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How to Decalcify and Detoxify the Pineal Gland

How to Decalcify and Detoxify the Pineal Gland
Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times The pineal gland, an endocrine gland located in the brain, is said to be the seat of the soul. Also referred to as the Third Eye, this small gland is believed to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness, acting as a gateway to dimensions beyond our brain-created reality. To learn more about the pineal gland, see: What is the Pineal Gland? For the people that seek to fully activate their spiritual potential and tap into the power of the pineal gland, one must begin by strengthening its function though detoxification and proper nutrition. Below is a list, in no particular order, of 8 supplements that will boost your pineal gland function, help in its decalcification, and support you on your journey of personal and spiritual cultivation. 1. The pineal gland already produces the hormone melatonin, which affects the body’s circadian rhythms of waking and sleeping. Recommended products: NOW Foods Melatonin 5mg Vcaps Natrol Liquid Melatonin 2. 3. Related:  Proactive

100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers YouTube has earned a reputation for featuring brain cell-slaughtering fare such as the truly abysmal Fred and playing host to the some of the most depressingly stupid comments this side of Yahoo! News. But for every participant liberally dishing out misspelled racist, sexist and homophobic talking points, there is at least one whose channel genuinely offers something provocative and educational. For teachers hoping to infuse multimedia into their classrooms, YouTube makes for an excellent starting point. Plenty of universities, nonprofits, organizations, museums and more post videos for the cause of education both in and out of schools. The following list compiles some of the ones most worthy of attention, as they feature plenty of solid content appealing to their respective audiences and actively try to make viewers smarter. Multidisciplinary and General Education Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Technology Social Sciences, History and World Issues Visual, Performing and Liberal Arts

Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes by Richard LeFors Clark Waves of gravity pour from an extraordinary (and imaginary) cosmic accident —a head-on collision of two black holes approaching from left and right. Kenneth Eppley and Larry Smarr used a computer to calculate and draw contours of the variable curvature of space that constitutes the radiation. Such a collision would convert about a thousandth part of the rest-energy of the black holes into gravity waves. (Photo: L. THE EARTH GRID, HUMAN LEVITATION AND GRAVITY ANOMALIES Knowledge of the Earth Grid or "crystalline Earth" is very ancient and has been utilized by a number of civilizations. While the subject of the Earth Grid has by now been covered in a considerable number of publications, one point in the Grid, marked by a long and strange history, at the eastern tip of Lake Ontario, is worth special mention. Daniel Home is the world famous levitator of the 19th century who lived in this Lake Ontario Grid point area. Diagram 8 and 9

Nutrient deficiencies If plants fail to thrive, despite adequate soil preparation, watering and mulching, it may be a sign of a nutrient deficiency. Fruit and vegetables are particularly vulnerable, as are containerised plants and those growing in very acid or alkaline soils. Yellow or reddish coloured leaves, stunted growth and poor flowering are all common symptoms of nitrogen, magnesium or potassium deficiency. Some garden soils and potting composts suffer from a lack of nutrient content, leading to deficiency symptoms in the plants growing in them. Plants can also suffer deficiencies where the growing conditions are poor and the plants are unable to take up nutrients present in the soil. Nutrient deficiencies cause symptoms such as leaf yellowing or browning, sometimes in distinctive patterns.

Die Scheuklappen-Diskussion „Jute statt Plastik“ lautete ein Slogan, mit dem die Fair-Trade-Organisation GEPA vor rund 40 Jahren auf die Notwendigkeit der Plastikvermeidung und Nachhaltigkeit hinwies. Das Bewusstsein für notwendige Veränderungen entstand also schon lange vor den derzeitigen Fridays for Future- und Extinction Rebellion-Bewegungen. Für einen grundsätzlichen Wandel in der Gesellschaft braucht es jedoch mehr als Proteste, besonders Visionen, die von vielen Menschen umgesetzt werden. Ein Visionär, der bereits vor etwa 30 Jahren an neuen Konzepten arbeitete, war Prof. Dem Erfindungsreichtum von Prof. Zumindest war das Thema Ozonloch damals medial allgegenwärtig. DuPont war bis 2017 ein US-amerikanischer Chemiekonzern, der ab dann mit Dow Chemical fusionierte. Der Zitronensäurezyklus, auch Citratzyklus genannt, ist Teil der Atmungskette für den Stoffwechsel und die Energiegewinnung aller Sauerstoff verbrauchenden Lebewesen (7). 2000 wurde Prof. Am 19. Was also braucht Umweltschutz wirklich?

