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Book Amazing Activities, Tours, and more

Book Amazing Activities, Tours, and more

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Why do people abandon online travel bookings? According to a recent survey, 81% of people abandon online travel bookings, with 'just looking' the biggest reason for this. 53% abandon when they see the full price, though 87% said they would consider returning to the booking. So what, if anything, can travel websites do about this? Why do people abandon?

useful interview expressions game useful interview expressions: Practice useful interview expressions game using this ESL fun Game.This game is also excellent for classroom teaching. Teachers can engage students in a classroom vocabulary or grammar review. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced esl learners. MEJDI Tours MEJDI goes beyond traditional tours by providing unrivaled customization, exclusive access, and cultural immersion unavailable anywhere else. By choosing MEJDI, you’re also giving back to the communities you visit, strengthening businesses, families, and individuals. Custom Tours From academia to non-profits, religious groups to corporate travel, MEJDI Tours offers fully customized itineraries tailored to meet your group’s values, goals, interests, and needs.

Tours and activities: Still looking for breakthrough company This is part two of our three part series on the online tours and activities market, focusing on the buzz around venture-backed startups in the space. Part one here. There are only a handful of companies that matter these days in selling tours and activities, and they are a mix of old-guard established companies, a hungry wannabe, and an online travel agency making some overtures. And, although there has been venture capital money funneling into the sector, the track record has seen a paucity of success stories. “There are never any winners in the space,” one experienced travel-industry investor chimes in, dismissing the tours and activities sector. Viator’s long wait best in the UK travel sector for mobile experience - EPiServer London, UK – 19 November 2014 New EPiServer study reveals provides the best mobile retail experience in the UK travel sector offers the best mobile experience within the online UK travel sector, closely followed by Expedia, according to a new travel benchmark report published today by EPiServer. The study of the UK’s most popular travel sites* reveals that the sector is embracing mobile, offering mobile sites alongside multiple smartphone and tablet apps.

34 Dares to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever (Free Download) The beginning of a new year is when many people make resolutions to change their lives. That's when most people start new diets or exercise routines, try to drop unwanted habits or create new ones (like meditation), and it's a time of optimism. Unfortunately, most of that is short-lived. In fact, statistics show that within 3 weeks at least HALF of all people who created resolutions will already have not kept them. Within a few weeks of that, half of the remaining people will have also left their new year's resolutions in the dust.

Mini Mexico City Guide - Mexico City Streets If you’re getting ready to visit this city for the first time there are a few things you should know. While there are definitely quiet colonial neighborhoods (Coyoacán) and lazy river tours (Xochimilco), high society shopping (Presidente Masaryk) and museums galore, what you must realize about Mexico City is that what makes it great is its chaos, cluster and motion. Don’t let it overwhelm you … just channel your inner zen and become driftwood in the stream.

Priceline’s triples mobile booking transactions - Mobile Commerce Daily - Revenue The Kindle Fire app Priceline’s has seen the total transaction value of mobile hotel bookings rise from $1 billion in 2011 to more than $3 billion in 2012. In addition, more than 20 million mobile applications have been downloaded to date.'s Secret Hotels App AUSTRALIA’S has just released their first iPhone app, bringing to the mobile market their popular Secret Hotels® product in an enhanced format. The concept is pretty simple: your access to 5 star hotel stays in selected cities across Australia at 3 star prices… or, put another, no-less-tantalising way, a chance to save up to 40% on last minute accommodation. The catch – you don’t know the name or exact location of your hotel until after the transaction is done, and your card has been charged. Download Secret Hotels®

Appendix:Collocations of do, have, make, and take This appendix lists collocations of the verbs make, do, take, and have. In many of these usages the verbs are "light verbs" that lend relatively little semantic content. Other light verbs include: give, pay, put, raise, offer. 8 Opt-In Offers Your Visitors Can't Refuse Reader Resource Tune in April 7 and find out how to provide stellar customer care with social media in our free webinar. Register Now » GetYourGuide raises $14M for tours and activities push in new markets In what could be one of the biggest investments so far in the growing online tours and activities sector, GetYourGuide has grabbed $14 million from Spark Capital and Highland Capital Partners Europe. The company says the Series A investment round will be used help with “rapid growth” into new markets. Spark has previous invested in companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Akamai, while Highland’s portfolio includes Lycos, MapQuest and VistaPrint. The level of investment in GYG signifies the major interest in the tours and activities segment of the industry. Previous high rounds included $7 million into US-based Zozi in May 2011.

Starwood Hotels begins rollout of iPhone/Apple Watch virtual room keys, Hilton to follow (Video) Starwood Hotels has officially launched its SPG Keyless service, allowing guests to use their iPhone (and, in the Spring, Apple Watch) to unlock their hotel doors, bypassing the front desk. The boutique hotel group first announced the project back in January. 1. After booking a reservation at a keyless hotel, SPG members are invited to opt-in to SPG Keyless and register their phone through the SPG App.2. Approximately 24 hours before arrival, the guest receives his/her room number and Bluetooth key via the app.3.

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