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Creapills - Le média des idées créatives et de l'innovation marketing

Creapills - Le média des idées créatives et de l'innovation marketing

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Dictionary AMA Whether you're looking for an obscure phrase or your basic marketing definition, the AMA Dictionary has it all! Originating from the print version in 1995, we're always adding new terms to keep marketers up to date in the ever-evolving marketing profession. Browse terms related to - A. eDonkey network The eDonkey Network (also known as the eDonkey2000 network or eD2k) is a decentralized, mostly server-based, peer-to-peer file sharing network best suited to share big files among users, and to provide long term availability of files. Like most sharing networks, it is decentralized, as there is not any central hub for the network; also, files are not stored on a central server but are exchanged directly between users based on the peer-to-peer principle. Currently, the eD2k network is not supported by any organization (in the past it was supported by the MetaMachine Corporation, its creator, which now is out of business) and development and maintenance is being fully provided by its community and client developers. There are many programs that act as the client part of the network.

Software & Services DEMO Discover how Infusionsoft's sales and marketing software helps small businesses just like yours. Infusionsoft is the only sales and marketing software built exclusively for small business. Whether your storefront is online, on Main Street, or a service that’s on the go, Infusionsoft can help. Use Infusionsoft to map out each step of your sales and marketing strategy and automate repetitive tasks like follow-up. With Infusionsoft, you can nurture leads, scale personal relationships with customers, and so much more.

Understand and Harness the Power of Archetypes in Marketing Roger Dooley, neuromarketing expert, reminds us in his book Brainfluence that in 80% of cases we take a decision before being rationally aware of it. Although Dooley explains this effect in terms of how our brain works, in my opinion, distinctly separating neuroscience and the theory of archetypes would be incorrect. On the contrary, I believe that these two aspects of the study of the human mind are complementary. According to Jung, archetypes are "[...] forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the Earth as constituents of myths and—at the same time—as individual products of unconscious". He then, added something that interests us greatly: "The [forms and images] are imprinted and hardwired into out psyches".

Envato Market Envato Market ThemeForest CodeCanyon VideoHive AudioJungle GraphicRiver PhotoDune 3DOcean ActiveDen Guest Cart Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Is that artificial intelligence or can I throw it away? If you listen to the press, politicians and business leaders, you might think that AI is the best "since sliced bread". But then why do only 7% of the marketing managers in DACH use AI in their daily work? Apparently there is a difference between wish and reality. Onswipe Imagine waiting for the train while picking out your groceries from a display case filled with products identical in size, scale and color to really grocery store shelves. If the first round of the digital revolution was about making the real virtual, this time it is about making the virtual real again. South Korean grocery chain Tesco was looking for a way to one-up their major competitor – impossible to do in terms of physical shops due to a lack of actual stores; hence, they turned toward the world wide web with a combination of mobile phone and QR code technologies.

The 3 Attributes to Look for in Top Talent One of the things that great companies do is they hire the best people. These successful companies aren’t afraid to recruit the best candidates from other organizations or pull talented people from other industries. There are three attributes that are most important to an organization when hiring: attitude, competency and mindset. The ethical blindness of algorithms Can an algorithm be racist? It’s a question that should be of concern for all data-driven organizations. From analytics that help law enforcement predict future crimes, to retailers assessing the likelihood of female customers being pregnant (in the case of Target, without their knowledge), the increasing scale of computer cognizance is raising difficult ethical questions for business. Witness the controversy that the crime app SketchFactor caused in launching its crowdsourced service in the US. The app works by allowing users to report, in real time, how subjectively “sketchy” a particular neighborhood may be, enabling an algorithm to determine the apparent safety of the area for pedestrians.

Entrepreneur - Growth HackerDuraid - Entrepreneur - Growth Hacker Every website has holes in its design that could be rather costly to you, and it’s not always easy to figure out why. Making gut decisions about the design of your websites has been proven to be useless when it comes to conversion rate optimization. In fact, you can have the most beautiful website in the world and fail at converting your visitors into subscribers, users, customers or whatever your goals is. Impact of Celebrity Endorsements and the Prevalence of Vampire Effect- A Review Keywords Endorsements, Celebrities, Advertisements, Vampire Effect, Credibility Model. Introduction Today the marketing team of every organisation has been facing immense difficulties to connect with their potential market. This battle of gaining the maximum attention of the customers is becoming bigger due to the excessive flow of information into the society and people becoming more aware and selective about their needs. In order to survive in this challenging race and to stand apart from others, many marketers tend to get trapped in vampire effect of their advertisements.

Social Media App Lets You Live Vicariously Through Friends' Experiences Vycarious, a new social-media app that is available for iOS, lets you create, follow and comment on friends' experiences, ranging from a two-week vacation to handcrafting a dinner table. To start, users create an "experience description," such as "cooking Pad Thai." They then choose a photo or video as the lead image, denote a starting date and time, and include hashtags to make their experience searchable. Truth Studies – McCann Truth Central The Truth About Privacy – 2013 Update In the two years since we launched our first Truth About Privacy study, much has changed in the national dialogue around the issue of personal privacy. In this new Truth About Privacy study we uncover how people’s attitudes and behaviors have altered in the last two years and identify the ‘new rules for cool’ in an era of over-sharing to help brands navigate today’s tapped in culture. Our research, conducted in the US, included an 1100 person online quantitative study and five focus groups with consumers ranging from 16-60. For an executive summary of this study, please email us at

12 Awesome Marketing Tools You've Never Heard Of If you’re reading this you have likely developed your product, website, or business and want to promote it and increase customer engagement. Whether you are at Series B funding or still cultivating your startup’s business plan, you can bank on the need for consumer marketing. Here is a list of 15 little-known (but awesome) marketing tools that businesses and entrepreneurs can employ to increase business intelligence, improve brand awareness, and streamline marketing campaigns. 1. MailCharts “Track & Understand How Your Competitors Use Email Marketing”

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