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Research on Inquiry-Based Learning justificación Active Learning Assessments Justificación Inquiry-Based Approaches: What Do Students Think? June 25, 2013 By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD in Teaching and Learning “Inquiry-based learning is an umbrella term, encompassing a range of teaching approaches which involve stimulating learning with a question or issue and thereby engaging learners in constructing new knowledge and understandings.” (p. 57) Teachers who use these approaches act as facilitators of learning. A second scheme categorizes inquiry-based approaches by how they are framed and whether they are discovery oriented or information oriented. In this particular analysis (part of a larger body of research), the team was interested in how students perceived these various kinds of inquiry approaches. The results contained a lot of good news. As for the different modes, open inquiry was the most highly rated in terms of the type of learning it promoted, followed by guided and then structured inquiry. Reference: Spronken-Smith, R., Walker, R., Batchelor, J., O’Steen, B. and Angelo, T. (2012).

Justificación Assessment Research has repeatedly shown that assessment practices used by teachers have a significant impact on student achievement and engagement and that substantial learning gains can result from providing students with frequent feedback about their learning. Additionally, it is lower-achieving students that will benefit the most from effective summative assessments. Strong assessment practices must be woven into the continual practices of an effective learning environment, and this is especially true in an inquiry-based study. It is assessment practices that form the bridge between the learning goals and the tasks, making clear to students and teachers what should be learned. As seen in the previous chapter, having clear learning goals and conceptual frameworks are important components of inquiry. Linda Darling Hammond suggests three critical elements for assessing meaningful learning:

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