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Des images pour le Japon

Des images pour le Japon
Chers auteurs, et chers participants, à tous les enthousiastes qui nous ont accompagné dans le projet Tsunami puis Magnitude 9. Nous voici un an après. Il est difficile de réaliser que douze mois sont passés tant les évènements se sont enchaînés pour nous. D’un petit blog réalisé dans l’urgence, nous sommes passés à un véritable phénomène, une mobilisation générale. De la vente aux enchères à la première édition de Magnitude 9, vite épuisée, nous avons réalisé une seconde édition et plusieurs expositions ont eu lieu. Un an après nous annonçons avec fierté la sortie de Magnitude 0, la version japonaise de Magnitude 9, réalisée en collaboration par l’équipe de Mind Creators LLC au Japon et CFSL Ink en France. Du Blog Tsunami au Livre Magnitude 9 Tout a commencé le jour même, c’était un vendredi. J’ai répondu : “vous avez de quoi faire un site ? J’ai passé mon dimanche sur l’ordinateur, et le lundi à 15h le blog était en place. De Magnitude 9 à Magnitude 0 Related:  julie_o

3D Animation Studio Di seguito gli interventi pubblicati in questa sezione, in ordine cronologico. Trailer of the Grendizer Returns. Tribute NO PROFIT to GO-NAGAI. (c) C4DTeam Animation Studio / GO-NAGAI - DYNAMIC PLANNING Final clip coming soon, very soon!!! Stay Tuned!!! Ultimo Round - Julio Cortázar Julio Cortazar is an Argentine poet, short story writer, and translator, whose pseudonym is Julio Denis. He was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1914. In 1918, he moved with his parents to their native Argentina. He taught high school and later French literature at the University of Cuyo, resigning after participating in demonstrations against Argentine President Juan Peron. He worked for a Buenos Aires publishing company and also earned a degree as a translator.

How To: Make Origami Stars Origami stars look tricky to make. There are several steps to follow in order to make a cute mini origami star. Maybe in the first attempt you will fail, but you will get better on the second. They can be made from every kind of paper. You can make them from magazines, book paper, music sheet etc. Step 1: Cut 1 cm strip off a A4 sheet of paper. Step 2: Tighten knot and press flat. Step 3: Fold short - end of paper down towards center of the star. Step 4: Fold long - end of paper up. Step 5: Flip paper around so long - end of paper is pointing down again. Step 6: Fold long - end of paper up and to the left. Step 7: Flip paper around again so long - end of paper is pointing down. Step 8: Repeat: fold the paper up keeping it aligned with the edge below. Step 9: Keep folding the long - end of the paper until it is too short to continue. Step 10: Hold the pentagon along the edges as if you were holding a coin. Once you've made the wishing star, you can make more.

Best New Music - February 2011 The best albums released last month Below, we look at the past month's best-reviewed releases. For each album below, we list the percentages of "great" critic reviews (with an individual critic score above 80), "good" critic reviews (61-80), "mixed" reviews (40-60), and "bad" reviews (below 40). Let England Shake 88 (Island) by PJ Harvey The English rocker's best album in a decade is a much more musically varied affair than her piano-driven 2007 album White Chalk, and its dozen songs are loosely united by lyrics dealing with England at war. "The Words That Maketh Murder" What the critics are saying: So far, Let England Shake has received nine "perfect" 100 reviews, and has been mentioned as a potential album of the year candidate. Ravedeath, 1972 86 (Kranky) by Tim Hecker The Canadian's sixth set of abstract, dark, ambient electronica consists of three multi-part compositions supplemented by several stand-alone tracks. "Hatred of Music I" "Running" "Wilhelm Scream" "Old Black" "Lotus Flower"

Comprendre les unités de mesure de la radioactivité - RNM La radioactivité d’un échantillon se caractérise par le nombre de désintégrations de noyaux radioactifs par seconde qui s’y produisent. L’unité de mesure de la radioactivité est le Becquerel (Bq). 1 Bq = 1 désintégration par seconde L’activité de sources s’exprimera le plus souvent en multiples du Becquerel (kBq, MBq, GBq, TBq), tandis que l’activité d’échantillons environnementaux s’exprimera en Bq, mBq ou µBq. L’activité est souvent rapportée à un volume (activité volumique en Bq/l ou Bq/m3), une masse (activité massique en Bq/kg) ou une surface (activité surfacique en Bq/m2). L’ancienne unité de mesure de la radioactivité est le Curie (Ci) défini comme l’activité de 1 gramme de radium, soit 1 Ci = 37 milliards de Bq. Cette mesure rend compte du nombre de désintégrations, mais pas de leur énergie, ni de leur effet sur l’homme. L’unité de mesure de la dose absorbée est le Gray (Gy) qui correspond à l’énergie cédée par unité de masse.

Dans le carton de nenent Crear una Pagina Web Gratis |Haz tu Sitio Web Flash Gratuito con Wix Inspírate con el del día! Todos los días te presentamos un increíble sitio creado con Wix. ¿Quieres que tu sitio aparezca aquí? Envíanos tu URL a Fully Raw, una cooperativa Americana de productos...Leer Más Fully Raw, una cooperativa Americana de productos orgánicos, es la creación de la experta y entusiasta en comida cruda, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. Cerrar

The Kon Mari Method of Organizing Might Change Your Life | Design Blog by Nicole Gibbons After nearly 8 years living in the same apartment, I’m maxed out on space. I’m constantly donating bags of unwanted items to the GoodWill but despite this, I still have too much stuff and not enough space to put it in. I’m constantly rationalizing why I should keep something: “If I lose 5 lbs I’ll love it … maybe it’ll be back in style someday … it was a gift …” those kind of excuses are huge contributing factors to my clutter crisis. Since I’m on a massive mission to declutter, I was excited to discover the Kon Mari Method by Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo whose internationally best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” was recently released in the US. In the book, Kondo walks us through her extreme strategy for simplifying, organizing and storing your belongings. Here are 7 do’s and don’ts from the KonMari Method to help you successfully declutter so you can enjoy a tidy home forever … 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Carlos Rubio Quakebook Blog cake or death | cake please PijamaSurf - Noticias alternativas: neurociencia, futurismo, noticias raras, teorías de conspiración, 2012, astronomía...

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