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Good looking storage. Hello!

good looking storage

Sorry things have been a bit slow on the blog. It is a lovely problem to have so much design work I don’t have much time for posts, but I still have itchy feet to format all the DIY projects I have mounting up. Here’s a little bit of crafty action for your (snowy for some) Tuesday. I’m whipping out my favourite DIY weapon (aside from spray paint) once again. Enter Fimo or polymer clay as you might know it. I used a silicone lace mould to get the pattern but you could imprint them with anything. You’ll need… white polymer clay / fimo ( I would choose the ‘soft’ version for this )smooth chopping board or other even surfacerolling pinscalpeloven proof bowlsilicone lace mould or a lace / crochet doilyacrylic paintmod podge gluegold leaf or alternatively metallic gold paintpaint brush To make… Cut a chunk of fimo. You can fill them with jewellery or make up or just odds and ends.

Make your own jewellery. Picnic ‘how to’ DIY home. Marble tray // copper statement light // faux fur stool // moon phase wall hanging // gold & perspex clipboards // ikea hack table Hello friends!

DIY home

There hasn’t been a whole lot happening in this space of late. Speedy DIY. Now I know I often say how quick my DIY tutorials are and that’s not a lie but this one really is the quickest of the bunch.

Speedy DIY

I honestly made this in 5 minutes…it’s not just phrased like that because it sounds catchy! I’m always on the lookout for new necklaces but particularly those that are simple and go with every outfit I could dream up. Versatility is the name of the game for me and this little number is certainly that. In the past I’ve been drawn to colourful beaded wonders and made necklaces in jewel tones but realistically I want something I can whack on with anything rather than wondering if it clashes with my skirt. Personalised kitchen storage. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know I’m a brush lettering fanatic and teach classes with Quill London to help other people perfect the technique.

Personalised kitchen storage

It’s such a satisfying, not to mention therapeutic discipline that translates into so many different applications and is a great skill to have, particularly with all the potential Christmas gifts on the horizon. One that I often mention for exploration is brush lettering onto porcelain. It was something I tried a while ago but I wanted to give it another whirl and share the technique as I know using porcelain paint is a bit different to putting ink to paper. I found these lovely minimal storage jars in Tiger (my little purse friendly Scandinavian utopia in London). They were a mere £4.00 each so it seemed totally reasonable to buy three and update my tea, coffee & sugar jars. You’ll need… To make… Preheat the oven to 150C / 300F.I would strongly advise a practise run or twenty on paper with some ink first. Sugar & Cloth: Clay Drip Pinch Pots. Sugar & Cloth: DIY Speckled Clay Keychains. DIY Ways To Get Organised. I don’t know about you but I’m still riding that new year wave of ‘let’s get organised’ and ‘it’s time to sort my life out’.

DIY Ways To Get Organised

You know the drill. I’m on over drive with the brand spanking new office / studio (room tour coming your way soon) and I’ve become an even bigger fan than usual when it comes to nifty ways of concealing clutter, whether that’s the piles of product and materials I own or just the clutter in my head! If like me you’re currently banging this drum, I’ve rounded up seven ways to DIY your way to a more organised workspace / home. DIY Paper Tidy Loose paper can easily become a right old mess. DIY Year Goals Notebook Obviously this planner was made for last year but you can quite easily adapt the same principal for 2017. DIY Hanging Clutter Clear Up When in doubt get those stray bits and bobs off the surfaces and onto the wall. DIY Mini Desk Organiser How sweet is this little triangle organiser. DIY Printable 2017 Calendar We all need a calendar for the new year don’t we.

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