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Data Mining, Statistical Analysis Software, Predictive Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Decision Support Systems

Data Mining, Statistical Analysis Software, Predictive Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Decision Support Systems

Electric Art. Creative Retouching and 3D. Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success Innovators push the boundaries of the known world. They're change agents who are relentless in making things happen and bringing ideas to execution. Steve Jobs' impact on your life cannot be overestimated. His innovations have likely touched nearly every aspect -- computers, movies, music and mobile. As a communications coach, I learned from Jobs that a presentation can, indeed, inspire. For entrepreneurs, Jobs' greatest legacy is the set of principles that drove his success. Over the years, I've become a student of sorts of Jobs' career and life. 1. 2. Related: Steve Jobs' Surprising First Business Venture 3. 4. 5. Related: 10 Things to Thank Steve Jobs For 6. 7. There's one story that I think sums up Jobs' career at Apple. Related: Remembering Apple's Steve Jobs Carmine Gallo is the author of TALK LIKE TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of The World's Top Minds.

Text mining : vers un nouvel accord avec Elsevier | Sciences communes La semaine est placée sous le signe de la divulgation de documents officiels sur le text mining (pourrait-on parler de MiningLeaks ?). Le collectif Savoirscom1 vient de publier le rapport du Conseil supérieur de la propriété littéraire et artistique sur « l’exploration de données ». De mon côté, j’apporte quelques informations sur l’accord conclu entre le consortium Couperin et Elsevier concernant la licence de data et text mining accordée par le géant de l’édition scientifique à plusieurs centaines d’établissements universitaires et hospitaliers français. Contre toute attente, les nouvelles sont meilleures du côté d’Elsevier que du CSPLA : en digne représentant des ayants-droits, le Conseil vient de retoquer toute éventualité d’exception au droit d’auteur pour les projets scientifiques de text mining (alors que le Royaume-Uni vient tout juste d’en voter une, et qu’il s’agit d’un des principaux axes des projets de réforme européens du droit d’auteur). Ce projet initial a été clarifié.

Smarter Planet - Healthcare Solutions - Overview According to the World Health Organization, as many as one in ten patients in developed countries is actually harmed while receiving hospital care. The organization also finds that additional hospitalization, litigation costs, infections acquired in hospitals, lost income, disability and medical expenses have cost some countries between $6 billion and $29 billion a year.1 Causes of these ailments include inefficiency and misaligned incentives. Healthcare organizations are amassing vast amounts of data. But rather than focus on what is wrong with healthcare, let's imagine how information insights—coupled with clinical collaboration—can dramatically improve quality of care, patient safety and outcomes, while also improving the cost-effectiveness of care. The smarter approach to healthcare is one that turns data into clinical and business insights for better outcomes.

Web users wise-up to Flash cookies as deletion rate rises, says US— The reliability of Flash cookies as a proxy for measuring unique browsers is being undermined by increasing consumer awareness of the little data files and of how to delete them, according to research by Scout Analytics. The behavioural analytics firm reports a doubling in the deletion rates for Flash cookies – technically known as local shared objects (LSOs). Nine months ago, Scout said, just 3% of LSOs were deleted from the more than 600,000 devices the company tracks. Now that figure is up to 7%. The issue with deletion is that it leads to duplicate cookies being created on an individual device, causing counts of unique browsers to be inflated. Widespread deletion of standard HTTP cookies has severely harmed their reliability when used as a form of user measurement – Scout’s own research says HTTP cookie counts overstate a website’s audience upwards of two to four times. Follow us on

Box Shot 3D: Ebook Cover and Boxshot Software For Windows and Mac » Home The table is based on Boxshot Ultimate, lower editions may lack some of the features (mostly shapes and automation). See here for the detailed comparison of editions. Select your Boxshot home$79 professional$199 ultimate$299 Amazing Quality at an Affordable Price Professional Tool for the Professional Designer Fully Loaded Edition for Real Professionals! Box Shot 3D is retired, which means there will be no further updates for it anymore. Acoustic cryptanalysis In cryptography, acoustic cryptanalysis is a type of side channel attack which exploits sounds emitted by computers or machines. Modern acoustic cryptanalysis mostly focuses on the sounds produced by computer keyboards and internal computer components, but historically it has also been applied to impact printers and electromechanical cipher machines. History[edit] Victor Marchetti and John D. In his book Spycatcher, former MI5 operative Peter Wright discusses use of an acoustic attack against Egyptian Hagelin cipher machines in 1956. Known attacks[edit] In 2004, Dmitri Asonov and Rakesh Agrawal of the IBM Almaden Research Center announced that computer keyboards and keypads used on telephones and automated teller machines (ATMs) are vulnerable to attacks based on the sounds produced by different keys. Acoustic emissions occur in coils and capacitors because of small movements when a current surge passes through them. Countermeasures[edit] See also[edit] References[edit]

Data Mining: What is Data Mining? Overview Generally, data mining (sometimes called data or knowledge discovery) is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information - information that can be used to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both. Data mining software is one of a number of analytical tools for analyzing data. Continuous Innovation Although data mining is a relatively new term, the technology is not. Example For example, one Midwest grocery chain used the data mining capacity of Oracle software to analyze local buying patterns. Data, Information, and Knowledge Data Data are any facts, numbers, or text that can be processed by a computer. operational or transactional data such as, sales, cost, inventory, payroll, and accounting nonoperational data, such as industry sales, forecast data, and macro economic data meta data - data about the data itself, such as logical database design or data dictionary definitions Information Knowledge Data Warehouses

Unigine (3D engine for games and virtual worlds) UNIGINE™ is a cutting-edge real-time 3D engine for games, simulation, visualization, serious games and virtual reality systems. There are two editions of the SDK: UNIGINE Sim (designed for the Simulation and Training, Real-Time Visualization, and Virtual Reality industries)UNIGINE Game (designed for the Entertainment industry) Platforms UNIGINE all-in-one technology framework is available on a broad range of platforms, scaling from mobile devices to high-end PCs: Photorealistic Graphics "We found the engine handled very large scenes really well while maintaining great AA and light quality." Steve Brodie, CEO of AI3D Pty Ltd. UNIGINE Engine has support for all the latest and greatest rendering features that hardware can provide: Your customers get 90% of information through visual representation of your product, so make it look great! Live Physics Enable your 3D world to realistically interact with users using the powerful UNIGINE Engine Physics toolset. Read more... Limitless Worlds Read more...