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What will be left when we’re gone? Bones, plastic, and radioactive waste. Millions of years from now, what will be left of us? At the rate we’re going, nature might well have taken over. Moscow and Mumbai will be sand and gravel cast across the desert expanse; New York City and Amsterdam will be sediment on the ocean floor, softened by the unrelenting tides. But beneath the Earth’s surface, preserved in bedrock, some of the structures that supported life aboveground might still be intact: subways, quarries, and sewage systems. To piece together the story of our species, a hypothetical archaeologist might have to hunt for clues underground, much as today we dig for fossils to learn about the past.

Gaming Console Mods *PLEASE NOTE* I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft or Xbox. The XBOOK is simply a console modification for a Microsoft XBOX One. This is not a licensed Microsoft Product and should not be confused as such. Crowdfunding Conservation: 10 Inspiring Projects Crowdfunding relies on the collective effort of tens, hundreds or thousands of individuals – each contributing a small amount of money – to make something happen. It’s already been used to make a giant spider robot, attempt to build a Death Star and all sorts of other high tech kind of things; So why not conservation? Crowdfunding conservation is for me, just another cracking example of Citizen Science. Sometimes people don’t have the time, know-how, or desire to get involved with conservation at home or abroad, but they want to do something – and so crowdfunding can provide the answer. So, how about using it for conservation?

Time of Great Dying: Population Bomb Bursts, the End of Old-Growth Forests, and the Great Awakening Exponential human population growth can only end in collapse (courtesy of Population Matters) Gaia, the living biosphere, is infested with humans. Not just any humans, but the type that grow fat and reproduce exponentially by liquidating natural ecosystems. Floor Exercises for a Sexy Lower Body Floor exercises are a favorite among dancers, and here’s why: Even if you are the squat/lunge pro, exercises using gravity target every major and minor muscle of your lower body, on top of engaging your core. Being on the floor allows you to work angles that you wouldn’t normally be able to in standing position. At the same time, it’s really great for observing and correcting form–you can’t pendulum-swing your legs up on the floor, for instance. While dancers use floor exercises to improve their technique, we’ll focus on getting a “sexy lower body”–by which I mean smoking hot butt, hips, and thighs.

The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you - Anthony Hazard The Atlantic slave trade sent slaves to various locations in the world. What effect did this forced migration have on these areas? Visit the Mariner’s Museum Captive Passage website. Gain some more perspective on how the slave trade affected the Americas.

The Pernicious Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth Economic growth is destroying the biosphere Nothing grows forever. The myth the economy can is destroying the biosphere. By Dr. Glen Barry Life Hacks & Life Tips – iSeeiDoiMake Get Organized With the 30-Day Declutter Challenge Get Organized With the 30-Day Declutter Challenge Lets hold our hands up and admit we all could do with a little help when it comes to keeping things more organized and tidy. I know I do. I took this 30 day challenge primarily for myself but I also wanted to teach my kids the importance … Continue reading » Permanent link to this article:

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