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The Histomap.

The Histomap.

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When Emotional Intelligence Goes Wrong “People skills” are almost always assumed to be a good thing. Search employment ads and you will find them listed as a qualification for a startling array of jobs, including Applebee’s host, weight-loss specialist, CEO, shoe salesperson, and (no joke) animal-care coordinator. The notion that people smarts might help you succeed got a boost a quarter century ago, when the phrase emotional intelligence, or EI, entered the mainstream. Coined in a 1990 study [1], the term was popularized by Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book [2].

5 TED-Ed Lessons about awesome women in history If it’s true that well-behaved women seldom make history, then we’d like to introduce you to a few of our favorite troublemakers. Here are 5 TED-Ed Lessons about remarkable women: 1. The pharaoh that wouldn’t be forgotten The Greatest Literature of All Time What's the greatest literature ever? Select any period or type of literature from the buttons on the side of this or any page to browse Editor Eric's list of the one thousand greatest-ever novels, stories, plays, poetry, and other works of creative literature. On the lists, see links to available commentaries on authors and works. Selected Works Commentaries on books in the greatest literature of all time. Selected Authors Biographies and commentaries on writers of great literature. Translations Finding the right translation of great works into English.

Crisis of the Third Century The divided Empire in AD 271. The Crisis of the Third Century, also known as Military Anarchy or the Imperial Crisis, (AD 235–284) was a period in which the Roman Empire nearly collapsed under the combined pressures of invasion, civil war, plague, and economic depression. The Crisis began with the assassination of Emperor Alexander Severus at the hands of his own troops, initiating a fifty-year period in which 20–25 claimants to the title of Emperor, mostly prominent Roman army generals, assumed imperial power over all or part of the Empire. 26 men were officially accepted by the Roman Senate as emperor during this period, and thus became legitimate emperors. The Crisis resulted in such profound changes in the Empire's institutions, society, economic life and, eventually, religion, that it is increasingly seen by most historians as defining the transition between the historical periods of classical antiquity and late antiquity.[1] History[edit] Economic impact[edit]

22 maps and charts that will surprise you by Ezra Klein on March 11, 2015 A good visualization helps you see what the data is telling you. The best visualizations help you you see things you never thought the data would tell you. Why tidying up could change your life I am stuffing a letter between two books when I realise my possessions are in charge of me. It’s a hoarder’s attempt at tidying: hiding stuff inside other stuff. My coffee table groans under books, digital devices, coffee cups, lint rollers, newspapers and one or both of my kittens, Ollie and Sebastian.

3 Very Good Resources of Historical Maps for Teachers April 12, 2016 Yesterday we reviewed an excellent tool teachers can use to create animated multimedia scenarios on a map. Through this tool we discovered some very good resources where history teachers or anyone else interested in past cartography can access a plethora of historical maps. Some of these maps are copyright friendly and you can download and use them with your students in class. We invite you to check them out and share with us if you have other suggestions to add to this list. Enjoy 1- New York Public Library Map Warper

6 Real People With Mind-Blowing Mutant Superpowers #3. Kim Peek Remembers Everything By the time Kim Peek passed away in 2009, he had perfectly memorized 12,000 books, simultaneously making him both the best and the worst person to be stuck next to on a bus. Dmadeo"Anyone up for a stirring monotone recitation of Finnegan's Wake?" One reason he was able to put away so many books is that he could read them two pages at once, one page with each eye, because apparently that's something you can do. It is claimed Peek had an eidetic memory, or photographic memory, something that people aren't even sure actually exists. Two-Ton "Alien" Horned Dinosaur Found—"Different From Every Other" A newly identified species of spiky-headed dinosaur that roamed Canada 78 million years ago is the oldest known large, horned reptile ever discovered in North America. "In terms of large-bodied ones that look like Triceratops , this is definitely the oldest," said biologist Michael Ryan , lead author of the new study describing the dinosaur , published online Thursday by the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences . The newfound plant-eater has been named Xenoceratops foremostensis —Latin for "alien horned-face from Foremost," the small Canada town where some Xenoceratops fossils were found in 1958. Like its more famous cousin Triceratops —which lived 15 million years later, during the dinosaurs' last days— Xenoceratops had long spearlike horns thrusting from its brow and a shieldlike frill extending back from its skull. But unlike Triceratops, Xenoceratops also had horns on its frill.

40 more maps that explain the world Maps seemed to be everywhere in 2013, a trend I like to think we encouraged along with August's 40 maps that explain the world. Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them to. You might consider this, then, a collection of maps meant to inspire your inner map nerd. I've searched far and wide for maps that can reveal and surprise and inform in ways that the daily headlines might not, with a careful eye for sourcing and detail. I've included a link for more information on just about every one.

A Self-Made Billionaire Uses This Easy Trick for Decisions The first chapter in Seymour Schulich’s book, Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons, offers a decision tool that adds to the simple pro-and-con list that many of us have used to make decisions. Schulich, a self-made billionaire, is one of Canada’s richest and best-known businessmen. I learned this tool in a practical mathematics course more than fifty years ago and have used it for virtually every major decision of my adult life.

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