed for people who spend huge amounts of time shuffling code around. A programmer's editor, Sublime Text is a third option to the long-standing "Vi or Emacs" conundrum. Going beyond the basics of syntax highlighting and code folding, Sublime offers a litany of innovative and unique features. With version 3.0 just around the corner, I'm taking you on a tour of Sublime's most compelling features and add-on packages. At the time of this writing, Sublime Text version 2 is $70 US, and the upgrade to version 3 (which is currently in beta) will be paid. Most of the content in this article should apply to either Sublime Text 2 or 3. Getting Around in Sublime Text Start Sublime Text, and the first thing you're greeted with is a charcoal editor window. Figure 1. If you have a directory holding a project to work on, choose File→Open Folder to select the project folder, then save the project by using Project→Save Project As. Figure 2. #!

Introduction to UniMod Overview UniMod states for Unified Modeling. Long term project goal is to create unified methodology for application development process that will close the gap between Design and Development phases. Currently, UniMod project is focused on designing and implementing applications behavior. Already implemented approach adapts SWITCH-technology for UML notation. SWITCH-technology is also known as Automata-based Programming and has it's own Russian site SWITCH-technology suggests to model application behavior with a help of Structural Finite State Machine (FSM). There're a lot of tools and projects that uses FSM for describing application logic (IAR Systems visualSTATE, I-Logix Statemate, UniMod defines it’s own methodology for describing application behavior and delivers set of tools that consists of Java Finite State Machine Framework and Eclipse Plug-in. Runtime Framework allows creating interpreters of finite state machine model.

OSS Watch - independent expert advice on open source software Developer picks: 7 hot tools for agile development Atlassian Jira/ Jira Agile Atlassian's Jira is a popular tool for tracking product development, enabling teams to organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. Its Jira Agile add-on facilitates key agile strategies, including the development of user stories, building of sprint backlogs, and visualization of team activities. Astrid Byro, head of project management at environmental services company Comanco, describes Jira as a "godsend" for Comanco's distributed technical team, which is spread across Qatar, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Virgin Media finds a new use for Atlassian's JIRA software UK communications provider Virgin Media is using JIRA project tracking software from Atlassian to monitor how its technical systems and applications are performing. JIRA is traditionally associated with software developers building new products, who use the application to capture and organise issues, work through action items, and stay up-to-date with team activity. Nick Good, Head of Technology Efficiency and Field Teams at Virgin Media, came across JIRA after carrying out a pilot project to identify opportunities to improve the company's IT systems. He asked around the company to find out if anybody knew of a program that would enable his team to record data in a way that could be easily monitored and analysed, and it emerged that a couple of the other development teams were using JIRA for bug tracking. Good therefore downloaded a trial version of the software, pumped the pilot data into it, and discovered that it was ideal for his team's needs.

Download the Free Nmap Security Scanner for Linux/MAC/UNIX or Windows Nmap and Zenmap (the graphical front end) are available in several versions and formats. Recent source releases and binary packages are described below. Older version (and sometimes newer test releases) are available from the dist directory (and really old ones are in dist-old). Nmap users are encouraged to subscribe to the Nmap-hackers mailing list. You can also get updates from our Facebook and Twitter pages. Nmap is distributed with source code under the terms of the GNU General Public License, with certain clarifications and exceptions noted in the copyright page. This is the traditional compile-it-yourself format. Detailed Linux/BSD/Solaris compilation instructions and options are provided here, though this usually does the trick: bzip2 -cd nmap-6.40.tar.bz2 | tar xvf - cd nmap-6.40 . Most Windows users install with our Windows executable installer, but we also provide Windows source code compilation instructions. Latest Nmap release tarball: nmap-6.40.tar.bz2 (or gzip compressed)

Using Laravel 4 with the Vidahost Cloud Who this is for Being a web marketer first and reluctant code hack second, hosting priorities for me are: Ease, responsive support, solid backups and the ability to cope when something we do goes epicly viral on the telly. Consequently, the premise of the cloud is very appealing. We like elastic. Ordinary Hacks: By the end of this you'll be able to deploy Laravel code straight to The Interweb for your mum to see with a simple Git push. Hardcore Geeks: If you're deploying an app that performs critical tasks or has to take very large loads, you shouldn't read this. Having hunted for over a year to find a good hosting balance, we've ended up trying Vidahost on the recommendation of our cider pals at Zonkey Web. Before I get deluged with other hosting suggestions, here's some other stuff we tried: Owning a dedicated server - nope, fed up with it. Prerequisites We have a pretty ordinary local development environment and I'm assuming you're doing something very similar: 1. No manuals required.

Learning Reaper + Blender + Unity and Upcoming Project - Yoke Harn I haven’t been able to update my blog for the past 2 months. During this time I play 3 PS3 games. Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider (2013) and The Last Of Us day in and out. I finished 5 manga that is on my to-read list for 10 years. I’ve been working out tirelessly to get fit for my pre-wedding photoshoot in less than a month. None of the above is true btw, excpet the part I’m having my pre wedding photoshoot in 3 weeks and I’m still way off from my target weight. For real, during this period, I’ve picked up some knowledge and skill so I can work completely independent in building a mobile game. Some of you may know that I am a programmer and I love to draw stuff and design just about anything. When I begin to build game a while back, I knew something was missing in me to complete the game. I understand these 2 topics are different species all together and one should probably taking the degree to learn and master it, but I believe I can work something out by putting effort on it. Blender Unity