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Acoustic Guitar: Reviews, Lessons and Tips for Every Player in Any Style

Acoustic Guitar: Reviews, Lessons and Tips for Every Player in Any Style

Acoustic Magazine - The UK's only Magazine Dedicated to the Acoustic World - Home Guitar Strings and Beyond - Buy Thomastik-Infeld Strings now! The history of Thomastik-Infeld dates back to 1919. It was then that violin maker Dr. Franz Thomastik and civil engineer Otto Infeld co-founded the company and introduced the steel string that offered greater tonal quality and reliability than the traditional gut string. Over 90 years later, their continuing research and expert technicians keep the company on the leading edge of string innovation. We offer several lines of professional quality Thomastik-Infeld strings for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, jazz guitar and bass guitar. The Thomastik-Infeld Spectrum series features plain silver steel treble strings and polished bronze windings on the others.

Electric & Acoustic Guitar Gear, Lessons, News, Blogs, Video, Tabs & Chords - Free online guitar lessons Spruce Tree Music & Repair, Inc. Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, Violins, Ukuleles... - Featured Reviews When I first saw a picture of the Copperphone, I had no idea what to think other than I had to try it. In true home-brew-tinkerer fashion, Mark Pirro makes the Copperphone by hand, one at a time, in his garage. And the result is stunning. What is it? The Copperphone is a dynamic microphone manufactured with vintage communication components and telephone parts. This is instant lo-fi audio in the most classy and fabulous sense—just point it at your source and enjoy. The Copperphone is a piece of copper pipe with a brilliantly simple stand mount. Where from? I held my first Copperphone—a very used and abused sample, I might add—following one of the most incredible live concerts I’ve ever seen. “As the bass player for The Polyphonic Spree I have watched Tim DeLaughter, (lead) singer in the band, search sonically for the perfect nostalgic “telephone” effect for his voice,” says Mark Pirro. Getting sounds The most likely place to start was vocals. Final thoughts Price: $249.99

Classic Hand Tools Limited - Gramercy Brushes Gramercy Finishing Brushes The Gramercy Tools brush is made of 100 percent European ox-hair. Ox-hair is very fine and has a wonderful feel to it. Gramercy claim, and UK cabinetmaker, furniture restorer & author John Lloyd agrees, that you are unlikely to find a better finishing brush for shellac, varnish, nitrocellulose lacquer or any other typical finish material.

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