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Current. 12/16/16
Finished. 4/25/17

With school just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to design a desk to fit a small space. With 5 kiddos to find space for, I am always trying to think of ways to maximize space and function at the same time. Check out my DIY Murphy Desk! The best part?? It folds up to this super cute and fully functional chalkboard! How fun is that?? This is a really simple build! You can check out my full tutorial and FREE PLANS over on Ryobi Nation! 4 awesome tools, batteries, a charger and a bag…. This is the easiest giveaway ever! What the heck is Ryobi Nation?? You can click HERE or the button below to sign up for a new Ryobi Nation account! Already a member?

That’s it! Good luck guys! Sewing Archives. Murphy Desk. Cute Storage Boxes... Just about FREE baby! Hey friends!! I used yesterday’s disgusting temperatures as an excuse to stay inside and get an indoor project done. I recently made the cubby systems for the baby’s room and for the playroom. I bookmarked a fab idea I saw on another blog a while back and have been waiting to copy since. I got the playroom finished and here is how they turned out… I’ve got to give a BIG shout out to Amy from Positively Splendid for this very splendid idea! She posted hers a while back and I have been stashing diaper boxes since!

I used Amy’s directions almost to a T. I cut my box flaps off. I decided I would cover my boxes with drop cloth because I happened to have one handy. I put my box on the canvas and copied Amy’s directions. Once you cut both long sides, just fold over and use hot glue to hold the fold. Then hot glue it to the side of the box… Once I did both long sidesI attached the smaller sides the same way. Here is the top edge… Shanty I know but it will be covered and nobody has to know ~Whitney. DIY Wall Art ~ Chevron and Burlap. Hey there! I’m still working on my guest bathroom this week! The last few weekends I have painted the walls, framed the mirror and built a towel hook. I put together this fun Chevron Wall Art this weekend and it was inexpensive, quick and easy…SCORE!

Here’s how I made it for about $15! I purchased 1.5 yards of burlap and unfinished MDI letters at Hobby Lobby. Next, I bought a 2×4 sheet of 1/4″ plywood for about $6 from my local hardware store. I cut the burlap down to 43″ by 15″ and made the Chevron stencil with my Silhouette CAMEO. Next, I took it outside and sprayed about 3 coats of Rust-Oleum Summer Squash spray paint all over! I laid the burlap in the center of my plywood and hammered a furniture nail into each corner. Now it’s time to add the letters! I used picture hanging wire and brackets to hang her up on the wall. That was it! A large wooden sign for $15 and about an afternoon of work:) This bathroom is very small and with no windows it can feel very dark.

~Ashley. DIY Hot Glue Gun Holder. Hey friends! I hope you are all having an awesome week! I am here today to share my DIY Hot Glue Gun Holder! This baby is something every girl needs! My Meme gave me a glue gun holder years ago. I loved the idea, but there were things about it that didn’t work so well either. So… I came up with a ‘Shanty’ version we can all make together! This is such an easy project, and would make a great ‘make & take’ for a girl’s craft night! So… Let’s get started! For those of you that don’t own a saw, this is a perfect one for you! This is actually the saw that I started with before getting my ‘big daddy’ saw, and I still put this to use. See… Told you this was simple! Here are a few more shots of mine in action ;-)! Hope you like it! Thanks SO much for stopping by! ~Whitney. Handmade Christmas Gifts ~ DIY Lap Desk. Hey there! I am kind of feeling “on top of things” right now because it is not even December and I already have a few things crossed off of my Christmas list.

One of those being our Teacher gifts this year! I usually wait until the last minute and throw something together but this year I had an idea for a DIY gift that I was so excited to start! I love that it is so versatile and would make a great gift for a child, teacher, in-laws, anyone! I made these personalized lap desks for $10 each and about an afternoon of work Notice it is NO SEW…. Here’s how you can make your own: Purchase Foam board from Hobby Lobby.

