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ArcGIS Geodatabase Modeling Webinar. Sparx Systems Honored with SD Times 100 Award for Seventh Consecutive Year. CRESWICK, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - June 30, 2015) - Sparx Systems has once again been recognized by software news publication SD Times in its annual list of top 100 software companies.

Sparx Systems Honored with SD Times 100 Award for Seventh Consecutive Year

This is the seventh year Sparx Systems has been included in the SD Times 100, which identifies the top companies advancing the state of software development through innovation and leadership. This recognition highlights Sparx Systems' ongoing contribution to the software industry through its flagship modeling and design tool, Enterprise Architect. "Since first receiving this honor in 2009, Enterprise Architect has grown in global popularity, in large part due to meeting current market needs through a continuous development cycle based on user feedback," remarked Sparx Systems Business Development Manager, Ken Harkin.

"Seven years on, Enterprise Architect is still the pre-eminent tool for achieving a unified vision, thanks to the ongoing dedication of our strategic management and development teams. " Formation UML 2, analyse et conception : formation Objet / UML avec Orsys. Certification Programs. IDM2014: De la modélisation scientifique à la modélisation de votre code. Nomnoml - a new text-based UML tool. Guest post by Daniel Kallin talking about nomnoml (not only what it does but how is implemented and why he did it), our latest addition to the textual UML tools list).

Nomnoml - a new text-based UML tool

Enter Daniel. Hi. I am Daniel Kallin, the author of nomnoml. How to maximize unified modeling language. Unified modeling language (UML) was created so that software professionals could have a standard way to visualize a system design.

How to maximize unified modeling language

Unfortunately, some developers have exaggerated views of UML's capabilities, which has led to misuse and avoidable mistakes. In the right use cases, UML can help developers integrate the design perspectives needed across a business system, said Ed Seidewitz, consultant with Ivar Jacobson International. Proper fits for unified modeling language There are numerous scenarios where UML can be used effectively, especially since it's a commonly known industry notation. Most of those situations are those where developers need help comprehending a system and defining it.

OCUP Certification - Home Page. 4 Reasons Why UML is Agile (or Could Be) For some, UML modeling and being agile just do not go together.

4 Reasons Why UML is Agile (or Could Be)

If you use UML, you are not agile, and if you are agile, you cannot use UML. However, this is not necessarily the case. Simple Static HTML! — IT Architecture. Js-sequence-diagrams: A text to UML Sequence diagrams with JS. UML adoption in practice: has anything changed in the last decade? Model decoration. When you model a system, you use a specific language (meta-model) to represent information.

Model decoration

So, you use a particular language fitted to your business needs. It may be required to specialize this model giving a precise semantics on each object, but also to rise above it through other business concepts to read, understand, exploit it better or enhance it from different viewpoints. So, you can imagine to manage a requirements model which decorates/references/plugs in a design model allowing to check that this last one is conform to the specifications.

INFO-COMM UHA-SID4 (with tweets) · pa_muller. PlantUML. Current syntax for activity diagram has several limitations and drawbacks (for example, it's difficult to maintain).


So a completely new syntax and implementation is proposed as beta version to users (starting with V7947), so that we could define a better format and syntax. Another advantage of this new implementation is that it's done without the need of having GraphViz installed (as for sequence diagrams). The new syntax will replace the old one. However, for compatibility reason, the old syntax will still be recognized, to ensure ascending compatibility. Users are simply encouraged to migrate to the new syntax. Some features are still missing : partition, skins, notes, error management, titles... If you have ideas or find issues, please provide feedback so that we could enhance this new syntax.

Simple Activity. Alf Open Source Implementation. Copyright © 2011, 2012 Data Access Technologies, Inc.

Alf Open Source Implementation

(Model Driven Solutions)Copyright © 2013 Ivar Jacobson International SA Alf is an action language for UML developed in response to the OMG Concrete Syntax for a UML Action Language Request for Proposals. The Alf specification document can be found at (See also for the list of open issues currently being addressed by the Alf Revision Task Force.) This implementation is based on the Alf 1.0.1 specification. It uses the fUML Reference Implementation execution engine (see which implements fUML 1.1. Licensing Data Access Technology, Inc., and Ivar Jacobson Intenational SA are copyright owners of the source code for this implementation. Installation Download from This archive unzips into the installation directory for Alf. The file unzips into two Eclipse projects that, together, include the full source of the implementation. Release Notes. MarcoBrambi : #omgtc celebrates 15 years... UML to control robots playing sumo. UML is now an ISO standard (and also OCL, KDM,…)

The #uml Daily. Modeling / UML for the blind – Your input appreciated. Dear readers, I got this email earlier today: “I am registered blind and use a Screen Reader (software) to translate computer output into speech and electronic Braille.

Modeling / UML for the blind – Your input appreciated

The screen reader cannot interpret images. Hence, I can neither read or draw diagrams. Successful code reuse with code-centric development and modeling. New development projects often start with existing source code.

Successful code reuse with code-centric development and modeling

Understanding the code is essential to reuse, which is not as simple as it seems. For example, maybe the original developer has moved on or retired. The code may have been written by multiple developers or come from multiple sources. The code might exist as code that your company owns, external code (for example, open source or off the shelf), or as libraries. It probably has changed and evolved over many years. UML to Java Generator for Acceleo - Generating blog posts. List of Executable UML tools. PlantUML. To be able to generate those diagrams, you must have Graphviz software installed on your machine in the default directory c:\Program Files\GraphvizX.XX or /usr/bin/dot.


You can have a look here if you have installed Graphviz somewhere else. Let's have a fews examples : Note that you can disable the shadowing using the skinparam shadowing false command.