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ConceptLink ConceptLink creates visual images for medical concepts. It allows the user to explore concept relationships visually. ConceptLink is also a visual interface for PUBMED (the National Library of Medicine's search engine for the world's largest medical literature database, MEDLINE). It guides the user to construct search queries through concept maps generated instantly from user's queries. By visualizing the complex concept relationships and providing interactive functions for the user to explore concept relationships, ConceptLink can significantly improves user's search and help the user understand the search results better. Our goal is to make the ConceptLink not only a search tool but also exploration and discovery tool.

Cross-Party Groups - MSPs What are Cross-Party Groups? Cross-Party Groups (CPGs) provide an opportunity for Members of all parties, outside organisations and members of the public to meet and discuss a shared interest in a particular cause or subject. Applications for recognition as a CPG must be submitted to the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee for approval and only those Groups approved by the Committee are permitted to use the title ‘Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament’. Details of all Cross-Party Groups are listed below. How do Cross-Party Groups operate? The operation of CPGs is regulated by Section 6 (Volume 2) of the Code of Conduct for MSPs which outlines the procedures for establishing a CPG and sets out the framework for their operation.

REFERÊNCIAS BIBLIOGRÁFICAS Os elementos das referências bibliográficas é que estabelecem a ordem padronizada para a sua apresentação. Obedecem a uma seqüência específica para cada tipo de documento referenciado, embora sempre obedecendo a um critério lógico na sua disposição. Cada uma das classes de documentos tem suas características e, assim, aqueles elementos também podem aparecer de maneira diversificada quanto à sua localização, na própria referência.

ClusterMed 10 ways to make the most of your time as a PhD student As numerous articles on this network have stated, it can be tough doing a PhD: you might not have the best relationship with your supervisor, you might be poor, you might be overworked. We all know that it’s getting increasingly tough to get a lecturing job or a postdoctoral position. Here are some tips to make the most of your time as a postgraduate. LICITAÇÃO E RESPONSABILIDADE FISCAL A Administração Pública, campo de aplicação do Direito Administrativo contemporâneo, exerce sua atividade e cumpre seus propósitos através de uma figura jurídico-institucional que é o contrato administrativo. E, em estrita decorrência do regime republicano, e por ordem constitucional, o contrato só pode ser celebrado quando precedido de licitação, salvo hipóteses bem definidas em lei. A licitação representa, notoriamente, um termômetro da Administração. Quando bem formalizada, é um instrumento de melhoria do gasto público, limitador da discrição administrativa, contribuindo para a concretização dos princípios da Administração, expressos nos arts. 37 e 70 da Constituição Federal.

Ali Baba — PubMed as a graph SHARE - Scottish Health Research Register The application form for researchers can be downloaded here. Please complete the application form and email it to Shobna Vasishta at along with ethics approval, protocol and PIL. If you are a researcher interested in discovering more about SHARE, becoming registered and gaining access to health records for your research projects, you will find some useful information below. SHARE is efficient and effective for researchers SHARE greatly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment into health research projects in Scotland.

Direito Administrativo: Princípio da economicidade Fonte: STJ | Data: 17 de março, 2011 Relatora Ministra DENISE ARRUDA PubFocus Remote Access Solutions Personal devices Remote VPN provides staff and students with secure, authenticated remote access to personal and shared network filespace and to web-based resources via their personal device, laptop, desktop PC, or MacBook. Whether on campus over the University wireless network, at home, or in a wireless hotspot, all you need is an internet connection – open your web browser and login to the VPN with your usual University username and password. University laptops and tablets Direct Access connects University owned and managed Windows laptop or tablet to the University network whenever you are off campus and have an internet connection. Licitação e a Moralidade Administrativa Dispensa e Inexigibilidade de Licitação e a Moralidade Administrativa: O ordenamento jurídico brasileiro consagrou a licitação como regra para contratação, por parte da Administração direta ou indireta, de particulares. Assim, é de se concluir que, em se tratando de contrato administrativo, a dispensa deve ser a exceção, ocorrendo apenas nos restritos casos autorizados pela lei. A supremacia do interesse público fundamenta a exigência, como regra geral, de licitação para contratações da Administração Pública.

PubMed On Tap Patients Participate! Patients Participate! was a JISC-funded project, awarded to The British Library’s Science team, the Association of Medical Research Charities and UKOLN. The seven-month feasibility study looked at ways to make sense of scientific literature for patients, the public and anyone interested in biomedical and health research.