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Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day

Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day
Public online workshop runs: 5 May - 6 June 2014 About the Workshop The Networked Age demands a new set of learning skills and tools. In this fast moving age, it is no longer just about acquiring existing knowledge and skills in formal courses but “learning the new" - that is continuously discovering new ideas, new thinking and new resources relevant to your industry and profession Why is "learning the new" important? For individuals

Related:  Blogs My Reflection on #28daysofwriting February 28, 2015 – 4:23 pm It was in about early January when I began to mull over the idea of getting back into a writing habit. I wanted to renew the discussion and connectedness I enjoyed through my blog and get myself writing regularly again. The #28daysofwriting idea sprang from that desire. Program: English Teaching (M.A.T.) - Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne - acalog ACMS™ Return to: Part 3 — Program Descriptions Indiana University Master of Arts for Teachers (M.A.T.) Department of English and Linguistics College of Arts and SciencesHardin Aasand, Chair M. L.

Becoming a teacher trainer « elteachertrainer Many teacher trainers are people with extensive knowledge and experience of the subject. They have probably taught many different levels of student, different class sizes, cultures, nationalities, age ranges and students with different needs – from young learners through to adults with specific work-related requirements. Your CV or resume won’t cover every part of the ELT spectrum, but you’ll be a reasonable ‘jack of all trades’ and perhaps even a reasonable specialist in one of two of them. Skype Other Classrooms! This page has been set up to help you make connections with classes who are interesting in having Skype conversations with other classes. It’s be sorted by time zone, Grade level and subjects. This list was started Dec 18, 2008 and date last updated is shown at the top of the spreadsheet (educators details were added/old information removed –including those where it wasn’t clear whether the educator was still active)! We’ve tried our best to keep this information helpful and current however due to the nature of this type of list, and when it was started, people’s situation may have changed and they may no longer be interested in connecting — so it is best to try contacting several people. If you would like your class added to this list please add your details to this post.

Stephen's Web Box of Tricks - Technology and Education Looking for Ideas? Check Out Our Class Blog List! Have you checked out the Check Out Class Blogs and Skype Other Classrooms! pages on this blog? We now have over 150 different types of class blogs on the Check Out Class Blogs page and contact details for over 35 educators interested in connecting with other classrooms on the Skype Other Classrooms! page! Here’s a few cool ideas on blogs I saw while updating the class blogs page: Over on Mrs Lynch’s Look What’s Happening in Room 102!

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers Teach them English ICT in my Classroom Oct 19 2009 My Interesting Ways to Use series has been really successful. I measure their success in how useful they are to teachers and other educators in helping with professional development. 2009 October Why You Should Make Your Lessons Fun Posted on October 24, 2009 by mrrobbo This video is simply excellent and certainly supports the notion that we will choose to do that which we find fun over that which is dull and boring anyday. Thankfully, this has always remained at the forefront of my mind when planning my lessons. So what do you think? Isn’t it so true?

The Interactive Classroom So you are probably aware of how your printer stores and uses ink and how to refill it. And you probably wonder why it costs so much for an ink cartridge... It is generally the most expensive liquid you will buy in terms of dollar per litre - including designer perfume.