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5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxUpperEastSide

5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxUpperEastSide
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International Penpals (Pen Friends) - Email Exchange of Language and Cultures Penpals (pen friends) are a great way to learn about another language or culture. It doesn't matter what level you are at in your foreign language. Here, you can find international penpals quickly and easily! American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages The programs described below are provided solely for the information of ACTFL members. These are not ACTFL programs, and they have not been subjected to any review or vetting by ACTFL. Their presence here does not constitute an endorsement by ACTFL. One can apply for multiple scholarships. When Emotional Intelligence Goes Wrong “People skills” are almost always assumed to be a good thing. Search employment ads and you will find them listed as a qualification for a startling array of jobs, including Applebee’s host, weight-loss specialist, CEO, shoe salesperson, and (no joke) animal-care coordinator. The notion that people smarts might help you succeed got a boost a quarter century ago, when the phrase emotional intelligence, or EI, entered the mainstream.

Student Power by Chris Rose When most people think of strikes, they think of factory workers asking for better pay and conditions, or perhaps refusing to work to support a colleague who has been unfairly sacked. It is not often that people associate strikes with school students. French Flash Cards Learn about together , also , slowly , fast , better , maybe , clean , dirty , cute , annoying ... Tags: Learn about stressed , in a hurry , famous , unknown , foreign , cool , the best , suddenly , several , answer (to a question) ... Learn about Scotland , Ireland , England , Norway , Sweden , Denmark , Russia , Germany , Holland , Italy ... Tags: french

How to do a pen pal exchange in foreign language class February 4, 2013 by bilinguish Happy Thank a Mailman Day! (Photo credit: cascade hiker) February 4th is Thank a Mailman Day. How Do Kissing, Snoring And Other Things Sound In Different Languages? Some time ago we shared a collection of posters showing “How Animals Sound In Different Languages” by James Chapman. Luckily, this young English artist has much more in store for us! Kissing, eating, snoring and even camera shutters all sound very differently in different languages, but Chapman’s cute posters let us compare how different languages around the world express sounds. Show Full Text

Why tidying up could change your life I am stuffing a letter between two books when I realise my possessions are in charge of me. It’s a hoarder’s attempt at tidying: hiding stuff inside other stuff. My coffee table groans under books, digital devices, coffee cups, lint rollers, newspapers and one or both of my kittens, Ollie and Sebastian. Bottles of toiletries line the bathroom mirror collecting dust, and upstairs cubbyholes burst with clothes I no longer wear. Let’s not even talk about my inbox, crammed with unread emails. The Stuff is winning.

French Flashcards 103 Flashcards french a random list of intermediate french words. Subjects: French words Author: Created: November 2005 53 Flashcards L'Automne Flashcards for the Unit Test in French II. Mostly about the season autumn, but also includes other miscellaneous terms and important people in the french.... Subjects: Autumn french vocab Author: Created: November 2005 24 Flashcards 15 Flashcards 133 Flashcards 31 Flashcards 76 Flashcards 12 Flashcards 112 Flashcards 60 Flashcards 38 Flashcards 21 Flashcards 41 Flashcards 419 Flashcards 95 Flashcards 14 Flashcards 25 Flashcards 7 Flashcards 63 Flashcards 12 Flashcards Links to websites about language exchange Links to websites where you can find penpals and language exchange partners who can help you to learn their languages, and who you can help to learn your language. SharedTalk - language exchange community Polyglot Club - find a language exchange partner

A Self-Made Billionaire Uses This Easy Trick for Decisions The first chapter in Seymour Schulich’s book, Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons, offers a decision tool that adds to the simple pro-and-con list that many of us have used to make decisions. Schulich, a self-made billionaire, is one of Canada’s richest and best-known businessmen. I learned this tool in a practical mathematics course more than fifty years ago and have used it for virtually every major decision of my adult life. It has never let me down and it will serve you well, too. You all know the simple pro-and-con list? The one where you divide the page in two and simply list out all the pros and cons. Learn Second Language with Pen Pal MyHappyPlanet and like websites for learning a second language have broadened the possibilities for effective acquisition. Learning a second language can be a frustrating experience, but one of the most difficult aspects is not having anybody with whom you can practice. One of the most common reasons given that someone has forgotten a language, in fact, is that they didn't use it enough.

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