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Current. 1/11/17
Finished. 3/28/17

Leather Bracelet DIY. Could someone PLEASE rescue me???

Leather Bracelet DIY

I have so much fun weaving these leather bracelets that I can't stop it! In fact - I have so many by now that I'm happy to give some away. So - If you like to have one let me know! (They are all gone - have fun wearing them...) But if you rather get your own infection, here is how I made them: (Don't say I haven't warned you....) I got 1 meter long leather cord and cut it in half. Next you need some sort of colored string and a bead with a large enough hole to fit all endings through. Start folding your leather in an exact half. Now start weaving in a figure-8 pattern around your two leather cords. Again wrap a few times around tightly and secure with a knot. Add the bead and another knot - you are ready to go!!! Leather Bracelet Tutorial With A Little Trick.

Do you like leather bracelets as much as I do?

Leather Bracelet Tutorial With A Little Trick

I love them. You might have guessed that if you have seen this picture of me. The more around my wrists the better... There is just on little part I don't like too much and that is the closure. I haven't found or made one I really liked so far. Even a sliding knot leaves me indecisive because of those dangling endings on both sides. I like a simple knot best - I actually knot them secure right around my wrist and don't take them off at all for periods of time. But not everyone likes it that way. Leather Bracelet DIY-Kit. Now available here.

Leather Bracelet DIY-Kit

Leather Bracelet DIY...AGAIN. Here we go - this is the tutorial for this leather bracelet kit.

Leather Bracelet DIY...AGAIN

Or for your own materials, of course The pictures show a bracelet made of silver leather cord - I did not even know that golden and silver leather cord is available... I like the silver leather but the golden one is a little too yellow for my taste. For the SILVER bracelet on the above picture you will need: - two pieces round leather cord in two different sizes. . - another piece of the thinner (1mm) round leather cord about 2m long. Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial. Hi there!

Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

I wanted to come up with a new leather wrap tutorial for a while now and I am really happy to pronounce I finally did If you like to see my other bracelet tutorials please click here. It took me a while to wrap my mind around the "How To" because i wanted to create a braided full leather version as an alternative to the tedious and time consuming version of weaving beads in and out with bead cord between and around two leather strings. Once you get the hang of the braiding rhythm you will see how quickly these bracelets are done and how beautifully they will turn out! For one bracelet you will need: - about 2 meter leather cord size 2mm depending on how many times you want to wrap the bracelet around your wrist (2meter length will wrap around 4x - you could do a shorter or longer version by taking less or more length)

Wire Rings With Beads Tutorial. I love simple filigran wire rings.

Wire Rings With Beads Tutorial

Adding a bead or a pearl is a great way to hide the endings of a wire ring and give the ring a bit more substance. The beads I have chosen have ... Please click onto "continue reading" below to see the full tutorial. ... small holes - just to fit a 0.8 mm wire from the crafts-store - and are really pretty and cost just around a dollar or less each. Some had really tiny holes and I used simple iron wire for those - like the one a florist uses for wreath making. I especially like the contrast of the black delicate wire to the pearls!

I bought my pearls and mother of pearl beads at The Bead Shoppe in Santa Barbara. The owners are super sweet and helpful. Start with tightly wrapping the wire into a spiral around a cone or a cylindrical shape with a small diameter. You can often find those shapes in kitchen tools. Now using sharp scissors or a wire cutter cut the spiral into single rings. Aren't they cute? Leather-Keychain DIY. We got the keys to our new city apartment!!!

Leather-Keychain DIY

So exciting... To celebrate and to make it a bit extra special I made new keychains from leather cord and wood beads I got at the crafts store. I tried two different diameters of leather - the darker, thinner one is 1.5mm and the other one is 1.8mm. You need 1x 1.50 meter long piece and 3x 45cm long pieces of leather cord and about a handful wood beads with large enough holes to thread the cord through. Please follow the step by step picture tutorial if you like to make a leather keychain and let me know if you have any questions. You can make the chain as long as you wish - just keep continuing to make the same movement from the middle part but adjust the lengths of the cords then.

Happy Day, Anette P.S Today is Creadienstag. Lebenslustiger.