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Differentiated Instruction - Videos, Articles, Resources, Experts

Differentiated Instruction - Videos, Articles, Resources, Experts
In EdSpeak: A Glossary of Education Terms, Phrases, Buzzwords, and Jargon, Diane Ravitch defines differentiating instruction as a form of instruction that seeks to "maximize each student's growth by recognizing that students have different ways of learning, different interests, and different ways of responding to instruction. "In practice, it involves offering several different learning experiences in response to students' varied needs. "Educators may vary learning activities and materials by difficulty, so as to challenge students at different readiness levels; by topic, in response to students' interests; and by students' preferred ways of learning or expressing themselves" (p. 75).

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What Is Differentiated Instruction? This article was excerpted from the Scholastic Professional title, Differentiating Reading Instruction, by Laura Robb. Differentiation is a way of teaching; it’s not a program or package of worksheets. It asks teachers to know their students well so they can provide each one with experiences and tasks that will improve learning. As Carol Ann Tomlinson has said, differentiation means giving students multiple options for taking in information (1999). Differentiating instruction means that you observe and understand the differences and similarities among students and use this information to plan instruction.

Differentiated Instruction Related Classroom Examples Organizing Resources Online tools help teaching teams plan thematic projects across distance. Practicing Patterns Are Teachers of Tomorrow Prepared to Use Innovative Tech? Getty Images With a new generation of teachers coming into the work force, there’s a discrepancy between what principals expect of teachers-in-training and what they’re actually learning in school. A new Project Tomorrow report surveying principals concluded that they want to hire new teachers with creative ideas about how technology can be leveraged to create authentic and differentiated learning experiences.

Overview The Center for Universal Design in Education (CUDE) develops and collects resources to help educators apply universal design to all aspects of the educational experience: instructionstudent servicesinformation technology, andphysical spaces. Introduction to Universal Design in Education Brochures, promising practices, and Q&As. Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices An online book full of practices for implementing universal design, with opportunities for you to contribute to the collection. Applications of Universal Design to Projects, Conference Exhibits, Presentations, and Professional Organizations How projects, exhibits, and presentations can ensure access for all participants, including those with disabilities.

The Best Places On The Web To Find Documentaries (Non-YouTube) If you’re not as lucky as us (our school district has unblocked YouTube for teacher accounts), I thought having a list like this would be useful. You might also be interested in The Best Sites For News & History Videos That Won’t Get Blocked By Content Filters (At Least, Not By Ours!). Thanks to several folks on Twitter for their recommendations, including @joefinkelstein, @EdDarrell and @justinstallings. I hope readers will contribute more suggestions. Here are my choices for The Best Places On The Web To Find Documentaries (Non-YouTube):

What Is Differentiated Instruction? Click the "References" link above to hide these references. Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1997). Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life. New York: Basic Books. Danielson, C. (1996). There's No Time to Differentiate: Myth-Busting DI, Part 2 The microwave oven is a great timesaver for getting any food on the table. Yet it's a taste killer. The more I use the grill and oven to cook meals for my family, the more I experience the diversity of tastes that come from grilled or baked salmon, chicken, and burgers, plus sautéed vegetables. A microwave oven dries everything out, and thus limits the tastes. There are days when I get home exhausted with work still to be completed, but I bypass the microwave most times. I value my family's need for flavorful meals over dried-out, tasteless food that I nuked just to check off a chore.

15+ Readiness Resources for Driving Student Success Learning how to drive is an exhilarating experience, unless you're the parent sitting in the passenger seat. My son passed driver's ed, and he needs to clock hours driving with a parent -- that would be me. I plan those driving experiences based on his readiness, such as empty parking lots, neighborhood streets, light and heavy traffic, highway, and night driving. Universal Design for Learning - The ACCESS Project - Colorado State University The Best Practices through UDL video features faculty and students at Colorado State University discussing the benefits of UDL. Additional captioned formats are available, along with a transcript that includes descriptive audio. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles and techniques for creating inclusive classroom instruction and accessible course materials. At its core is the assertion that all students benefit when they are given multiples ways to take in new information, express their comprehension, and become engaged in learning. = New in 2012

Barefoot In the head A few year ago, I was a bit curious about how well learners can evaluate each other. I designed a small experiment to find out. It goes like this: Take a group of learners, say 15 in number, in a classroom. Give everybody 15 sheets of paper and ask them to write their names on the top right corner of every sheet.