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Sisters 4 Peace | Pdf4Eclipse Pdf4Eclipse enriches Eclipse with a pdf reader. One of its notable feature is a complete integration of SyncTeX, which allows forward and inverse search in pdf files. This makes it a perfect viewer for documents created with TeXlipse. To render the pdf documents Pdf4Eclipse uses two different libraries: A fork of SUN's pdfrenderer and the LPGL version of the JPedal library. Screenshot The following screenshot shows a side-by-side view of a LaTeX document and its corresponding pdf document. Features Two different pdf renderers to support of a wide range of pdf documents Bookmarks can be shown in the outline view Uses the look-and-feel of Eclipse Supports links in pdfs SyncTeX integration Automatically reload when pdf changes Written solely in Java Open-Source Quick installation Drag and drop this button into your running Eclipse instance (Indigo or beyond). Alternative: To install the plugin simply open "Help/Install new plugins..." and use the site:

Russ Haynal's ISP Page Major Internet Backbone Maps - sorted by "connectivity" as per CAIDA's AS Rank and "Skitter AS Internet Graph" AS 3355 - Level 3AS 174 - Cogent AS 3257 - GTT / Tinet AS 1299 - TeliaSoneraAS 2914 - NTTAS 6453 - TATA CommunicationsAS 6762 - Italia Sparkle /Seabone AS 6939 - Hurricane ElectricAS 2828 - XO CommunicationAS 3549 - See Level 3AS 1273 - Vodafone / Cable & Wireless AS 3491 - PCCW / Beyond the Network America AS 6461 - Zayo Group / AbovenetAS 3320 - Deutsche Telecom AS 20485 - TransTeleKom AS 9002 - RETN AS 7018 -AT&T map, AT&T , AT&T AS 701 - Verizon /UUNET AS 209 - Centurylink / QwestAS 1239 - Sprint AS 4323 - TW Telecom - See Level 3AS 12389 - Rostelecom Maps of sub-marine communications cables Exchange Points: Internet Related Organizations: Contact me at 703-729-1757 or Russ 'at' If you use email, put "internet training" in the subject of the email.Copyright © Information Navigators

cursivebuildings for the amazing vsl editors & readers: hi. i’m happy you’re here. i have warm cookies on the table & milk. reaching for the out of reach is one project. there are many more. Barcelona, centro neurálgico de las apps El mundo de las aplicaciones para smartphones está en plena efervescencia. Las hay de todo tipo. En este escenario de espectacular crecimiento, los servicios de las ciudades son uno de los ámbitos más activos y Barcelona se quiere posicionar como uno de los actores más dinámicos, tanto en la creación como en el papel de territorio privilegiado para la experimentación de nuevas apps. La capitalidad mundial del móvil entre 2013 y 2018 es un acicate que la administración, los emprendedores y las empresas quieren aprovechar. Esta estrategia está en la hoja de ruta del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, que se ha lanzado a promover apps desarrolladas por emprendedores que buscan una oportunidad. Entre las actuaciones llevadas a cabo por el Ayuntamiento está la creación de un catálogo de apps municipales, que cuenta con una veintena de servicios a los que pronto se sumarán otros diez. Hay actores que apuestan fuerte por esta capitalidad y que están contribuyendo a la dinamización del sector.

monopoly Africa has some of the highest costing international bandwidth on the planet. Building fibre connections should lower bandwidth costs. But despite the building of the SAT3/WASCSAFE fibre, the price of E1s on this route to the rest of the world remain at levels that are often above their satellite equivalents. As Africa’s national monopolies slowly begin to disappear, attention will now begin to focus on the new strategic heights of international competition. The building of SAT3/WASC was a considerable achievement. It is in effect two cables: SAT/WASC which travels down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town and SAFE which goes from Cape Town to Asia. The consortium that built these two connected stretches of cable has 36 shareholders. Until the building of private fibre capacity across the North Atlantic, all fibre capacity was either built directly by a single operator or through shareholder consortia. What does the "club consortium" mean in practice? Sat3 started in April 2001.

Woodstock, Vermont Area Chamber of Commerce World IPv6 Launch Global Research NOC - GENI: GMOC The GENI Meta-Operations Center, located at Indiana University, provides GENI researchers with a 24x7x365 Service Desk to serve as a single point of contact for reporting problems and providing project coordination and communications. GMOC currently provides notifications, reporting and escalation for the Integrated GENI OpenFlow Backbone Network as well as providing GENI experimenters with the overall health of the GENI infrastructure and a single point of contact for reporting trouble and connecting the GENI experimenters with the proper GENI operators. Learn more about the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Visit the GMOC Project Page on GENI Wiki Contact the GMOC Subscribe to the "GENI Ops" list to receive notifications about events affecting the GENI Core Network and other GENI infrastructure that may impact GENI experiments. GMOC will also design and craft the protocols and processes needed to bring consistency and repeatability to GENI’s federated infrastructure.

Washington post article I was 18 years old when I landed in the kingdom of Bahrain, off the coast of Saudi Arabia, in the winter of 2005. It was the first time I'd ever left the continental United States. My joints ached after more than 24 hours of travel, but I knew that a new life of service and adventure awaited me on the other side of that aircraft door. This was the day I had been dreaming about since I'd enlisted in the Navy a few months before, on my birthday. I loved my country, and I knew that I was ready to prove myself in action. I also knew that I was gay. However, I chose to put service above my personal life. Once I joined the Navy, I was tormented by my chief and fellow sailors, physically and emotionally, for being gay. Within days of arriving at my duty station in Bahrain, I decided that I wanted to earn a place among the elite handlers working with dogs trained to detect explosives. I can't say for certain when the abuse started or when it stopped.