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Science Points to the Single Most Valuable Personality Trait

Research is pointing to conscientiousness as the one-trait-to-rule-them-all in terms of future success, both career-wise and personal. Via How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character: “It would actually be nice if there were some negative things that went along with conscientiousness,” Roberts told me. “But at this point it’s emerging as one of the primary dimensions of successful functioning across the lifespan. It really goes cradle to grave in terms of how people do.” What is it? Conscientiousness is the state of being thorough, careful, or vigilant; it implies a desire to do a task well. Yeah, that sounds like a trait we all respect. Money and job satisfaction? “Measured concurrently, emotionally stable and conscientious participants reported higher incomes and job satisfaction Finding a job? Long marriage? “…our findings suggest that conscientiousness is the trait most broadly associated with marital satisfaction in this sample of long-wed couples.” Tags:

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The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence Some of the greatest moments in human history were fueled by emotional intelligence. When Martin Luther King, Jr. presented his dream, he chose language that would stir the hearts of his audience. “Instead of honoring this sacred obligation” to liberty, King thundered, “America has given the Negro people a bad check.” He promised that a land “sweltering with the heat of oppression” could be “transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice,” and envisioned a future in which “on the red hills of Georgia sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave-owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.” Delivering this electrifying message required emotional intelligence—the ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions.

10 Habits Successful People Give Up to Increase Their Productivity What are you willing to do in order to reach success? It is common among people these days to be average and not stand out too much. But those who are successful do not fall under this category. In order to stay on top of your game and reach the level of success you want, you need to follow a certain set of self-induced rules. Success is not something that happens by accident; if you want it bad enough, you will get it. Learn the habits that successful people have given up in order to reach their own success.

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The Disadvantages of Being Stupid As recently as the 1950s, possessing only middling intelligence was not likely to severely limit your life’s trajectory. IQ wasn’t a big factor in whom you married, where you lived, or what others thought of you. The qualifications for a good job, whether on an assembly line or behind a desk, mostly revolved around integrity, work ethic, and a knack for getting along—bosses didn’t routinely expect college degrees, much less ask to see SAT scores. As one account of the era put it, hiring decisions were “based on a candidate having a critical skill or two and on soft factors such as eagerness, appearance, family background, and physical characteristics.” The 2010s, in contrast, are a terrible time to not be brainy. Those who consider themselves bright openly mock others for being less so.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast Mornings are an underutilized tool to aid productivity. Let me explain. We’re often at our peak in the mornings. Weaving - Wikipedia A satin weave, common for silk, each warp thread floats over 16 weft threads. Cloth is usually woven on a loom, a device that holds the warp threads in place while filling threads are woven through them. A fabric band which meets this definition of cloth (warp threads with a weft thread winding between) can also be made using other methods, including tablet weaving, back-strap, or other techniques without looms.[2] The way the warp and filling threads interlace with each other is called the weave. The majority of woven products are created with one of three basic weaves: plain weave, satin weave, or twill.

Older women reveal what they wish they knew when they were younger Seventy per cent of British women feel under pressure to be the “perfect woman”, according to a survey by Sanctuary. Pressure to be the "perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect friend. Pressure to be successful, to be a boss, a leader". To combat this, the spa has released a video featuring older women urging the younger generation to "relax, breathe and let go" every once in a while and revealing the things they wish they'd spent more time doing when they were younger. I’d give myself time to indulge in the things I now understand are the most important. What I wouldn’t give to extend those goodnight kisses, instead of moaning about having to get up early in the morning.

List of textile fibres - Wikipedia Textile fibres can be created from many natural sources (animal hair or fur, insect cocoons as with silk worm cocoons), as well as semisynthetic methods that use naturally occurring polymers, and synthetic methods that use polymer-based materials, and even minerals such as metals to make foils and wires. The textile industry requires that fibre content be provided on content labels. These labels are used to test textiles under different conditions to meet safety standards (for example, for flame-resistance), and to determine whether or not a textile is machine washable or must be dry-cleaned. Common textile fibres used in global fashion today include:[1][2][3] Animal-based fibres[edit] Plant-based fibres (cellulosic fibres)[edit]

Here’s the best way to guess correctly on a multiple choice test Often, you’ll hear people say that you should “trust your instincts” when making decisions. But are first instincts always the best? Psychological research has shown many times that no, they are often no better – any in many cases worse – than a revision or change. Despite enormous popular belief that first instincts are special, dozens of experiments have found that they are not.