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Major Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ

Major Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ
If the scientific link between fluoride exposure and a noted decreased in IQ is a conspiracy theory, then perhaps the Harvard researchers who just confirmed such a link should be tarred and feathered by the ‘evidence-based’ medical media. In a telling review of a variety of studies that have demonstrated just how significantly fluoride can damage the brain and subsequently your IQ, Harvard University scientists stated ”our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment.” The most outstanding component to the study is where it was published. In the past, the US government has actually been forced to call for lower fluoridation levels as previous research had also drawn a link between fluoride exposure and a host of neurotoxic effects. “The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas.” In 1977, Dr. ”Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Additional Sources: Reuters Related:  Sodium FluorideFlouride on my mind

Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever By Paul Fassa – Natural News There has been some controversy over the activity of adding synthetic fluoride to municipal water supplies and elsewhere, but not enough. The seriousness of this issue is more than what most realize. Fluoridation ranks with GMO’s and tainted, forced vaccinations among the great crimes against humanity. Understanding the Different Fluorides There are two types of fluoride. On the other hand, the type of fluorides added to water supplies and other beverages and foods are waste products of the nuclear, aluminum, and now mostly the phosphate (fertilizer) industries. For this article, the term Sodium Fluoride will include all three types. Health Hazards of Sodium Fluoride Generally, most fluoride entering the body is not easily eliminated. This consequence of dental fluorosis, which seriously harms teeth, from daily fluoridation has been documented. How Did We Get Stuck With Stuff? Fluoride was necessary for the processing or enriching of uranium. Good news though.

Теория на вероятностите - определения, свойства и теореми. Събития Всяко явление протича при известни условия. Обратно, при определени условия протича някакво явление, но ние не сме в състояние да опишем всички условия, при които протича дадено явление. Ние определяме само някои условия за протичането на дадено явление, което ще наричаме събитие. При реализирането на тези условия даденото събитие може да се сбъдне, а може и да не се сбъдне. Теорията на вероятностите се занимава с изследване закономерностите при случайните събития. Видове събития Сигурни(достоверни) събития Ако при многократно повтаряне на даден комплекс от условия се реализира едно и също събитие, то се нарича сигурно или достоверно събитие. Ето няколко примера. Пример 2: при падането на монета, върху която различаваме лицева и гербова страна, върху хоризонтална равнина тя не застава върху равнината отвестно, а пада върху една от страните си. Пример 3: при подхвърляне върху хоризонтална равнина едно кубче застава върху една от стените си. Невъзможни събития Противоположни събития

» Fluoridation: Profitably hidden toxic waste Alex Jones JTCoyoté May 9, 2012 There are several formulations of industrial “fluoridation” chemicals with different names yet all are “sodium fluoride” compounds and all originate from industrial toxic waste. Some are refined so they are even more potent in their physiological and neurological effects. Early on, these toxins proved as costly to transport and dispose of as the cost of the manufacturing processes that produced them. The con-job / advertising campaign used to sell us on putting this stuff in our water, toothpaste, and medications began over 60 years ago. In the 1930′s it was discovered that trace amounts of naturally occurring calcium fluoride in ground water did in fact strengthen bones and teeth. The key to this dental benefit was not the fluoride, it turned out that the natural compound’s largest component… calcium was the cause. This all begs the question, what else is being added to our water and why are we being mass medicated? Print this page.

List of all products containing fluoride and aspartame.... Domino, Thanks for the post about flouride products. That's very good for people to know! I had an antibiotic (on your list I noticed) that came with no literature, and neither the doctor or pharmacist mentioned it had flouride in it (a poision, of course). I was aware that flouride was poison, mostly noting it was the killing ingredient on my Grandma's mouse poison as a child. The 10 day flouride antibiotic (Levaquin) made my legs hurt, and pushed me into diabetes. I wasn't impressed by your critics who don't understand how important it is to make people aware of all the places flouride is hiding. Bob, Utah.

Задачи за упражнение - 1. Да се състави програма, която въвежда число, след което отпечатва: Числото, което въведохте е: … а умножено по две е: …. (На мястото на многоточието трябва да се изведе съответната стойност.) 2. виж решение 3. 4. 5. 6. решение 7. 8. 9. 10. а) Напишете програма, която намира числото, записано със същите цифри, но в обратен ред . б) Представете си, че изтривате първата цифра, като едновременно с това я дописване най-накрая. в) Разменя местата на първата и втората цифра на числото. 11. 12. 13. За нуждите на един склад трябва да се направи програма SKLAD.CPP за пресмятане на складовите наличности. 14. 15. Известно е, че един самолет излита в h часа и m минути, като полетът му продължава m1 минути. Например: самолетът излита в 23 часа и 50 минути, полетът продължава 75 минути, следователно часът на кацане е 1 часа и 5 минути. 16. В рамките на едно денонощие един самолет излита в h1 часа,m1 минути и s1 секунди и каца в h2 часа, m2 минути и s2 секунди. 17. Вход Изход Зад 18. Пример:

The Fluoride Deception: How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation’s Drinking Water Hailed as a harmless chemical that would prevent tooth decay, new evidence shows how fluoride could be linked to serious health problems. Fluoridation was first advanced in the US at the end of the second World War. Proponents argued that fluoride in water and toothpaste would help to protect teeth and prevent decay. Over the following decades, fluoride was added to public water supplies across the country. While the benefits of fluoridation have been held to be unquestionable, accumulating evidence points to a frightening prospect: that fluoride may have serious adverse health effects, including infant mortality, congenital defects and IQ. Now a new book, titled "The Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson examines the background of the fluoridation debate. Christopher Bryson, has reported science news stories for many media outlets including the BBC, Christian Science Monitor and the Discovery Channel. This is a rush transcript. CHRISTOPHER BRYSON: Thank you for having me.

