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5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxuppereastside

5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxuppereastside
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How to Learn Czech for Your Trip to Prague - Eastern European Travel So you have that Prague trip booked and now you are feeling adventurous and smart at the same time — you want to learn Czech. Good for you! There are not a lot of casual Czech learners and in general, the language gets an undeserved reputation for being too hard and not too useful. True, it is a weird, almost whimsical language and it can be pretty daunting. At the same time, having at least a bit of Czech knowledge makes your travels to this beautiful country ten times more exciting. No longer will you be constricted by English and locals will be really impressed, even if you do not speak it fluently.

French Flash Cards Learn about together , also , slowly , fast , better , maybe , clean , dirty , cute , annoying ... Tags: Learn about stressed , in a hurry , famous , unknown , foreign , cool , the best , suddenly , several , answer (to a question) ... Learn about Scotland , Ireland , England , Norway , Sweden , Denmark , Russia , Germany , Holland , Italy ... Tags: french

The 10 Best Sites for Taking Free English Courses Online Wake up! Turn on your computer. Now you’re ready to take a college-level English course. You don’t need to change out of your pajamas. You don’t even need to get out of bed. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. Connected speech 2 He has learnt his English "through the eye" and has trouble interpreting the utterances of native speakers who do not monitor their output. His delivery is an attempt at a precise version of every sound. With native speakers, articulatory precision is a stylistic device, a conscious choice if we want to emphasize a point, be insistent or threatening. In normal social interaction though, this is not usually the case and articulatory imprecision is the more natural and functional option. Aspects of connected speechIntrusion and linkingElisionWorking on connected speechIntegrating work on connected speechConclusion Aspects of connected speech

100 best language self-learning resources We often find ourselves recommending products for self-learning foreign languages, and we thought it’d be useful to compile a list for your reference. We have included some of our own products only where we are convinced they deserve a place in the list, and we have included both paid and free study resources without discrimination. Everything on this list deserves your attention, but resources we're particularly fond of, the kind we'd use ourselves, are marked with a little star. Online courses Self-teaching can be much more effective than regular courses, but every once in a while, even self-learners need to ask a question, or receive words of motivation and support. It can also get rather tiresome to keep searching for new resources and learning how to learn.

French Flashcards 103 Flashcards french a random list of intermediate french words. Subjects: French words Author: Created: November 2005 53 Flashcards L'Automne Flashcards for the Unit Test in French II. Mostly about the season autumn, but also includes other miscellaneous terms and important people in the french.... Subjects: Autumn french vocab Author: Created: November 2005 24 Flashcards 15 Flashcards 133 Flashcards 31 Flashcards 76 Flashcards 12 Flashcards 112 Flashcards 60 Flashcards 38 Flashcards 21 Flashcards 41 Flashcards 419 Flashcards 95 Flashcards 14 Flashcards 25 Flashcards 7 Flashcards 63 Flashcards 12 Flashcards 14 Great Websites for Finding an English Tutor Online Are you looking for an English tutor? There’s great news: Somewhere out there, there’s an English tutor looking for you, too. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to find a tutor who lives close so you can meet in person. Of course, having an in-person lesson is always a nice thing to do. But it’s pretty awesome that you can sit at home and speak in English on Skype to a native New Yorker, for example. Finding a tutor has never been easier, thanks to the many websites that have lists of available tutors.

Much Many Lot Few Little Difference - Quantifiers English Grammar Rules We use these words as quantifiers that come at the start of noun phrases and they tell us something about quantity. A lot of vs. Lots of How A Complete Idiot (Me) Learned Conversational Spanish and How You Can Too — My Latin Life Step 1: Spanish with Michel Thomas If you are green as nopales when it comes to Spanish (i.e. 50 words or less) start with Michel Thomas. He'll quickly introduce you to the basics and provide you with a strong foundation. The learning process is surprisingly effortless and with each lesson you'll feel like you are making real progress. Talk in French How to memorize French vocabulary? A few tips for you. Frederic’s note: This article was written by Jack Nunn, who was kind enough to share his experiences about learning French Vocab efficiently. He explains how he does it by taking into account the specificity of the French language (the gender issue). If you have some tips about learning French and want to write about it, feel free to contact me on the website.

5 Ways to Learn English with TV (Backed by Science) Who says TV is a waste of time? With the right shows and the right learning techniques, TV can be an awesome tool for learning English. Not sure you believe me? Then just look at the research! There are lots of language studies that have found unique, effective ways to improve the language learning process that you can apply while watching your favorite TV show or movie. Whether it is reviewing a show’s vocabulary at regular intervals or simply turning on the subtitles, you can supercharge your viewing sessions with science-backed learning methods. gapfill exercies Check the meaning of words you don't know by clicking on the dictionary logo Gap-Fill Activities - Upper Intermediate / Advanced - Read the four texts below, and chose the word which best fits each gap from the list below each exercise. Exercise One Pitcairn Island