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21Classes – Classroom and Education Blogs - Home Looking at Student Work ShowMe - The Online Learning Community Slack for Better Communication - TechNotes Blog - TCEA Looking for a great app for facilitating team communications? Check out Slack and three ways of using it to connect with others. Have you heard of Slack for fast, anytime/anywhere team communications? What Is Slack? Slack is a free, real-time messaging, archiving/search tool in use by 5.8 million weekly active users. In addition, Slack can be used to instantly message individuals as well as groups. Here are some self-reported improvements from Slack users: 32% boost in productivity50% fewer emailsInformal idea sharing nurtures creativity Let’s explore some tips for using this tool. Slack for Better Communication Tips to keep in mind: Tip #1: Establish clear guidelines for Slack communications. While Slack may feel like the casual instant messaging you do with Facebook Messenger, staff need to remember it is work-related and that workplace policies apply. Tip #2: Take advantage of hashtags, stars, and app add-ons. Tip #3: Create channels to house topic-specific conversations. Slack Add-ins