Chloramines May Raise Your Water's Level of Toxic DBPs By Dr. Mercola More than one in five Americans are drinking tap water that's been treated with a derivative of chlorine known as chloramine. This disinfectant is formed by mixing chlorine with ammonia.Chloramine is a less effective disinfectant than chlorine, but it is longer lasting and stays in the water system as it moves through the pipes that transport it to your home (a process that can take three or four days).For this reason, chloramine is often used alongside chlorine as a "secondary" disinfectant designed to remain in your water longer – but is it safe? Chloramines May Raise Your Water's Level of Toxic Unregulated Disinfection Byproducts Higher Lead Levels in Water Linked to Chloramines There are other issues with chloramine in your water that you should be aware of, like its potential to extract lead from old water pipes. "In fact the two of them have been combined, and I believe patented to be put together so that they could extract lead," said fluoride activist Jeff Green.

Професор Стивън Уилям Хокинг и квантовата психология Съществува ли реалността? В новата си книга физикът Стивън Уилям Хокинг разглежда въпроса какво е реалността. Допълнена от Робърт Антон Уилсън, експерт в квантовата психология. В " The Grand Design” има интересна глава, в която се обсъжда естеството на реалността. Хокинг дава като пример странното решение, която е взето преди години в Монца, Италия, което препоръчва на хората които имат златни рибки, да не ги отглеждат в кръгли аквариуми , защото е жестоко да се държат рибки в кръгли аквариуми, понеже когато гледат навън рибките ще имат изкривена представа за реалността. Хокинг пита "А ние как да знаем, че имаме реално, а не изкривено възприемане на реалността?" Той казва:“ Въпреки че златните рибки живеят в кръгъл аквариум, те все пак биха могли да формулират закони относно светът извън аквариума. Близо ли е до истината Стивън Хокинг? "В този измамен свят, нищо не е истина или лъжа;" "всичко е според цвета на призмата, през която гледаме." Всеки път, когато намерите пътя, той се променя.

Devvy Kidd -- Germans and Russians Used Fluoride to Make Prisoners 'Stupid and Docile' By: Devvy May 14, 2005 "To whom it may concern: I, Oliver Kenneth Goff, was a member of the Communist Party and the Young Communist League from May 2, 1936 to October 9, 1939. During this period of time, I operated under the alias of John Keats and the number 18-B-2. "While a member of the Communist Party, I attended Communist underground training schools outside the City of New York in the Bues Hall and 113 East Wells Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "We discussed quite thoroughly the fluoridation of water supplies and how we were using it in Russia as a tranquilizer in the prison camps. "We discussed in these schools, the complete art of revolution: the seizure of the main utilities, such as light, power, gas and water, but it was felt by the leadership that if a program of fluoridating the water could be carried out in the nation, it would go a long way toward the advancement of the revolution." "Mr. I have been drinking bottled water for 30 years. Home

Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) Found to Remove Fluoride from Water A plant called Tulsi, or Holy Basil, which grows all over India might just be another answer to defluoridating water in poor countries all over the world. Research scientists at Rajasthan University have discovered that Tulsi can replace some of the more expensive alternatives to fluoride removal. The process is so simple, its downright exciting. Tulsi (Holy Basil) Found to Cleanse Water of Fluoride The researchers conducted the experiment in a village of Narketpally Mandal by soaking 75 mg of Holy Basil leaves in 100ml of water that had over 7 parts per million of fluoride. With the recent admittance by Harvard University that fluoride was bad for health, and the continuing news that points to fluoride being responsible for depleting brain capacity to causing ADD and ADHD, or even calcifying the pineal gland, (which inhibits important hormonal secretions like Melatonin and Seratonin, and DMT), it is wonderful news that such a simple remedy has been found. A Few Dangers of Fluoride

Software Protection Initiative - Main Broadening public awareness about fluoride. | 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation 1) Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for the purpose of medical treatment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease (FDA 2000). 2) Fluoridation is unethical. Put another way: Does a voter have the right to require that their neighbor ingest a certain medication (even if it is against that neighbor’s will)? 3) The dose cannot be controlled. 4) The fluoride goes to everyone regardless of age, health or vulnerability. “Water fluoridation goes against leading principles of pharmacotherapy, which is progressing from a stereotyped medication — of the type 1 tablet 3 times a day — to a much more individualized therapy as regards both dosage and selection of drugs. 5) People now receive fluoride from many other sources besides water. 6) Fluoride is not an essential nutrient. 7) The level in mothers’ milk is very low. 8 ) Fluoride accumulates in the body. Swallowing fluoride provides no (or very little) benefit

Fluoride: A Chronology of Fluoridation By Val Valerian Fluoride The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has classified Fluoride as an unapproved dental medicament due to its high toxicity. Fluoride was found to be an equivocal carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute Toxicological Program.1 A Chronology of Fluoridation By Val Valerian Material Added on November 3, 1997 (c) 1996,1997 Leading Edge Research Group. "Fluoridation is not a Communist Plot; it is an attempt by industry to camouflage their deadliest pollutant, with government officials and Madison Avenue advertisers beating the drums. 1855 Smelters in Freiburg, Germany first paid damages to neighbors injured by fluoride emissions. 1893 The smelters in Freiburg, Germany paid out 80,000 marks in damages for fluorine contamination injuries and 644,000 marks for permanent relief. 1900 The existence of the smelting industry in Germany and Great Britain is threatened by successful lawsuits for fluorine damage and by budensome laws and regulations. 1931 I.G. 1937 U.S.