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Web design, web development, mobile & content strategy by Happy Cog

Web design, web development, mobile & content strategy by Happy Cog
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About weltunit is a practically and strategically working Studio for Design in Berlin Kreuzberg. We do spatial design on all scales, developing spaces, objects and scenarios of sustainable quality. Working in the fields: Architecture & Interior Design – design & planning, contract specifications and instructing of craftsmen – especially carpentry and joinery, cost analysis, visualization, program and strategy Product Design, Prototyping, Designconcepts, development of scenarios, digital strategies, design and conceptualize interfaces Besides our own Projects we offer services and freelance capacities. our clients will profit strongly from our ability and willingness to experiment and explore uncommon paths. Through experience and patience in improvising we constantly push innovative performance and thereby achieve truely unique and original sollutions. Pictures by Studiomate Robert Ostmann. weltunit was founded by Daniel Wahl in 2010. Testimonial of the day: – Dr.

A la découverte de SketchFlow avec Expression Blend 3 (Première Partie) | Sébastien Alves Ces dernier jours je me suis intéressé d’un peu plus prés à SketchFlow, ce fameux outil collaboratif intégré à Expression Blend 3 et qui propose une véritable plate forme commune pour les designers, les développeurs et les utilisateurs afin de concevoir les premières esquisse d’interface graphique d’un projet. Cet outil permet donc de dessiner les premières maquettes et de les finaliser en les mettant en forme, fini donc les interminables échange de document Photoshop et Powerpoint entre le client et le développeur. En effet le client peut maintenant apporter directement ses feed-back au fur et à mesure de l’avancement des projets. Cette nouvelle fonctionnalité permet donc une vrai collaboration en temps réel sur la conception d’interface graphique. Avant de commencer à travailler, je vais effectuer quelques réglages sur la disposition de mes fenêtres que je vais sauvegarder dans mes « WorkSpaces » : Afin d’embellir un peu mon écran d’accueil je vais insérer une image à mon projet :

Alpis Design | Corporate Design,Web Design,SEO,Multimedia Miami FL LESS « The Dynamic Stylesheet language Touch Daegu: [Exhibition] Kusama Yayoi: A Dream I Dreamed There’re great many balls inside a ball and another countless balls inside one of the great many balls.. Because of compulsive disorder, Kusama Yayoi expresses hallucination from inside of her to a space, and she is finally called ‘The queen of dots’ She seems to want us to see what she sees through her works. She spreads dot prints on the every ceiling, wall and floor, and it gives us an illusion of space. Yayoi also creates an endless dot world by using a lot of mirrors and beams. “I just wanted to pull out the white circles looked like millet that endlessly multiplying up the wall from my sketchbook.” Her fancy art works become her more popular because the works are looked simply kinds of graphic design ones. This room is for arts participation by visitors. [Kusama Yayoi: A Dream I Dreamed] [Information] ○ Period : July 16(Tue) ~ Nov 3(Sun) ※ Closed on Mondays ○ Time : 10:00am~07:00pm ※ Ticketing from 09:30am ○ Venue : Daegu Art Museum, [Admission Fee]

Solo – bringing beauty to Project Management Solo is a new, stunningly designed project management app. The UI is a serious work of beauty. (Hello there, grids!) This app almost makes me want to take on clients again. Hat tip! (thank you Jerome) Why Mood Boards Matter It has happened to everyone. You spend countless hours producing a beautiful, pixel-perfect comp only to have it rejected by the client because it isn’t what they were envisioning in their mind’s eye. It’s the dreaded “I’ll know it when I see it” curse. You get sent back to the drawing board, your ego and the budget take a hit, and everyone is frustrated by the process. After this happens a few times you realize that getting the client involved earlier in the process can make a huge difference in the outcome of your design presentations. As designers, we often think we have all the answers. And if your client hasn’t been very forthcoming about what they want their new site to look like it’s even harder to hit the mark in one shot. What exactly is a mood board? Mood boards (sometimes called inspiration boards) are used in a variety of disciplines. A mood board is extremely useful for establishing the aesthetic feel of a web site. How do I create one? Style 1: Loose Collage Examples

Must have set of 540 royalty free icons for web design from Tanya Maifat and MilkShark Because they’re happy! | Centre for Sustainable Fashion The CSF Habit(AT) project has had us exploring the myriad ways we humans wear our culture in the cities we inhabit. We live in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, and we are quickly realising the depth of ways the citizens of London engage with fashion as a means of communicating their individual and collective identity. But Habit(AT) doesn’t stop with London, our various projects have us working with people from all over the world and this gives us the opportunity to learn and share with other urban cultures. Over the past few years CSF has developed a close alliance with the city of Copenhagen – our Director, Dilys Williams, has lead the Copenhagen Youth Fashion Summit for the past two years, and we have worked closely with design schools KEA and Kolding on projects like Local Wisdom and Fashioning the Future. Danish fashion is defined by its design heritage of clever simplicity, functionality, clean minimalism and the belief that design is for all.

Work & Turn | Creative Workshops & Sessions Amped - a hack day like no other This One Tree Grows 40 Different Types Of Fruit, Is Probably From The Future If you're wondering how our food will be grown eons from now, a good place to start your research might be -- not so surprisingly -- in the contemporary art world. One need only visit the website of one Sam Van Aken, an American artist who's made it his mission to combine the aesthetic of sculpture with the agricultural wonder of planting trees. The literal fruits of his labor turn images of hybridization and metamorphosis, familiar themes in art, on their heads. His project is called "Tree of 40 Fruit," an ongoing series in which Van Aken creates Frankenstein plants that have the capability of producing 40 different types of stone fruit. At first, Van Aken combines a few types onto the root structure of a single tree, allowing his "working tree" to mature to at least two years old. Tree 31 – 21C Museum-Hotel Bentonville, Arkansas Tree 69 – Louisville, Kentucky Tree 35 – Short Hills, New Jersey Tree 71 – Pound Ridge, New York

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