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The Tools to Flip Your Classroom Collection by Jake Duncan

The Tools to Flip Your Classroom Collection by Jake Duncan
edshelf Tools to Flip Your Classroom Curated by Jake Duncan Share: 19 followers 31 tools View as Grid List Compact Educreations Video Creators Khan Academy Video Content TeacherTube Video Content SchoolTube Video Content BrainPOP Video Content GoAnimate Video Creators Edmodo Social Networking Google+ Social Networking Jing Video Creators ShowMe Video Creators Camtasia Video Creators YouTube EDU Video Content Kerpoof Game-Based Learning Screencast-O-Matic Screen Captures ScreenChomp Video Creators Toontastic Digital Storytelling Creators Domo Animate Video Creators Puppet Pals HD Video Creators Knowmia Teach Lesson Plan Creators Celly Group Communication Doceri Remote Desktop Controllers Sophia Social Networking PowToon Presentation Creators Explain Everything Interactive Project Creators Sock Puppets Video Creators Ask3 Video Creators Screenr Screen Captures knovio Presentation Creators Xtranormal Animation Creators Zimmer Twins Digital Storytelling Creators Video Quiz Creators Followed by Print Widget Close

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Excellent Tools for Creating Videos Without Installing Software Over the years I've published some lists and reviews of free tools for creating videos online. Quite a few of those tools have been for creating simple videos that are really just automated, audio slideshows. See Animoto for an example of this. Camtasia Reviews edshelf Page not found. If you think this is a mistake let us know. Were you looking for a tool? Try a search: 7 free flipped classroom creation apps you might not know You might not know these apps for creating lessons, video, and more—perfect for the flipped classroom The flipped classroom gives students more time in class to do, not just listen, and gives teachers new opportunities to revamp their lessons in creative, multimedia ways for at-home consumption. But for all that you need the right tools. Here, we’ve gathered a handful of apps for content creation, from video to podcasting to slideshows, summarized on, an app resource site with more than 6,000 apps in more than 300 subcategories. And this time, we’ve selected apps that don’t typically crop up on flipped classroom lists, so you and your students can try something new. [Editor’s note: eSchool News has selected these apps, which were originally curated by Apple Distinguished Educators, that may help you meet your instructional needs.]

A Wonderful Graphic on Flipped Learning The last time I posted about Flipped Learning I got an email from an " angry" reader telling me that the concept of flipped learning is not new and that it was first coined by Dewy and Socrates long before it was rediscovered recently. Well this was a new piece of information for me. I asked the guy to send me any reference to substantiate his claim but unfortunately I did not get any answer back. The 36 best tools for data visualization It's often said that data is the new world currency, and the web is the exchange bureau through which it's traded. As consumers, we're positively swimming in data; it's everywhere from labels on food packaging design to World Health Organisation reports. As a result, for the designer it's becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams. One of the best ways to get your message across is to use a visualization to quickly draw attention to the key messages, and by presenting data visually it's also possible to uncover surprising patterns and observations that wouldn't be apparent from looking at stats alone. And nowadays, there's plenty of free graphic design software to help you do just that.

8 Crucial Resources For Flipped Classrooms YouTube This might be the most popular tool teachers have used for flipped instruction. I thought about why and came up with a few reasons. You don’t have to establish a class list to allow for student discussion. Flipped Classroom: Engaging Students with EdPuzzle The flipped classroom model is a blended learning strategy I use to present my vocabulary, writing, and grammar instruction online. Students watch videos at home where they can control the pace of their learning, then they come to class prepared to apply that information in collaborative student-centered activities. One thing I emphasize when I lead professional development for teachers is the importance of flipping and engaging. Instead of simply consuming information, I want students to think critically about that information. This requires that I design flipped lessons that encourage students to ask questions, analyze the information, and discuss concepts with peers asynchronously online to begin making sense of the information they are receiving at home.

Top STEAM tools for Online and Offline Learning: Part 1 A few months ago, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced a bold new initiative that aims to bring computer science to K-12 education and make computer programming a basic skill for all students. The implications of this development can be staggering: STEAM will become much more widespread. Soon, teachers around the country will teach students computational thinking, looping, conditional statements, and other high order programming concepts. There are several tools and platforms teachers can use to accomplish this goal. These tools range from web platforms, to robots, to manipulatives teachers can use to teach coding. Some are more powerful than others, and offer different gains, expertise, and rewards, but they all have a place in the classroom.

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