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The Laws of Simplicity / John Maeda

The Laws of Simplicity / John Maeda
I’ve noted a habit within me around commencement time every year — which is, naturally, for my mind to drift back to my own commencement experience. There’s one thing I remember quite clearly that truly shaped my life that I heard from my commencement speaker at MIT in 1989. His name is Paul Tsongas. I had no idea who he was, at the time. You can find the entire transcript of his speech right here. He describes himself well by sharing the thought after a few minutes into his commencement speech:

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Scouting merit badges for cool shit like prank-calls, grave-robbing and arson! Scouting merit badges for cool shit like prank-calls, grave-robbing and arson! These are totally badass. Artist Luke Drozd is responsible for these “Alternative Scouting for Girls and Boys Merit Badges.” The badges are based on a comic strip from his Threnodies book. Beyond Desktop Research: The Immersion Trip The success of an immersion trip depends on preparation before the team departs. Trips lasting five days with 8-10 participants work best because it’s easier to clear schedules for short time periods. Prepare the team The first step is communicating the value of the research trip. Make sure the purpose and goals are clear to all participants and assign roles ahead of time. It’s also crucial to recruit teammates from different backgrounds.

Cellsea Image Manipulation Sunday, June 25th, 2006 <>p>Update (June 28, 2006): Beau Hartshorne of Snipshot (formerly Pixoh) says “massive chunks” of Cellsea code are identical to Snipshot. “This is not an accidental inspiration. Check out the cropping code, the resizing code, and so on. We’ve also noticed that portions of their website are also stolen directly from ours … We are contributors to MochiKit open source project. Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) Usability and user experience (UX) are not the same thing: the usability of a product is a crucial part that shapes its UX, and hence falls under the umbrella of UX. While many might think that usability is solely about the “ease of use” of a product, it actually involves a great deal more than that. So, let’s find out more about usability here and be absolutely certain about the nature of this fundamental building block of our craft! The ISO 9241-11 standard on usability describes it as:

by Michael Surtees » Blog Archive » My Link Drop Process A couple people have asked me about how I do my Link Drops —wondering if they’re some how automated. I’m sure there must be a faster way to do it, but everything I do is by hand and hard coded into a post. Even the screengrab are done by hand. There’s about ten things that I have to do to get the post ready to be published on a Friday morning. Up until now I haven’t missed a Friday since I started in last May. (I didn’t realize till now that it’s almost been a year) . “Right click and save as” needs to go away For a long time it has been standard practice to ask visitors to “right click and save as” when downloading a file that the browser itself is capable of rendering, but where doing so is not desirable. One reason for doing this is to spare people from the annoying experience of accidentally clicking a link to a 25 MB PDF, which subsequently launches a browser plugin that of course crashes while trying to download and display the file. From a UX perspective though, adding instructions on how to click a link is not optimal, and feels like a hack. Not to mention that lots of people are literally afraid of the right mouse button.

Design Inclusive Design Checklist – Automattic Design Good design is inclusive design Design is more than color, shape, or font — it’s a powerful tool that mediates our relationship with the world. Inclusive design is that, plus potential: the potential to unite heterogeneous cultures in shared understanding. A Designer’s Code of Ethics. A designer is first and foremost a… When you decide who you’re designing for, you’re making an implicit statement about who you’re not designing for. For years we referred to people who weren’t crucial to our products’ success as “edge cases”. We were marginalizing people. And we were making a decision that there were people in the world whose problems weren’t worth solving.

Documentation - Installation Instructions Glossary Directory: Same as a folder. Path: A physical location on a server that describes where files and directories are.