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Current. 12/15/16, 3/31/17
Finished. 5/23/17

Homemade french macarons. For some reason, I thought it would be brilliant to add “Make macarons from scratch” to my 30 by 31.

homemade french macarons

Clearly, I did this without much research and with optimism in my heart, because apparently french macarons are some of the most difficult things to make correctly. Nevertheless, Mr. Lovely and I pushed through, and have created what I believe are semi-passable macarons. I’m proud. After a ton of research and reading online, I came across this article on Not So Humble Pie.

In any case, we took lots of Ms. We filled half of our macarons with strawberry preserves, and the other half with blackberry. DIY Gilded Heart Ring Dish. I love projects that look fancy but are secretly super easy, and this is one of those projects.

DIY Gilded Heart Ring Dish

If you’ve got a girlfriend (or a mom, sister, grandmother, aunt) who needs a sweet little something for Valentine’s Day, whip her up this little gilded ring dish! It’s sweet and simple, with a little touch of gold (and you guys know I can never say no to gold). If you’d like to make one, gather your materials: white modeling claybaking sheetMartha Stewart Liquid Gildingpaintbrushyou’ll need your oven, too! Start by warming the modeling clay in your hands and forming it into the shape of a heart. Once the dish is cool, load your paintbrush heavily with the liquid gilding and begin to trace the edges of the heart. Be sure to let the gilding dry thoroughly, and send this little beaut on its merry way to brighten someone’s Valentine’s Day.

DIY Leather Tassel Keyring. This is a little DIY I’ve been dreaming up for a while, but I had a hard time deciding on the simplest way to make it happen.

DIY Leather Tassel Keyring

I’m pretty sure I figured it out, so this one is as easy as can be! If you want to make one (or seven, like I did because I just couldn’t stop), gather your materials: leather (or faux!) Scissorspenrulersuper gluekey ringcliprubber band Start by cutting two strips of leather — one that measures 3″ by 1/4″, and one that measures 10″ by 3 1/2″. Fold the smaller strip in half, through the keyring. Cut 1/4″ fringe into the other piece of leather. Starting at one end, apply glue and affix the short strip with the keyring. Begin rolling the fringed piece tightly around the smaller strip, applying glue approximately every inch or so. Glue the end of the fringed strip down onto itself. Leather DIY Projects. I think it’s safe to say that leather is in my top five raw materials when it comes to making really cool DIY projects.

Leather DIY Projects

I have a stash that I always come back to when I need inspiration or am looking to make something really beautiful. I love seeing how other makers like to use leather, and have been collecting great leather DIYs on my Pinterest boards for way too long. So I’m unleashing all of my favorite pins right here, so that you can reap the benefits and make something super cool with leather this week. (And don’t forget, you can always go faux!) Simple Leather Tote Bag from How Did You Make ThisNo-Sew Rope Coil Basket from Alice & LoisSuede Leather Tassels from Homey Oh MyLeather Sunglasses Case from Always RooneyLeather Bow Hair Tie from Oh The Lovely ThingsLeather Loop Keychain from Homey Oh MySuede and Gold Leaf Polka Dot Mousepad from Lovely IndeedMonogrammed Leather Cufflinks from Almost Makes PerfectLeather Maxi Bag from Chez Piu So which would you make first?

DIY Copper and Marble Jewelry Stand. I have all of these lovely little necklaces and bracelets that have been wasting away, not being worn, because the state of my jewelry storage is a total joke.

DIY Copper and Marble Jewelry Stand

I’ve been meaning to make some sort of stand to hang necklaces on forever, but I wanted to come up with something that was super simple, affordable, and would last. I think we did it finally! You can make this copper and marble jewelry stand with just one trip to the hardware store and a few minutes at home. And now all of the jewelry that I’ve been ignoring for so long can come out and play. Materials marble tile2′ length of 1/2″ copper pipe (plumbing aisle)3 1/2″ copper pipe caps2 1/2″ copper teesthreaded copper 1/2″ – 3/4″ adapter fittingE6000optional: Dremel tool Make Time: 10 Minutes (Plus Drying Time) Step 1: Head to the hardware store! Step 2: Once you’ve got all of your supplies home, wipe down the marble tile to remove any dust or debris.

Step 3: Assemble the rest of your stand. Lovely Indeed.