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16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest

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Skapa din dröm-app utan programmering I den här artikeln går jag igenom hur du skapar appar till Iphone och Android utan att du behöver kunna programmeringsspråken till de mobila operativsystemen. Jag kommer börja med att ta en titt på Android och längre ner hittar du en guide till Iphone. Igår nåddes vi dock av den tråkiga nyheten att App-inventor, sajten som används för att skapa Android-appar, inte längre kommer drivas vidare av Google efter årsskiftet. App-inventor är Googles egna utvecklarverktyg för de som inte kan programmera Pris: Gratis Kompatibilitet dator: Windows, Mac, Linux Hur funkar det: Du bygger appen genom att lägga till bilder och pussla ihop koder Vad behövs: Du behöver en dator med Java installerat och ett Google-medlemskap. Länk: Så fungerar App Inventor 1. 2. 3. 4. Skapa en simpel app Vi kommer nu att skapa en väldigt simpel app bestående av tre knappar och en bild på en hund. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. När appen är klar Hur funkar det: Du bygger appen via färdiga moduler. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts for US Teachers The response to our top 5 twitter accounts for teachers was so incredible, that we decided to expand it to include 10 great twitter accounts for teachers and educators to follow. For each account we have included the twitter name, the twitter profile, twitter followers, twitter grade, and a few comments from us. We hope you find them helpful and would love your feedback. 1. @NEAToday – “The National Education Association’s official publication, committed to a great public education for all students. Get free resources, news & more! As an NEA member, I can tell you this publication is AWESOME. 2. Angela is an incredible educator who is always willing to reach out to others. 3. Vicki Davis is a great resource for teachers. 4. Shelly Sanchez Terrell is AMAZING. 5. Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites is an incredible resource for educators, parents, students, and general interest. 6. An incredible resource for current technology. 7. 8. 9. 10. We hope you have found this list helpful.

10 Great Tools for Tech Savvy Teachers Prezi A fantastic tool to liven up presentations, Prezi does away with traditional, crowded slides by allowing you to zoom in and out, so you can create an entire presentation on one slide and guide your audience through it step-by-step. Zoom in to the details, but zoom out to show how your ideas fit together as a whole. Edmodo Edmodo turns your classroom into an online community by providing you with a secure online social learning environment. That Quiz A great, simple-to-use online tool for creating your own quizzes on the topics your students are working on. Crossword Puzzle Maker A fantastic, fun resource to engage your class; particularly useful with language, vocabulary and spelling or complex definitions for subjects like science. Doink A simple, online program for creating your own animations. Flashcard DB Free online tool for making your own flashcards, which students can then use in an online test format. Collaborize Classroom Certificate Street Simple Booklet Think Quest

Quiz-Busters Plenary and Revision Quiz from teachers Quiz-Busters is an interactive plenary quiz for two teams based on the popular television quiz program Blockbusters. The resource is designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard as a teacher led activity but can be played by individual students. Hopefully you and your students will find this a fun alternative to traditional question and answer plenary and can actively contribute to Assessment for Learning (AFL). Completely free to use! Great for SATs Revision or GCSE revision. Requires no additional software purchase. Make a new game To make a new game simply type in (or cut and paste) your questions and answers. Before creating a game please check the database to avoid duplicating games. Search for ready made games Search our database of ready made games by subject, topic or key stage. Quick Subject Links:

25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter Twitter can sometimes seem more like a newspaper or encyclopedia than a social network. Its intelligent user base contributes a wealth of knowledge to the microblogging platform. Experts of various fields tweet constantly, and their followers can learn a lot simply by reading their 140-character updates. We found 25 Twitter accounts that will increase your general knowledge of a wide range of topics: science, technology, human rights, the environment and more. These individuals and general fact-toting accounts will help you engage in intelligent discussions — so you can impress your friends and family.

Top 13 Web 2.0 Tools for Classrooms Every day in my K-8 tech classes, I use a variety of cloud-based tools to enhance the learning experience for my students. There are more of these ‘Web 2.0′ tools than I can keep up with, but when you teach tech or coordinate technology for your school, ‘keeping up’ is part of your job. Here’s how I determine which of these hundreds (thousands?) of tools are student-ready: Before I introduce a tool to my class, I try it myself. If a tool passes these two tests, I try it in class. Here’s my list of 2011 favorites that have run that gauntlet: BigHugeLabs–create trading cards, posters, puzzles, mosaics using the student’s own images. Here are a few more great ones that I didn’t consider in my Top 13 because most educators already know about them: Edmodo–a micro-blogging service (like Twitter) for teachers and students. Should be on the list, but I’ve had too many problems either in their set-up or stability of their platform: Follow me Like this: Like Loading... Related

Platinum Arts Sandbox Free Game Maker | Award Winning Open Source Easy To Use Game Maker Top 10 Educational Technology Hashtags for Educators Twitter is a real treasure trove of educational resources for teachers and educators. It is one of my favourite web tools to stay updated about what is going on in the field of educational technology. It goes without saying that everyone of you has got a Twitter account but the question is do you really benefit from Twitter as should be ? By implication, my question is referring to educational and professional development benefits. Yes you might be following hundreds of bloggers and educators ; yet still unable to sift through the tsunami of tweets you have everyday.Tweeting is an art which you should master and the key to the mastery of this art is hashtags. Hashtag is a great way for users to locate and keep track of particular information within the massive tweets. Below is a list of top educational technology hashtags I have meticulously handpicked for you. Check out the list and don't forget to share it with your colleagues : 1- #edtech 2- #edchat 3- #Web20 4- #elearning 5- #mlearning

Printable Bingo Cards Ready? Click here to begin Not sure how to play BINGO? You can use spare coins or buttons for markers but if you would like to make your own click here. Are you using our custom bingo with a group of 15 or more? Note: Now you can replace some or all of the pictures in the picture bingo option with vocabulary words to help teach students vocabulary. We have three different types of picture bingo cards that you can make: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 picture bingo using pictures from a theme that you select or substitute vocabulary words that you provide. We also have a traditional 5x5 number bingo card available to print. You may want to laminate the bingo cards after you print them. You'll notice that I've combined a few themes that I typically list separately (for example, I combined Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, Dragon Tales and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast to make the "Young Children Shows" bingo card). Have fun!

Free, Printable Bingo Cards by Bingo Baker Create Educational Games for School to Play on PC, Laptop, iPad, Tablet and Mobile Review Game Zone is a cloud based review game creation site where teachers can make educational games directly from their browser. To create a game simply input the question data, type the answer choices and that's it! The games are automatically created in the cloud and provide interactive review of classroom topics. Create School Games in the Following Formats These games are created in the cloud so you can access or edit them from anywhere in the world plus there are no downloads or installation required. In order to play these games the student must answer a question correct, when they do they get to play part of the game as a reward. Review Game Zone allows the collection of statistical information on student performance during game play on the site. Review Game Zone is 100 percent free to use for both the teacher and student. Categories of Play: There are over 10 types of review games students can play. What other Teachers are saying about the