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5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxuppereastside

5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxuppereastside
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How to Learn Czech for Your Trip to Prague - Eastern European Travel So you have that Prague trip booked and now you are feeling adventurous and smart at the same time — you want to learn Czech. Good for you! There are not a lot of casual Czech learners and in general, the language gets an undeserved reputation for being too hard and not too useful. True, it is a weird, almost whimsical language and it can be pretty daunting. At the same time, having at least a bit of Czech knowledge makes your travels to this beautiful country ten times more exciting. No longer will you be constricted by English and locals will be really impressed, even if you do not speak it fluently.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages The programs described below are provided solely for the information of ACTFL members. These are not ACTFL programs, and they have not been subjected to any review or vetting by ACTFL. Their presence here does not constitute an endorsement by ACTFL. One can apply for multiple scholarships. When Emotional Intelligence Goes Wrong “People skills” are almost always assumed to be a good thing. Search employment ads and you will find them listed as a qualification for a startling array of jobs, including Applebee’s host, weight-loss specialist, CEO, shoe salesperson, and (no joke) animal-care coordinator. The notion that people smarts might help you succeed got a boost a quarter century ago, when the phrase emotional intelligence, or EI, entered the mainstream.

Productivity Archives - Teaching In Higher Ed A couple of weeks ago, I was the mini workflow guest for the Mac Power Users podcast, episode 240. Katie and David were in rare form. It was David’s birthday and perhaps nearly the last episode he recorded prior to announcing that he was going solo with his law practice… 100 best language self-learning resources We often find ourselves recommending products for self-learning foreign languages, and we thought it’d be useful to compile a list for your reference. We have included some of our own products only where we are convinced they deserve a place in the list, and we have included both paid and free study resources without discrimination. Everything on this list deserves your attention, but resources we're particularly fond of, the kind we'd use ourselves, are marked with a little star. Online courses Self-teaching can be much more effective than regular courses, but every once in a while, even self-learners need to ask a question, or receive words of motivation and support. It can also get rather tiresome to keep searching for new resources and learning how to learn.

How Do Kissing, Snoring And Other Things Sound In Different Languages? Some time ago we shared a collection of posters showing “How Animals Sound In Different Languages” by James Chapman. Luckily, this young English artist has much more in store for us! Kissing, eating, snoring and even camera shutters all sound very differently in different languages, but Chapman’s cute posters let us compare how different languages around the world express sounds. Show Full Text

Why tidying up could change your life I am stuffing a letter between two books when I realise my possessions are in charge of me. It’s a hoarder’s attempt at tidying: hiding stuff inside other stuff. My coffee table groans under books, digital devices, coffee cups, lint rollers, newspapers and one or both of my kittens, Ollie and Sebastian. Bottles of toiletries line the bathroom mirror collecting dust, and upstairs cubbyholes burst with clothes I no longer wear. Let’s not even talk about my inbox, crammed with unread emails. The Stuff is winning.

Screencasting and Video Editing Software Highest Quality Recording ScreenFlow has the best screen recording available – even on retina displays. Built in Stock Media Library How A Complete Idiot (Me) Learned Conversational Spanish and How You Can Too — My Latin Life Step 1: Spanish with Michel Thomas If you are green as nopales when it comes to Spanish (i.e. 50 words or less) start with Michel Thomas. He'll quickly introduce you to the basics and provide you with a strong foundation. The learning process is surprisingly effortless and with each lesson you'll feel like you are making real progress.

Languages Explore. Watch, listen, debate & discover with our experts Free OpenLearn courses. A Self-Made Billionaire Uses This Easy Trick for Decisions The first chapter in Seymour Schulich’s book, Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons, offers a decision tool that adds to the simple pro-and-con list that many of us have used to make decisions. Schulich, a self-made billionaire, is one of Canada’s richest and best-known businessmen. I learned this tool in a practical mathematics course more than fifty years ago and have used it for virtually every major decision of my adult life. It has never let me down and it will serve you well, too. You all know the simple pro-and-con list? The one where you divide the page in two and simply list out all the pros and cons.

Curriculum Builder - OnCourse Systems for Education Get Started Generate and share online curriculum units and lesson plans The OnCourse Curriculum Builder equips your district to generate online curriculum units, align them to standards, and produce graphical curriculum maps. Watch Full Product Demonstration Video