Also purchase Poly Foam ~ 3”x15”x17” from Hobby Lobby (30% off also at about $5). Mark a line on the foam board measuring a 14”x16” piece and cut using box cutters. Now, lay the foam board on the foam cushion and trace around the foam board (you want these to be the same size) and cut with a large kitchen knife. I chose the shorter sized to have the folds. Wrapping done That’s it! Office Makeover and More! Cleverly Inspired. Hi all! My name is Tracie and I am author of “Be inspired to be clever” That is my mission on my blog. I am always sharing something new…whether it is a project, decorating tip, recipe, or crafts. My hope is that you enjoy learning too…and you pass it on. I am thrilled to be over here at Shanty2chic. I have followed Whitney & Ashley since the beginning and I love their style. Office/Craft Room Wedding Song Art Cookie Dough Fudge DIY Wood Countertop Twig Art Aqua and Black Tween Girls Room.

DIY Wall Decor - Pegboard. Hey guys! I’m back to share a tutorial for the super cute Pegboard that I made for my friends nursery! If you missed the West Elm Inspired Dresser that I made with it, you can click HERE for the tutorial! This pegboard was sooooo easy, under $20 and it only took an afternoon to build! I love it for the nursery but it would be cute in an office or a kids room too! Here’s how I made it! I purchased a 2×4 pegboard from Lowe’s and spray painted 2-coats of our favorite, Rust-Oleum Heriloom White in satin. I purchased 2 – 1×4 @ 8ft. pine boards at Lowe’s and cut two boards at 21″ and 2 boards at 45″. To cut our boards, we use our Ryobi Sliding Compound Miter Saws!

If you aren’t ready to make a purchase like this, you can buy this hand saw and miter box below. <A HREF=" After the boards were cut, I just drilled pocket holes with my Kreg Jig into one end of each board. Now, just piece them together with Kreg Jig pocket hole screws. Loving it! ~Ashley. DIY Shelf for the Entryway with Hooks! Hey friends! Hope you all had an awesome week! Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments and shares on my new plank wall I did in the entryway. I am really excited to share the second half of that wall with you today. This is a fun way to break up any boring wall, not just a planked one! Here is how my shelf over my plank wall turned out… So… Let’s get started!

Here are the supplies you will need to make your own shelf. Supplies – 1 – 2x10x10 pine board 1 – crown center block (on the moulding aisle) 1 – 1x6x10 pine board 9 ft of base moulding (I looked for the cheapest hooks finishing materials safety supplies I spent around $60 on the shelf including the cute hooks I found at Hobby Lobby. Here we go! First thing first… Always make sure to have your safety gear ready to go. I use 3M™ Safety Products whenever I am working on my projects. I started by attaching my crown block to a small scrap of wood cut the same width and about an inch longer. Next, I cut my 1×6 board the same length as my 2×10. DIY Magnetic Supply Organizer for the Wall. Hey friends! Back to school is just around the corner for my clan (insert happy dance), and my oldest daughter is all about the supplies.

She does come by in naturally… I get giddy when I walk into office supply stores and the supply aisles at Target. I can’t help it. We are in the process of giving her room a little update, and she wanted a space to store some supplies as well as a memo board. She is in a smaller room, so I had to be creative with the space we have. Check out my Magnetic Supply Organizer! Isn’t it fun? This is a super simple project guys!

Start by ripping down your hardwood plywood panel. Cut one of the 1×4 into two pieces. Add a line of wood glue to the edges of each board. Use your finish nailer to attach one of these boards to each long side of the plywood using 1.25” finish nails. At this point, your project should look like this. Now make your cuts for the top and bottom of the organizer. Line up the smaller plywood piece to serve as the shelf. DIY Murphy Desk. DIY Corner Desk. Hey hey guys! Ash and I have been CrAzY busy these last few weeks. We are wrapping up the renovation of two homes for Open Concept on HGTV in the next week, and we CANNOT wait to show y’all! You will love them… And there are lots of new furniture plans coming with each episode, so get excited people.

