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Why are so Many of our Teachers and Schools so Successful?: John Hattie at TEDxNorrkoping

Why are so Many of our Teachers and Schools so Successful?: John Hattie at TEDxNorrkoping

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Explicit Teaching: A Lesson Structure That Delivers Results How should you organise your lessons? What lesson structure should you adopt? Your answer to these questions will have a profound effect on how successful your lessons will be. There are many options available. You could adopt on inquiry approach. You could include games, or you could give students some choice over what they do. How Was Your Summer? – Spoon Vision Dear teacher, On the first day of school, When you ask me how my summer was, You’re assuming that it was good. You’re assuming it was something remarkable, Something incredible, Something shareable, Something fun. And maybe it was. Maybe I went to Six Flags. And maybe I flew in an airplane.

Using students' first languages in the classroom Summary: Using students' first languages in the classroom Whether it is better to use the students' first language (L1) in class or have an English-only policy is something that has been much debated and that has seen many changes of fashion over the years. It seems, therefore, that the only sensible reaction an individual teacher can take to this controversial subject is to neither accept nor reject the use of L1, but simply to search for an ideal level of its use in each individual class- maybe changing its use as the class progresses in level or changes in other ways. Here are some tips to help you spot if you have found your own perfect level of L1 use in your classes and how to adjust the level if you haven't reached that point yet. Possible signs that there is too much L1 in your classroom

A Task-based approach This article also links to the following activity.Try - Speaking activities - Task-based speaking - planning a night out Present Practice ProduceThe problems with PPPA Task-based approachThe advantages of TBLConclusion Present Practice Produce (PPP) During an initial teacher training course, most teachers become familiar with the PPP paradigm. A PPP lesson would proceed in the following manner. First, the teacher presents an item of language in a clear context to get across its meaning.

Teacher credibility: why it matters and how to build it DEAD POETS SOCIETY, Robin Williams, 1989 When your students view you as a credible teacher, they are more likely to do well in school. According to John Hattie’s latest results (2016), teacher credibility has a massive impact (d = 0.9) on the subsequent learning that happens in the classroom. Reinventing our Kids Education This week, Bill Gates announced his plan to invest almost $1.7 billion into reforming U.S. public education over the next five years. Of that sum, he allocated 25 percent to “big bets — innovations with the potential to change the trajectory of public education over the next 10 to 15 years.” I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of education -- both for my two 6-year-old boys and the employees of my companies. This is a topic I’ll cover in depth at Abundance 360 in January in Beverly Hills. My guest presenters are Sebastian Thrun, co-founder of Udacity; Max Ventilla, CEO of AltSchool; and Carin Watson, EVP of Learning & Education at Singularity University. Earlier this year, I wrote a whitepaper on how I would reinvent K-12 education for an exponential world.

Note making : Skills Hub: University of Sussex Note making Kalim Third year english literature View Kalim's student perspective Transcript (Show) Kids classroom rules posters - Under the sea We have a great range of motivating and bright, colourful classroom rules posters for your primary classroom, designed to help remind your students about how to behave in class. Kids will love them! The under the sea theme poster is available to download in two versions below. Lesson Goals: A Quick Way to Boost Student Achievement Great lessons start with a clear focus and lesson goals provide that focus. Do you want to help more of students to succeed? Would you like to push each child to new levels of personal excellence? Then try setting lesson goals every day.