Brain Wave Entrainment and Hypnosis During hypnosis the brain shows a characteristic sequence of brain wave activity. This can now be artificially reproduced through the use of audio tones; a process known as brain wave entrainment. If you are in a particular state, for example, very anxious, then you will produce a unique 'signature' of brainwaves. These are states that can take a long time and a lot of physical effort to attain. This page is going to show you how this is done. Firstly, we are going to review the different and the states that are generally associated with them. Secondly, we will look at that have been observed in people while undergoing hypnosis. Thirdly we will look at and how it has been used to produce individual and groups of brain waves to modify peoples' state. Fourthly we will look at brain wave entrainment specifically with regard to . Finally there are some links to so you can try it for yourself. Types of Brain Waves ~200Hz Self awareness, higher levels of insight and information. ~100Hz 38 - 90Hz .

Are The Energy Drink Dangers Really Worth Your Life? Are energy drinks dangerous to your health? In our fast-paced, modern world we are constantly looking for ways to move a little faster, survive on less sleep and accomplish more. Synthetic “boosters” in the form of energy drinks are being consumed in rapidly climbing quantities. Energy drinks represent the fastest growing soft drink sales in the United States. Energy drinks, shots and chews contain approximately three times the amount of caffeine found in a cup of coffee or a glass of soda. There are also many other synthetic stimulants included with the caffeine. In a study published in the medical journal Pediatrics, researchers recorded 70-80mg of caffeine as a primary ingredient in energy drinks, but additional caffeine was found in other ingredients such as cocoa or kola nut. Several countries have banned energy drinks or prohibited sales to young people. A major portion of the energy drink consumer demographic are young people. Energy Drink Dangers

Windgenerator für den Balkon soll Stadtwind ernten - Zwei britische Studenten haben die O-Wind-Turbine entwickelt. Sie rotiert, wo auch immer der Wind herkommt, ohne nachgeführt werden zu müssen. Jetzt gründen sie ein Unternehmen, um die Anlage zur Marktreife zu bringen. Wie weit der Weg der Entwicklung war, zeigt dieser Screenshot. Foto: O-Wind-Turbine Der Windrover hätte so aussehen sollen und wurde bereits in der Atacama-Wüste in Chile getestet. So soll die Windturbine aussehen, die britische Studenten entworfen haben. In Städten sind konventionelle Windgeneratoren, die sich nur träge der Windrichtung anpassen, weitgehend wirkungslos. Bisher gibt es lediglich Modelle für die O-Wind-Turbine Nicolas Orellana und Yaseen Noorani haben während ihrer Zeit an der University of Lancaster im Vereinigten Königreich einen Windgenerator entwickelt, dem es ganz gleich ist, woher der Wind weht. „Unsere Turbine ermöglicht es sogar Menschen in Mietshäusern, die einen Balkon haben, ihren eigenen Strom zu erzeugen“, sagt Orellana.

It's Big, It's Bad Ass And It's Still Not Yet Ready. The $1.42 Million Bugatti 16 C Galibier. ShareThis Bugatti has been teasing us with their 16 cylinder Galibier sedan for over 2 years now with what is said to be the world's most powerful four door luxury sedan. Still not given the green light for production, the French automaker launched this promotional video (with the most pretentious voiceover I've ever heard) a month ago: Rumored to have been ready for purchase by 2012, Bugatti head Wolfgang Durheimer was reportedly disappointed with the car’s levels of comfort and performance, forcing engineers to go back to the drawing board. Bloomberg is citing two unidentified sources who say the Galibier will actually be launched in 2013 or 2014 with a base price of approximately 1 million euros ($1.42 million USD). The most recent photos of the Bugatti Galibier prototype: The Galibier concept, first unveiled in 2010 at the Geneva Auto Show, is a five-door hatchback with sleek styling and incredibly luxury laden custom interior. Concept drawings: Details: The interior:

Celery Health Benefits: Reduce Memory Loss with Luteolin The health benefits of celery are often overlooked because it is generally thought of as “crunchy water” and assumed to have no nutritional value. Nothing could be further from the truth. Celery belongs to the Apiaceae / Umbellerifereae family and there are records its cultivation in Egypt, Europe and the Mediterranean as far back as 1323 BC when Pharaoh Tutankhamen was entombed with celery leaf garlands. In the United States alone, more than one billion pounds of celery are harvested each year, primarily in Michigan and Florida. Celery is a “negative calorie” food – 8 calories per half cup chopped serving per the USDA. Low caloric content combined with the high-fiber definitely make celery a go-to food for weight loss goals. The majority of people in the United States have an imbalance in their pH levels, which makes it harder to lose weight. Celery and Your Brain Scientists have now discovered the link between a flavonoid compound called luteolin and brain health. High-Luteolin Foods