Today I am sharing the corner desk I built for my now 13-year-old (pray for me)… I am in love with how this room came together. Here is a shot of the desk! So cute right?! This is a really simple build! You can download and print the free plans by clicking HERE! There are three main steps to this build… Building the bases, building the top, and then attaching them. The bases are constructed out of hardwood plywood.

I used my Kreg Jig K5 to make my pocket holes. I added a line of glue under each seam, and then attached them with 1.25″ pocket hole screws using my Ryobi drill. If you have a hard time squeezing your drill and Kreg bit into a space, you can use a right angle drill. All trimmed up! DIY Cubby Storage Desk. Hey friends! Be sure to catch the next two episodes of our show, Open Concept on HGTV on Sunday, June 12th at 11:00 and 11:30am CST! I love having teenage-ish girls. I love designing and building them pieces and decorating them pink and putting gold dogs on them… It’s so fun! How cute is that? ) This is a really simple build.

The first step of this desk is building the boxes that will form each side. A little more detail… On the plans, you will see how we have shown the cuts. So… I had him rip (that’s a cut that go’s the length of the board and parallel with the grain of the wood) two pieces at 19.5″ each. Once you have your cuts made for the boxes, it’s pocket hole time. It can be a little overwhelming deciding which Kreg Jig to start with. It’s a Kreg Jig on steroids really… It will crank out almost a pocket hole a second if you are fast. The top, bottom and shelf pieces of your boxes will look a bit like this after making your pocket holes. Here it is all prettied up! This formed my box! DIY Large Hand Painted Sign and How-To Video. After many, many requests, on our social media accounts, for a how-to on this Large DIY Hand Painted Sign, we had to give it to you guys Not only do we have the free plans and how-to tutorial for you, we also have a how-to video on our Youtube channel for it too!

Just click the image below to come build it with us in our shop! Click HERE for the free printable plans and follow along, as we build it, below! Start with a 4′ x 4′ sheet of 1×2″ plywood. You can buy it just like this from the hardware store (no cutting needed) or you can have it cut from a larger sheet of plywood. Paint the plywood white. While the paint is drying, download the “Home Sweet Home” file by clicking HERE. Then, connect a projector to your computer. Next, trace each letter, lightly, with a pencil. Once the letters are traced, use an angled craft brush and acrylic paint to fill in each letter. Ready for the frame! Measure the sides for the frame first, then cut the 1×2 trim to size. Attach the side pieces first. Cubby Storage Shelf. Since moving into her home, Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic has been haunted by an awkward empty space above her fridge that needed something. While the lack of cabinets might have left most people with underutilized wall space, Ashley exercised her DIY prowess and built a cubby shelf with plans by Ana White.

Kitchen, bathroom, playroom, crafting space… I cannot think of a room that couldn’t use a shelf like this! Ashley’s shelf was inspired by Pottery Barn’s retired Mitchell Cubby Shelf. See Ashley’s build in progress at Shanty 2 Chic. Storage for the Playroom! Hey friends! Hope everyone is doing great! I have been crazy building the last few weeks. My older kiddos were with their grandparents this past week which gave me lots of time to get stuff done! I’m sure lots of you saw Ashley’s version of PB’s Cameron Wall Unit she built for her playroom last year. I love it and decided that the new playroom needed something similar… Just a bit smaller. I used Ana’s plan for the open cubby base and her plan for the hutch with doors. I decided to use 3/4″ MDF for this project. I used my brad nailer with 1 1/4″ brads and Gorilla wood glue to attach all my pieces.

I actually taped off areas that I knew nobody would ever see. I did use one coat of primer. Here are my doors just before painting. And here they are drying… Once everything was dry I started attaching the doors. These are the hinges I used from Lowe’s. Here they are attached to the doors… I used these magnet closures from Lowe’s. And here they are attached at the top of the doors. !! ~Whitney. Shanty 2 Chic.