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Feathers - Open Source UI Controls for Starling Framework

Feathers - Open Source UI Controls for Starling Framework

mad-components - User Interface components and framework for Adobe AIR Mobile. Suitable for iPhone or Android, etc. IMPORTANT NOTICE DOWNLOAD .swc LIBRARIES FROM Google Code have changed their policy for downloadable files. It is no longer possible to supply .swc downloads here. User Interface components for Adobe AIR Mobile. The model feature enables connection of lists and forms to remote data services. You can download or check-out a code example from here. Full asdoc class documentation:- Flex (Flash Builder) users can check out examples from the subversion repository:- Or you can just view code examples at:- (click on trunk -> MadComponentStuff -> src, then view the .as files) Michael Martinez' tutorials:-

Helps Zynga Move to a New Farm | Digital Media Blog Hey farmer, how are your crops? Since FarmVille first debuted in 2009, it has grown to one of the most popular and well known social games on Facebook reaching more than 3 million daily active users. Thanks to the success of FarmVille and other games, Zynga has quickly become a leader in the social gaming space and a constant source for hit social games on mobile and Web including Words with Friends, CityVille, CastleVille, Ruby Blast and Zynga Poker, among others. Today marks a new milestone with the launch of FarmVille 2. In FarmVille 2, Zynga created a next-generation social game that delivers a brand new farming experience through stunning visuals, beautiful animations and new ways to visit and interact with friends. We’re excited that FarmVille 2 is Zynga’s first game developed for Adobe Flash Player 11 using Stage 3D technology, and is a significant example of an improved 3D game development workflow.

jQuery UI Flex Charting Components Features Powerful data-viz Advanced serial charts We made it easy to display complex data visualizations. Combine various graph types on a single chart. Create clusters, or stacks, or clusters of stacks. Superior time-based scales When displaying flat series just doesn’t cut it, amCharts comes in with true date/time scale support. Micro-charts and sparklines Reduce the charts to complete minimal configuration to produce tiny but usable micro charts by disabling a few components like axes, legends and margins. Functional Interactive Zoom or pan serial charts, drill-down to other data levels, select slices, toggle graphs using legend, display HTML-rich contextual info, or draw trend lines directly on chart. Export options Annotate and export charts dynamically to various formats including static images, SVG, PDF, Excel, and CSV. Load external data Easily setup and load external data sources in JSON or CSV formats. Extendable Adaptive Responsive Mobile-friendly Accessible Customizable Multi-lingual Dynamic

Windows 8 will integrate, include Adobe Flash Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 will include a bundled, integrated version of Adobe Flash, and the Metro-style browser will support the use of Flash on a limited number of sites. This news and corroborating screenshots come from Within Windows and In Windows 8, Microsoft's browser will come in two guises. There will be the traditional desktop browser, with its full support of plugins and extensions, and there will be the new Metro-style browser that will be plugin free. But that's not quite the whole story. The result? Microsoft isn't opening the floodgates entirely. The move is a little surprising, given Microsoft's oft-repeated commitment to the plugin-free, standards-based Web. As such, a full-featured Web experience still demands the use of Flash. Second, Adobe was apparently extremely keen not to be cut off from the Metro browser. Adobe has adopted Microsoft's Secure Development Lifecycle for its own development, and shared the Flash source code with Microsoft.

Bindows™ : Bindows™ Kap Lab: Flex data visualization components and development optimization tools ADC Presents - Building Android Applications with Flash Professional CS5.5 Community Translation Episode available in 2 languages Available Translations: Join the Community Translation Project Thanks for your interest in translating this episode! Please Confirm Your Interest Thanks for your interest in adding translations to this episode! An error occurred while processing your request. Another translator has already started to translate this episode. Thanks for Participating! This episode has been assigned to you and you can expect an e-mail shortly containing all the information you need to get started. About This Episode In this video, Ryan Stewart demonstrates how easy it is to build Android applications using Flash Professional CS5.5.

Getting started - Polymer Basics The basics of using Polymer are simple: Load platform.js to polyfill missing platform features, such as Shadow DOM and HTML Imports . Load components with <link rel="import" href="/path/to/component-file.html"> Use the custom element in your page. Here’s a bare bones example: <! Note : You must always run your app from a web server. Components Custom Elements are the core building blocks of Polymer-based applications. Creating a basic component The platform polyfills provided by Polymer let you load and display custom elements. Creating a Polymer element Polymer provides extra goodies for creating custom elements. Load the Polymer kernel ( polymer/polymer.js or polymer/polymer.min.js ). Note : polymer.js loads platform.js under the hood. In your custom element, add a <script> element that calls the Polymer.register() initializer. In the following sample we convert our basic custom element into a Polymer element named tk-element . Declarative data binding Binding to markup

Flex and air advanced datagrid export excel dynamic column Home » Flex 11 March 20113 Comments Flexspreadsheet is a DataGrid Component for FLEX and Air project with many custom features added. Problem: Display unstructured data in Datagrid and Export to excel. To display unstructured data to datagrid, means creating columns and row dynamically and adding the unstructured data to the datagrid; Export the flex datagrid to excel file format. solution: We are going to use flexspreadsheet datagrid component to add dynamic rows and column, and the same component to export as Excel format file. Download the sample Excel file created Application with dynamic row and column. First download MecGrid and MecExporter Create a new project in flex or download the source below to add below files to libs folder MecExporter.swcMecGridLib.swc Create an MecGrid instance as below with an ArrayCollection DataProvider “dpHierarchy”. Add event handler(init) for creationComplete Event Add the below code in init handler: and the header for the grid Create an instance of MecExporter.